Transforming customer engagement: optimising digital experiences in banking

In this discussion, learn about changes in the customer journey and how data analytics can help us. 

The panel discusses:

  • The acceleration of digital: what have the biggest impacts been on customer journeys?
  • How has customer behaviour changed, and how can new expectations be met?
  • Being part of customers’ daily lives: towards interconnected, convenience-driven and immediate engagement
  • Giving customers what they want: refining your intent marketing strategy
  • Delivering excellent experiences while streamlining processes and saving costs: getting the balance right
  • A spotlight on data analytics: making the most of insights gained from online interactions
  • Hyper-connected customer journeys: the next big challenge for banks?

Hear from our expert panel:

Sara Öhrvall, Chief Digital, Customer Experience and Communications Officer, SEB

Paul Szumilewicz, Global Head of Agile, Global Marketing, HSBC

Jana Musilova, Head of Digital Sales, NatWest

Yvan Goupil, Head of Customer and Marketing Insight, Virgin Money

Jon Buss, Managing Director, UK & Northern Europe, YEXT

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