The Future of Retail Banking Report 18/19

The future of retail banking…

Powerful forces continue to transform and re-mould the banking industry, building a necessity for transformation. Disruptors – in the form of challenger banks and FinTechs continue to draw in consumers with new journeys and new offerings.

In order to remain relevant, banks need to choose what status they want to adopt – to lead disruption, to better previous examples or to fully transform into a different entity. Open Banking has been the catalyst of this transformation need and it continues to open up opportunities for new platforms to gain market share and consumer appeal.

From developing next-stage digital transformation to harnessing the power of AI in customer journeys, banks need insights that will help them shape their strategy and future. The latest version of the Future of Retail Banking Report has been constructed to depict this transformation and better understand how it’ll continue to disrupt the industry – revealing crucial findings that cannot be ignored if the banking industry is to remain relevant.

What you will learn:

  • How to capitalise on the ever-growing opportunities of Open Banking
  • What to be aware of as non-financial services brands continue to enter the ecosystem
  • Best practice strategies in digital transformation
  • The power of AI in reinventing the customer experience
  • The future of voice technology as the next big channel

From open banking to voice technology, FinTechs and tech titans are gaining market share.

The time for banks to act is now.

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