Quantum Computing elevator pitch

Dr Lee Braine, Director of Innovation and Engineering, Barclays Bank

The race is on to build a quantum computer that can be applied in the real world. But what exactly are quantum computers and why are they significant? This new kind of computing could be a game-changer in all industries: developing new medications at a faster rate; designing more efficient devices and structures; deploying resources such as ambulances at a more efficient scale to name a few examples. But what does this mean for the banking industry, and where should we start looking?

We sat down with Dr Lee Braine of the CTO office in Barclays for a basic quantum computing 101. In this video filmed at MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking, Lee sheds light on the following questions:

  • Why has Barclays pursued an investigation into quantum computing? What is so interesting about it?
  • What are the threats of quantum computing?
  • What are the limitations of today’s quantum computers?
  • What are the challenges today’s quantum computers might face?


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