Deliver the future today with practical lessons from AI’s frontrunners

27 March 2019

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, Old Street, London

TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services will gather together the greatest minds across banking, insurance and capital markets to expand understandings of AI, and build practical knowledge on how to develop real, implementable systems.

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An AI culture

HSBC, AIG, Santander and M&G Prudential will discuss how they have introduced AI into their business, and how they have adapted business culture to allow AI to thrive

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Data focus

At the heart of AI is data – learn how to effectively utilise data to build the best AI systems and protect your business

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A risk ethic?

Understand the risks associated with AI and the ethical implications of introducing AI from RBS, Northern Trust, AFME and the all-party parliamentary committee on AI to ensure your AI performs

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Customer-facing AI

With case studies including Tinkoff Bank and Friendsurance, learn the different methods to effectively build AI into your customer interface

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Creating an AI office

Autonomous systems can revolutionise your business – discover how ING, EXO Investing and Topdanmark have utilised AI to streamline operations and improve office efficiency

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Regulatory hurdles

Stay ahead of regulation to ensure your AI does not meet legal problems, and save your financial future


Louise Smith, RBS, TechNOVA Speaker

Louise Smith

Head of Intelligent Automation, Royal Bank of Scotland

Nils Mork-Ulnes, AIG, TechNOVA Speaker

Nils Mork-Ulnes

Head of Strategy – Science, AIG

Pips Bunce, Credit Suisse, TechNOVA Speaker

Pips Bunce

Director: Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse

Peter Jackson Legal & General, TechNOVA Speaker

Peter Jackson

Director – Group Data Scientist, Legal & General

Maxim Evdokimov, Tinkoff Bank, TechNOVA Speaker

Maxim Evdokimov

Chief Digital Customer Experience Officer, Tinkoff Bank

Krisztian Kurtisz, Cherrisk, TechNOVA Speaker

Krisztián Kurtisz

Chief Executive Officer, Cherrisk and UNIQA Hungary

Bas Geerdink, ING, TechNOVA Speaker

Bas Geerdink

Technology Lead - AI & Big Data, ING

Prajwal Shreyas, Santander, TechNOVA Speaker

Prajwal Shreyas

Data Science Manager, Santander

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AI in Financial Services Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Welcome address and Chair's opening remarks: Sara El-Hanfy, Innovation Technologist - Machine Learning and Data, Innovate UK

Opening keynote address


A paradigm emerges: the future of data and the UK as a hub for global AI leadership

Louise Smith, RBS, TechNOVA Speaker
Louise Smith

Head of Intelligent Automation , Royal Bank of Scotland

Session 1

Creating the prime conditions for AI adoption

Panel discussion

Tracing the AI journey from conceptualisation to implementation

  • How can areas most ready for AI disruption be identified?
  • Top down or bottom up: what works best?
  • What are the greatest barriers to wide-scale implementation of AI?
  • How can barriers to implementation be overcome?
  • How can the workforce be best prepared to work alongside AI?
  • Accessing the data for AI to learn: are ‘data trusts’ the solution?

Priyank Patwa, M&G Prudential, TechNOVA Speaker
Priyank Patwa

Head of AI and Machine Learning , M&G Prudential

Prajwal Shreyas, Santander, TechNOVA Speaker
Prajwal Shreyas

Data Science Manager , Santander

Adam Spearing, Salesforce
Adam Spearing

Field CTO EMEA , Salesforce


Leveraging semantic AI for next generation operations and customer experience

  • Turn data lakes and information silos into an actionable network of knowledge and insights
  • Increase productivity, enforce compliance, improve risk awareness and apply process automation
  • Create innovative business models driven by data analytics

Alex Stumpfegger photo
Alexander Stumpfegger

Managing Director , CID


Seeing eye to AI: creating an organisational structure that drives collaboration

  • How can businesses ensure interdepartmental communication to enable AI development?
  • What is the ideal make-up of innovation departments and teams?
  • Vertical and horizontal: maximising opportunities across both sectors and functions
  • Creating a common language and understanding across business and tech

Nils Mork-Ulnes, AIG, TechNOVA Speaker
Nils Mork-Ulnes

Head of Strategy – Science , AIG


Mitigating model risk by ensuring reproducibility

  • Leveraging AI models into every day financial service processes
  • Engaging with data duplication and tracing the reproducibility of a single model in production
  • How to drive innovation while balancing demands from regulators and stakeholders
  • Facing the challenge: best practices in transparency, and auditability

Stuart Herd

Customer Success Manager , Domino Data Lab

Stig Pedersen, Topdanmark, TechNOVA Speaker
Stig Pedersen

Head of Group Machine Learning , Topdanmark

Session 2

Crimson Stage: Benefiting the customer | Scarlet Stage: Streamlining operations

Click here for Crimson Stage: Benefiting the customer
Click here for Scarlet Stage: Streamlining operations
Case study | Tinkoff Bank

Money simplified: utilising AI systems to provide a customer-centric service

The deluge of data combined with AI’s powerful and analytical capabilities is creating opportunities to deliver supreme personalisation across all areas of money management. Maxim Evdokimov will describe how Tinkoff has effectively utilised AI systems to become the leader in online banking in Russia, and has developed innovative voice technology to benefit customers.

Maxim Evdokimov, Tinkoff Bank, TechNOVA Speaker
Maxim Evdokimov

Chief Digital Customer Experience Officer , Tinkoff Bank

Case study | KBC Group

Key success factors of AI implementation across projects

  • Understanding the customer: identifying where AI can offer the most for customer service
  • Avoiding the risks associated with introducing AI in the financial industry
  • Banking and insurance: drawing parallels in AI implementation
  • Unpacking AI: learning lessons from success stories across the financial industry

Ruben Audenaert, KBC Group, TechNOVA Conference Speaker
Ruben Audenaert

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Development , KBC Group

Case study | Meniga

Back to basics: combining the complexity of AI with the simple principles of financial services

Senior Representative, Meniga

Case study | Cherrisk

AI online and offline: utilising technologies to improve customer experience and transform customer habits

AI can create innovative ways for customers to engage with, and understand, their insurance. Krisztián Kurtisz will demonstrate how CHERRISK’s chatbot, Emma, takes the insurance experience to new levels, supporting the on-boarding process, dealing with claims and offering exciting risk-reduction games to expand customers’ risk-awareness – reducing their likelihood of engaging in risky situations offline and promoting a safe community environment.

Krisztian Kurtisz, Cherrisk, TechNOVA Speaker
Krisztián Kurtisz

Chief Executive Officer , Cherrisk and UNIQA Hungary

Panel discussion

Delivering the perfect AI-driven experience: understanding what’s possible today and tomorrow

  • Possibilities and limitations: gauging the state of current technological maturity
  • Building on customer insight: what services do customers really want?
  • Beyond the chatbot: can AI deliver human-like interactions?
  • How are virtual personal assistants set to evolve? Are they the channel of the future?
  • How could voice technology be used to better engage customers?
  • Finance as a passive service: evolving robo-advice to robo-control
  • What will the ideal financial services experience look like to the customer of 2025?


Senior representative, Meniga

Maxim Evdokimov, Tinkoff Bank, TechNOVA Speaker
Maxim Evdokimov

Chief Digital Customer Experience Officer , Tinkoff Bank

Krisztian Kurtisz, Cherrisk, TechNOVA Speaker
Krisztián Kurtisz

Chief Executive Officer , Cherrisk and UNIQA Hungary

Chaired by Prof. Peter Hahn, Henry Grunfel Chair of Banking, The London Institute of Banking and Finance

Case study | Exo Investing

Creating fully autonomous systems: towards total automation

Exo Investing’s operational infrastructure is built with AI at the centre. The business’s response to any customer input or request is, in general, fully automated. Lennart Asshoff will describe the challenges of creating fully autonomous AI-enabled systems and of getting them to work successfully together.

Nikolai Hack, Exo Investing, TechNOVA Conference Speaker
Nikolai Hack

UK Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer , Exo Investing

Case study | ING

Building an architecture for AI technology

ING are utilising AI technology to build products that serve their customers – and streamline back-office organisations. Bas Geerdink will discuss how and why ING has developed an AI strategy, as well as demonstrating the technology and architecture that has built the success – and kept staff in all corners of the business up-to-date with the latest technology and developments.

Bas Geerdink, ING, TechNOVA Speaker
Bas Geerdink

Technology Lead - AI & Big Data , ING

Case study | Rainbird.AI

The best of both worlds: balance innovation and security with human-down AI

With customers demanding convenience, regulators demanding transparency and fraudsters testing security, banks need to cover all bases with their use of technology. Rainbird CEO Ben Taylor explores the technology shaping our financial markets – and how a human-down, rules-based approach to AI can help banks find the sweet spot between innovation and security.

Ben Taylor, Rainbird, TechNOVA Sponsor
Ben Taylor

Chief Executive Officer ,

Case study | Topdanmark

Utilising AI to improve operations

After identifying areas that could, in theory, be easily improved with AI, Topdanmark began developing AI to drive operational improvement. Stig Pederson will describe the journey from developing AI models to introducing AI in production and discuss how AI can improve operations across a company.

Stig Pedersen, Topdanmark, TechNOVA Speaker
Stig Pedersen

Head of Group Machine Learning , Topdanmark

Panel discussion

Enabling artificially-intelligent operations: finding opportunities and building on successes

  • How can AI help to identify the areas most in need of operational overhaul?
  • What systems and functions can be most rapidly streamlined with AI?
  • Choosing battles: understanding where current AI technology may fall short
  • Understanding your successes as thoroughly as your failures
  • Ears on the ground: staff feedback as valued input
  • From small beginnings: how can initial successes be rolled out at scale?
  • An autonomous future: envisioning the evolution of AI driven operations

Lennart Asshof, Exo Investing, TechNOVA Speaker
Lennart Asshoff

Chief Executive Officer , Exo Investing

Bas Geerdink, ING, TechNOVA Speaker
Bas Geerdink

Technology Lead - AI & Big Data , ING

Stig Pedersen, Topdanmark, TechNOVA Speaker
Stig Pedersen

Head of Group Machine Learning , Topdanmark


Lunch hosted by Salesforce

Session 3

Crimson Stage: Risk, accountability and ethics | Innovation Exchange: Workshops

Click here for Crimson Stage: Risk, accountability and ethics
Click here for Innovation Exchange: Workshops

Chaired by Catalina Butnaru, AI Ethics Lead, City.AI


Understanding and managing the risks of biased AI

  • What are the risks a biased AI could bring?
  • Cracks in foundations: understanding that bias is built into all data sets
  • How can bias arise from anonymised data sets?
  • Is continual testing the only way to ensure AI is unbiased?

Nicole Sandler

Vice President: FinTech and RegTech Lead , Barclays

Panel discussion

Algorithms, accountability and explainability: who is responsible for AI?

  • Exploring the current regulatory and legal frameworks
  • What are the ethical considerations for responsible AI deployment?
  • How are regulators and policy makers responding to the AI-dynamic?
  • Good AI governance and risk management: how do we make this work?
  • Solving the ‘explainability’ paradox
  • How does GDPR impact our ability to utilise AI?
  • Consumer protection: overcoming concerns and positioning AI as a force for good

Wincie Wong, RBS, TechNOVA Speaker
Wincie Wong

Head of Innovation for Supply Chain Services , Royal Bank of Scotland

Nick Skinner, Northern Trust, TechNOVA Speaker
Nick Skinner

SVP Market Advocacy & Innovation Research , Northern Trust

Fiona-Willis, AFME, TechNOVA Speaker
Fiona Willis

Lead: AI in Capital Markets Taskforce , AFME

Matt Connell, CII, TechNOVA Speaker
Matthew Connell

Director: Policy and Public Relations , Chartered Institute of Insurers

Winston Green, Irwin Mitchell, TechNOVA Speaker
Winston Green

Partner , Irwin Mitchell


Building your blueprints

In this session, Martin Thorn will be leading a focused workshop on the most effective ways to implement AI in your business and strategies for overcoming the obstacles that you will face. Martin will set the scene with a presentation before breaking out into smaller discussion groups.

Martin Thorn, CYBG, TechNOVA Speaker
Martin Thorn

Senior Manager – Decisioning, Analytics & AI , CYBG

Lightning pitches

Chaired by Sophie Winwood, Associate, Anthemis

Innovative financial services start-ups that have built their solution using AI will have the opportunity to showcase their propositions in a bid to be crowned ‘Most Promising AI Start-Up’. Each will have 5 minutes to present to the room and take questions.

Pitch 1 | InsureBot

InsureBot – a humanoid robot – has advanced social skills allowing it to communicate and interact with customers and insurers.

Raffael Maiani, Insurebot, TechNOVA Speaker
Raffael Maiani

Chairman and CEO , Insurebot

Pitch 2 | Axyon

Axyon has leveraged AI and machine learning to provide smart and predictive analytics for loan syndicates and to improve fund performance

Giacomo Barigazzi, Axyon.AI, TechNOVA Speaker
Giacomo Barigazzi

Vice President Global Sales , Axyon.AI

Pitch 3 | Tapoly

Tapoly has developed an AI platform to analyse data and make more efficient decisions on their commercial insurance offerings to freelancers, contractors and small businesses

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, Tapoly, TechNOVA Speaker
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Tapoly

Pitch 4 | Voxo

Voxo will help you extract, analyse and visualize voice conversation content to unlock key insight from new data sources

Johan Wadenholt, Voxo, TechNOVA Speaker
Johan Wadenholt

Chief Executive Officer , Voxo

Pitch 5 | Auquan

Auquan offers solutions to your data problems, allowing you to deliver more profits for clients.

Chandini Jain, Auquan, TechNOVA Speaker
Chandini Jain

Founder , Auquan

Pitch 6 | Kovrr

Kovrr empowers insurers to understand, quantify and manage cyber risk through risk selection and accumulation as well as pricing.

Tom Boltman

Strategic Growth , Kovrr

Pitch 7 | Binah.AI

Delivering significant ROI, out-of-the-box use cases combine Signal Processing and AI to deliver previously impossible levels of accuracy, stability and performance. Specially tuned for Capital Market (FX and Indices predictions) & Customer Related (Churn & Credit Risk analysis)

Alon Shem-Tov, Binah.AI
Alon Shem-Tov

Vice President International Sales ,



Session 4

An outlook on the transformational power of AI

Chaired by Dr Lukasz Szpruch, Director of Finance and Economics Programme, Alan Turing Institute


Making AI a reality in Financial Services

Adam Spearing, Salesforce
Adam Spearing

Field CTO EMEA , Salesforce

An interview

Ethical AI; building a future without bias and intractability

In this session Bishop Steven, member of the House of Lords Select Committee on AI and the All Party Group on AI, will discuss the ethical questions surrounding AI, and the importance of these questions in the future of AI systems.

Bishop of Oxford Steven Croft, House of Lords, TechNOVA Speaker
Bishop of Oxford Steven Croft

All Party Committee on AI and House of Lords AI Committee , House of Lords

Kathryn Pritchard, University of Durham, TechNOVA Speaker
Kathryn Pritchard

Research Fellow , University of Durham

Closing keynote address

Assessing the transformational power of AI: envisaging the future of the financial services

Pips Bunce, Credit Suisse, TechNOVA Speaker
Pips Bunce

Director: Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs , Credit Suisse


Chair’s closing remarks and drinks reception

Join us at the Jailhouse Bar for the official drinks reception

Jailhouse Bar, set within the former Police Station of the Old Street Magistrate’s Court, celebrates the very best of the drinks world whilst being surrounded by historically significant architecture, including former prison cells. Network with industry experts in the cells where the Kray twins were held (whilst enjoying a glass of wine or a refreshing beer)!

“A thought-provoking conference that covered the most disruptive technologies and had experts from across the industry share their expertise and insight."

Chief Platform Officer, Starling Bank

"Interesting look into the current situation of AI in the market."

Head of Automated Customer Experience, Nordea

"The people who come to these events are having the right conversations with the right people."

Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA, Sitecore


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2019 Speaker Interviews

The successful adoption of AI requires identifying the right areas for innovation and creating AI which can be scaled-up. Angel discusses in what areas AI will have the more transformative impacts and the processes by which small use-cases of AI can be scaled-up.

AI has the potential to transform the financial services, from customer engagement to risk management and cost management. Maxim discusses how AI has pushed Tinkoff to thrive in Russia and how voice technology has the potential to continue this revolution.

Business culture can be one of the key obstacles to effective AI integration in a company. Martin discusses how AI can be demystified for colleagues across all departments to allow effective implementation.

AI offers a more convenient way for customers to engage with their financial providers. Sebastian discusses how Friendsurance is providing new ways for customers to engage with their insurance and how AI will transform Bancassurance strategies.

2018 Highlights

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