Achieving a Step Change in Customer Engagement

Preparing for the Era of Intelligent Automation

In this TV panel, find out how to deliver relevant, timely and accurate interactions in newfound opportunities for better customer engagement.

The panel discusses:

  • Customer engagement excellence: using technology to deliver relevant, timely and accurate interactions
  • In what ways will the implementation of automation empower the workforce to work better and faster?
  • Machine learning, NLP and cognitive automation: understanding the combined transformative role of AI in the journey to true digitisation 
  • To what extent will RPA be the harbinger of seamless customer journeys?
  • How can advanced analytics be used to differentiate in increasingly competitive markets?
  • Identifying key areas for cost reduction: where will automation have the biggest impact?
  • Striking a balance: pursuing an enhanced hybrid model of people and technology

Nick Eves, Head of Customer Insight, Southern Water

Glen Clarke, Head of Transformational Propositions, Allianz

Angel Serrano, Head of Data Science, Santander

Abhijit Akerkar, Head of Applied Sciences, Business Integration, Lloyds Banking Group

Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer, Kofax

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