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Our account managers are investigators who will listen, interpret, analyse and advise on the best strategy to help facilitate interactions, generate leads and raise awareness. We connect your offering to current industry issues to reach the right audience through multiple touch-points.



Speak alongside industry pioneers to a senior audience actively on the hunt for expert guidance, trustworthy partners, and innovative solutions.

From keynote presentations to in-depth workshops, you’ll get the platform to lead the conversation, whether your goal is thought-leadership, marketplace awareness, or product demonstration.

“ It is the yearly opportunity to meet anyone who is anyone in the industry ”

– Oxera


What is featured?

Fully customisable packages. Varied variety of formats to get your message across. 1-2-1 meetings with key buyers for premium sponsors.


Why does it
matter to you?

Direct face-to-face interaction with key targets. Take the stage positioning as a thought-leader and respected authority. Interactions leading to qualified leads which fuel your pipeline.


Executive briefings

The content of a conference with the seniority of a roundtable, Executive Briefings are designed to dive deep into a highly relevant industry topic, covering the key issues today’s industry leaders need to understand in order to solve their challenges and effectively plan for the future.

As sole partner, you help to shape the agenda, define the attendee list, and be part of the live content.


What is included?

Presentation, panel discussion and networking session lasting up to 3 hours. Selected senior executives in attendance. Cover your industry’s hottest topics.


What’s in it for you?

Test new ideas and ensure your solutions are aligned with the needs of the market. Targeted list of buy-side senior executives. Sole sponsorship & no dilution of message. Collect targeted data from attendees.


Industry roundtables

A valuable opportunity to have the focussed attention of an elite group of industry leaders. We bring together a hand-selected senior decision makers for a breakfast, lunch or dinner at which we will explore key themes.

This is not a sales pitch, but a valuable opportunity to establish yourself as the expert in your sector and subtly demonstrate how your solutions can benefit your target market, as well as to build relationships with key prospects.


What is it?

Private breakfast, lunch or dinner hosted by you and attended by key industry leaders. Targeted list of invitees: give us your dream profile of participant.


What’s in it for you?

Discussion putting you as an industry leader. Focussed attendee list from your accounts to deepen relationships, generate high quality leads and closing business.


Surveys & reports

Our reports combine expertise with reach, so not only do we conduct original research, but we combine a deep knowledge of your industry with expertise in finding the story to create share-worthy content.

“ The Future of General Insurance Report provides a super insight into what insurers need to be thinking about when developing their strategies”

– Steve Lewis, CEO, RSA


What is it?

Strategic positioning of your solutions alongside industry burning issues. Market surveyed, expertly researched and pushed out through a variety of channels.


What do you get?

Association with an industry critical story. Credibility from the input of senior industry figures. Opted-in leads ready to be engaged. A long tail piece of thought-leadership content you can repurpose.


Filmed webinars

MarketforceLive webinars are different. You won’t get PowerPoint slides, inexperienced chairs or sales pitch presentations. Filmed in a professional studio, the content is high-end, timely and is scripted, rehearsed and chaired by a broadcast journalist giving you the opportunity to share the stage with a panel of industry practitioners.

Broadcast live, but webinars are also available on demand which extends the life of the content. It is not surprising that 80% of our clients return to webinars.


What is it?

Filmed studio panel discussion broadcast live. Available on-demand. Real-time engagement and polling. Connect with expert industry panellists during the session and a hosted lunch.


What does it
mean for you?

Show thought-leadership and expertise on a critical industry topic. Get an opted-in list of prospects. Capture key insights from the audience through polling and live engagement.



Studies show that users only read 20% of the contents of a typical web page and posts which contain infographics generate 72% more views so, write less and show more!

Whether it’s industry research or product-specific data, we can help you craft raw information into easily digestible and shareable content.


What is it?

Visual data displaying graphic which tells your digital story. The infographic and related content pushed out through our channels. Quality piece you can use in all your digital marketing.


What’s in it for you?

Broad reach and impressions which will increase brand awareness. Easily digestible piece of storytelling aligned with your core message.

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