TechNOVA’s ‘Most Promising AI Start-Up’ Announced!

On Wednesday 27th March, TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services welcomed seven of the most innovative and exciting start-ups in finance to present, and compete, to be crowned TechNOVA’s ‘Most Promising AI Start-Up’ 2019.

The goal of any AI start-up is to utilise technologies to revolutionise its industry, the world, and the way we interact with each other and with technology. At the event, we heard how these start-ups were realising this goal, through robotics, predictive analytics and data analysis (among much more!).

Seven companies demonstrated that there were new ways to utilise AI to improve customer interactions with financial services, and improve financial performance – with two companies, and Tapoly, jointly voted as the ‘Most Promising AI Start-Up’ this year in a hotly-contested competition. helps customers achieve exceptional ROI through actionable, accurate and profitable answers to real-world business challenges. Its solutions enable anyone in an organisation to efficiently use data science, and its use of signal processing and AI delivers previously impossible levels of accuracy, stability and performance. has three main focuses. Firstly, capital markets, where it provides increased trading profits via predictions of the 4pm WM/Reuters foreign exchange close, including indices, metal mining predications and more. Secondly, across financial services, through reducing credit risk via default projections, creating actionable churn analysis time lines and increasing loan profits through a highly accurate credit risk analysis. Finally, digital health, through transforming devices into health-monitoring devices which utilise the built-in camera to empower customers with accessible health management tools and provide healthcare providers real-time data to support medical decision-making and customer experience.
Tapoly has developed as a response to the growing gig economy. It provides insurance for short-term, freelance contract workers and SME’s who have different cover requirements. Tapoly’s product range includes public liability, professional indemnity, cyber breach response, personal accident and business interruption. Its focus is to act as an insurance broker 24-hours a day and allow customers to obtain insurance same-day. Tapoly has integrated AI into its platform to provide a personalised broker service and fast track the insurance process by avoiding the entry barriers that usually accompany regulatory capital. Its use of additional data sets in its’ AI platform is allowing for better analysis for insurance quotes and more efficient insurance decisions.

Huge congratulations to these excellent start-ups!



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