The future of banking in the age of digital ecosystems

Open banking, customer relationships, brand identity: defining your ecosystem strategy

24 June 2021 | 11AM BST | Hosted in our online boardrooms

Customers increasingly expect hyper-personalised, connected, and convenience-driven experiences, and open banking can help to meet these rapidly changing demands. How should open banking and platform strategies evolve in response to an expanding digital ecosystem? And how can banks open up to third-party platforms, whilst maintaining strong customer relationships and brand identity to deliver next-generation experiences?

This MoneyLIVE roundtable, held in association with Google Cloud, is an exclusive, virtual event that will bring together senior experts in digital strategy, platforms and open innovation from across the UK retail banking landscape to uncover how digital ecosystems are evolving and where banks should place their bets.

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The discussion

Explore how the banking landscape is set to evolve in the age of digital ecosystems

Gain insight into the various open banking strategies implemented in response and how to define your own strategies moving forward

Uncover the infrastructure changes needed in preparation and where the priorities lie


June 24 at 11AM BST
90 minutes
  • Introduction to the roundtable


  • Opening presentation | Preparing for and capitalising on evolving digital ecosystems


  • Roundtable discussion
  • From marketplaces to embedded finance: how are digital ecosystems evolving and how should banks respond?
  • How is the era of data-driven choice and convenience affecting customer expectations? How can open banking help meet these new demands?
  • Taking open banking further: leveraging open APIs to make the leap to marketplace and platform models
  • Readying infrastructure: how can banks optimise systems and processes to better prepare for the shift to digital ecosystems?
  • Optimising data usage across an ecosystem: exploring the role Cloud has to play
  • Banking in a sea of platforms and marketplaces: how can banks build and protect customer relationships on third-party platforms?
  • Maintaining brand and identity: what are the implications as you move further down the value chain?
  • From API monetisation to BaaS: how might business models evolve as a result?


  • Closing remarks

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This roundtable is designed for senior experts in digital strategy, platforms and open innovation from across the UK retail banking landscape.

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