Value-added services in payments

Featuring Danske Bank, Erste Bank, Moneyou and CYBG

Banks have to turn around the negative reputation that many customers have of the industry, is offering value-added services around the payments experience the answer? From integrating the payments and e-commerce experience to adding value through the point-of-sale personalised loans, digital receipts and more, the opportunities are ripe for the picking. In this video, filmed at MoneyLIVE Spring, our respondents take inspiration from Chinese Tech Giants and consumer habits in the East and share their thoughts on how best to enhance payments experiences and increase customer loyalty.

Hear from:

• Linus Fugl, SVP, Transaction Banking, Danske Bank
• Birte Quitt, Group Head of Retail Strategy, Erste Bank
• Menno van Leeuwen, Head of Business & Customer Development, Moneyou
• Mark Curran, Director of Payments and Open Banking, CYBG


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