About Us

TechNOVA brings together the prime movers within the technology world to share innovative ideas and insight.


Our conferences, webinars, reports and roundtables provide the thought leadership, shared experiences and networking required to keep the wheels of innovation in motion.  Our extensive portfolio of insight and events is available at the touch of a button on here on the TechNOVA web portal.


Our super-bright, super-creative and super-fun industry analysts have built long-lasting relationships with the insurance industry, through which we are able to deliver exclusive content, meaningful business connections and, ultimately, amazing experiences, connecting you to the information and people you really want and need to know.

TechNOVA is a brand of Marketforce Business Media which, since 1987, has helped drive innovation across a range of sectors – Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Transport & Logistics and Media & Broadcasting – through high-quality strategic events and B2B communications.  Combining decades of communications and research expertise, today Marketforce cultivates the most-thought-provoking insight, most useful networking and learning opportunities and most impactful content-driven communication campaigns in all the industries it serves.