The bank as a trusted advisor: delivering an experience that counts

Towards personalised, humanised and pre-emptive customer experiences in banking

28 September at 11am BST & 29 September at 3pm BST | Hosted in our online boardrooms

Trust in banks has taken a further knock during the pandemic and yet is intrinsic to a successful banking proposition. With customer and regulatory pressure for banks to fulfil a clear social purpose and with relationships with customers under threat from new digital players, it is critical for banks to achieve a more meaningful role.

This MoneyLIVE virtual roundtable, held in association with PA Consulting, will bring together senior experts in banking, strategy, experience and digital transformation from across the UK retail banking landscape to uncover how banks can best leverage new technologies to facilitate deeper customer relationships, a purpose-led, more humanised banking approach and, ultimately, increased customer trust.

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The discussion

How can banks utilise technologies for deeper customer connections?

What must be done to ensure trust within customers?

Where can we make small changes that result in big differences?


28 September at 11am BST & 29 September at 3pm BST
90 minutes
  • Introduction to the roundtable


  • Opening presentation | Adding value through advice: defining a data-driven proposition


  • Roundtable discussion | The bank as trusted advisor: from concept to reality 
  • Defining social purpose in banking: what really makes a real difference in customer lives?
  • Building trust through advice: to what extent is this the solution?
  • A virtuous circle: how can value-added insights encourage increased data access?
  • Promoting financial wellbeing: what new tools do banks have in their armoury?
  • Advanced PFM: how can banks add more value in this space?
  • Pre-emptive debt management: how can analytics help tailor the approach?
  • Protecting the vulnerable: identifying when to intervene and how
  • Advice channels from messaging to virtual assistants: where does the future lie?
  • Differentiating from digital natives: where do banks have the advantage?
  • Quick wins: where can small-scale investment make a big difference?


  • Closing remarks

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This roundtable is designed for senior experts in in banking, strategy, experience and digital transformation from across the UK retail banking landscape.

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