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17 March 2020


TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services gathers together the greatest minds across banking, insurance and capital markets to expand understandings of AI, and build practical knowledge on how to develop real, implementable systems.

In 2019

An AI culture

HSBC, AIG, Santander and M&G Prudential discussed how they introduced AI into their business, and how they adapted business culture to allow AI to thrive

Data focus

At the heart of AI is data – delegates learned how to effectively utilise data to build the best AI systems and protect their business

A risk ethic?

RBS, Northern Trust, AFME and the all-party parliamentary committee spoke about the risks associated with AI and the ethical implications of introducing AI

Customer-facing AI

We heard case studies from Tinkoff Bank and Friendsurance, who discussed the different methods to effectively build AI into your customer interface

Creating an AI office

ING, EXO Investing and Topdanmark shared how they have utilised AI to streamline operations and improve office efficiency

Regulatory hurdles

Delegates learned how to stay ahead of regulation to ensure their AI does not meet legal problems, protecting their financial future

2019 Speakers

Louise Smith, HM Treasury

Louise Smith

FinTech Envoy for Scotland, HM Treasury

Nils Mork-Ulnes, AIG, TechNOVA Speaker

Nils Mork-Ulnes

Head of Strategy – Science, AIG

Pips Bunce, Credit Suisse, TechNOVA Speaker

Pips Bunce

Director: Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse

Peter Jackson Legal & General, TechNOVA Speaker

Peter Jackson

Director – Data Sciences, Legal & General

Maxim Evdokimov, Tinkoff Bank, TechNOVA Speaker

Maxim Evdokimov

Chief Digital Customer Experience Officer, Tinkoff Bank

Krisztian Kurtisz, Cherrisk, TechNOVA Speaker

Krisztián Kurtisz

Chief Executive Officer, Cherrisk and UNIQA Hungary

Bas Geerdink, ING, TechNOVA Speaker

Bas Geerdink

Technology Lead - AI & Big Data, ING

Prajwal Shreyas, Santander, TechNOVA Speaker

Prajwal Shreyas

Data Science Manager, Santander

More Speakers

2020 Agenda

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17 March 2020 Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Welcome address and Chair's opening remarks

Session 1

Building the structure for AI success

Opening keynote address

Developing  your strategy: prioritising AI investment

Keynote address

A framework for AI success: from culture to organisational structure

Panel discussion

Charting the path to AI advantage: opportunities and challenges to AI adoption

  • Where does AI stand to have the most transformational impact?
  • A collaborative approach: how can departments work together to create a clear AI strategy?
  • Blowing off the legacy cobwebs: what steps need to be taken to integrate AI with legacy systems effectively?
  • Overcoming the data challenge: how can firms ensure AI has enough data to learn effectively?
  • Engage, enrich and retain: what new opportunities will AI create for the workforce?
  • A new era of AI-driven convenience: how can financial services best capitalise on this?
  • Monetising the gold mine: how can AI be commercialised most effectively?
  • Visualising the future: what will the AI landscape look like in 2025?

Session 2

Advancing advanced analytics
Enhancing operational efficiency: taking RPA to the next level

Embedding advanced analytics into day-to-day decision making

  • Avoiding hype: building a business case for advances analytics
  • Asking the right questions: where do analytics add the most insight?
  • Experts and “citizen data scientists”: how can organisations establish multifaceted teams?
  • Laying the data foundations: how can data most easily be consolidated and processed at scale?
  • A coordinated approach:how can organisations establish a group-wide advanced analytics strategy?

Case Study |

Taking natural language processing to the next stage

Chatbots are the most visible use of natural language processing (NLP) in financial services. Delegates will gain insight into how a European bank has utilities NLP to not only develop a bilingual chatbot, but one that can interpret handwriting, increasing both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Panel discussion

Moving at the speed of data: towards real-time analytics

  • Understanding the critical elements of effective real-time analytics
  • How can real-time analytics enable new products & services?
  • Real-time risk management: what are the most powerful use cases?
  • What kind of opportunities are new connected devices creating?
  • How can behavioural and real-time data best be combined into actionable insights?
  • How far are we from realising the dream of real-time data management?

Case study |

Operational RPA: building a successful robotics strategy across the organisation

Faces with scattered AI projects and fragmented innovations strategies, a leading European bank reacted by overhauling its AI development into a “hub & spoke” model. Delegates will gain an understanding into how centralising initiatives has allowed this bank to target automation rapidly and efficiently rather than tinkering at the edges.

Case Study |

Integrating robotics with intelligent automation

Machine learning combined with RPA allows organisations to achieve a new level of operational efficiency. Attendees will learn how a leading insurer has leveraged its existing robotics infrastructure in conjunction with machine-learning creating a fully-founded automation strategy.

Panel discussion

Transforming the operating model: where will AI impact the most?

  • Creating the architecture: what structures need to be established for operational AI to flourish?
  • Where can RPA be implemented most effectively to rapidly streamline systems and processes?
  • Beyond the back office: where else in the business can RPA add value?
  • How can operational automation be integrated seamlessly with the workforce?
  • How can automation be best leverages to improve operational agility?
  • Automation at scale: what are the challenges and how can they be overcome?
  • From robotics to intelligent process automation: where next for operational AI?

Session 3

Enhancing customer experience
Innovation Exchange
Case Study |

The challenge of hyper-relevance: anticipating customer needs

In this case study, delegates will gain an understanding into how a leading bank has been able to develop a highly-personalised service, enabling the bank to identify customer needs in the context of their financial health, as soon as, or even before, the need for a financial product has entered the customer’s mind.


Preparing for the rise of the intelligent virtual assistant

  • Can virtual assistants deliver truly human-like customer interaction?
  • Proactive rather than reactive: the next frontier of chatbot development?
  • Fully automated self-service: how close are we to AI-driven contact centres?
  • Beyond customer service: what are the other areas where virtual assistants can be implemented?

Panel discussion

From robo-advice to chatbots to voice-activated payments: where next for conversational AI?

  • Where can conversational AI add most value? Where are we likely to see exponential growth?
  • “Alexa pay Tom £100”: are voice assistants set to become an important banking channel?
  • Value-added services: are voice activated digital assistants set to become the main channel for data-driven advice?
  • Creating a more rounded experience: will conversation AI lead to more seamless customer journeys?
  • How can AI blend seamlessly with human interaction?
  • How can data from conversational AI best be captured and fed into a holistic customer profile?

Pitch 1 |


Pitch 2 |


Pitch 3 |


Pitch 4 |


Pitch 5 |

Session 4

The future of transparent AI

Keynote address

Opening the black box of machine learning

Panel discussion

Managing the machines: ensuring transparency and explainability with AI

  • How can regulators and organisations collaborate effectively to create clear structures of AI accountability?
  • Building a strong governance framework: where does AI pose most risk to financial services organisations?
  • Developing a white box strategy: effective strategies for overcoming black box opacity
  • Avoiding algorithmic bias: what processes need to be implemented to ensure a transparent approach to data modelling?
  • What steps need to be undertaken to create trackable data models?
  • In an age of increasing data breaches, how can firms ensure that customer data is safeguarded properly?
  • Beyond GDPR: where will be the next likely regulatory developments?

Looking to the future of quantum computing

Closing keynote address

Preparing fro quantum computing in financial services


Chair's closing remarks and end of conference

“A thought-provoking conference that covered the most disruptive technologies and had experts from across the industry share their expertise and insight."

Chief Platform Officer, Starling Bank

"Interesting look into the current situation of AI in the market."

Head of Automated Customer Experience, Nordea

"The people who come to these events are having the right conversations with the right people."

Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA, Sitecore


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2019 Speaker Interviews

The successful adoption of AI requires identifying the right areas for innovation and creating AI which can be scaled-up. Angel discusses in what areas AI will have the more transformative impacts and the processes by which small use-cases of AI can be scaled-up.

AI has the potential to transform the financial services, from customer engagement to risk management and cost management. Maxim discusses how AI has pushed Tinkoff to thrive in Russia and how voice technology has the potential to continue this revolution.

Business culture can be one of the key obstacles to effective AI integration in a company. Martin discusses how AI can be demystified for colleagues across all departments to allow effective implementation.

AI offers a more convenient way for customers to engage with their financial providers. Sebastian discusses how Friendsurance is providing new ways for customers to engage with their insurance and how AI will transform Bancassurance strategies.


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