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MoneyLIVE Summit is the platform where banking leaders come together to propel and drive forward change and innovation in the industry. With Tech Titans gaining ground in the financial services space and open APIs creating a diverse eco-system the likes of which have never been seen before, the conference enables new ideas to take seed, connects the who’s who of banking and showcases the best in tech.

Speakers 2018

Kirsty Rutter, Barclays - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Kirsty Rutter

Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer, Barclays Bank

Toshihiko Otsuka, Rakuten Bank - MoneyLIVE Events

Toshihiko Otsuka

Chief Executive Officer and Director, Rakuten Europe Bank

Ewan MacLeod, Nordea - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Ewan MacLeod

Chief Digital Officer, Nordea

Linda Duncombe, Citi - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Linda Duncombe

Chief Marketing Officer, Global Head of Growth, Citi FinTech, Citi

Stephen Dury, Santander - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Stephen Dury

Director, New Business Models, Santander

Karen Pepper, Amazon Pay - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Karen Pepper

Head of the UK, Amazon Pay, Amazon


Julian Sawyer

Chief Operating Officer, Starling Bank

Tom Foster-Carter, Monzo - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Tom Foster-Carter

Chief Operating Officer, Monzo

More Speakers

“MoneyLIVE is the place to be to get the most exclusive updates on the retail banking industry”

Director of Customer Experience, Lloyds Banking Group

“A well-organised conference with excellent debate”

Managing Director, New Business Models, Santander

“A valuable look into the future of retail banking with outstanding speakers and a professional setting. Great networking opportunities”

Group Head of Data Privacy, HSBC

“MoneyLIVE is well worth attending if you want inspiration for your banking strategies”

Former Head of Innovation Strategy, Business Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Agenda 2018

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Day One Monday, 26 November 2018

Day 2 Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Welcome address


Chair's opening remarks - Declan Curry, Journalist and Broadcaster

Session 1

The Future is Open

Keynote address

Handing the reins back to the customer

Kirsty Rutter, Barclays - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Kirsty Rutter

Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer , Barclays Bank

Keynote address

Reinventing the status quo: the future of lifestyle banking

Ewan MacLeod, Nordea - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Ewan MacLeod

Chief Digital Officer , Nordea


The service formerly known as banking

Martin Ekenbäck, Tink - MoneyLIVE Events
Martin Ekenbäck

Business Development Director , Tink

Leaders’ Forum

Open banking: expanding the horizons of innovation

  • How are open API strategies enabling banks to further digital innovation?
  • From a reactive to proactive mindset: making the most of the opportunities of open banking
  • Avoiding becoming the dumb pipes: delivering a proposition that genuinely excites customers
  • What changes can be seen as a consequence of the CMA open banking initiative?
  • Here come the AISPs and PISPs: how can banks protect their relationships with customers?
  • Who is most likely to emerge as the victor in the AISP and PISP space?
  • In what ways can FinTech partners help strengthen customer relationships?
  • How might partnerships with FinTechs provide banks with access to new revenue streams?

Ewan MacLeod, Nordea - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Ewan MacLeod

Chief Digital Officer , Nordea

Chad West, Revolut - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Chad West

Chief Marketing Officer , Revolut

Martin Ekenbäck, Tink - MoneyLIVE Events
Martin Ekenbäck

Business Development Director , Tink
Caroline Ambrose

Open Banking Director, Barclays Bank


A brave new open banking world

The advent of open banking is a seismic change which offers the industry great potential to serve its customers even better. However, new opportunities for banks to succeed also create new opportunities for fraud. Find out how the industry can prepare itself for success, whilst staying one step ahead of the fraudsters in this presentation from Jim Wadsworth of Mastercard.

Jim Wadsworth

UK Product Director , Mastercard



Session 2

The rise of the intelligent machine | Let's talk payments | FinTech Central

Turquoise Stage: The rise of the intelligent machine
Jet Stage: Let's talk payments
Opal Stage: FinTech Central

AI: pushing the boundaries of banking

• Uncovering a wealth of opportunity in artificial intelligence: what impact will it have on banking over the next ten years?
• The convergence of Big Data and AI: how will this transform the customer experience?
• From RPA to artificial intelligence: what roadblocks can banks expect to encounter?
• Increasing staff efficiency: understanding how AI can truly support internal operations
• How can data be readied for AI strategies?
• What more can AI teach banks about their customers?

Shachar Bialick, Curve- MoneyLIVE Events
Shachar Bialick,

Chief Executive Officer , Curve


Creating a strategy for AI development

Richard Harris Feedzai
Richard Harris

SVP of International Operations , Feedzai

Panel discussion

Gaining momentum in digital transformation: maximising the potential of artificial intelligence

• In which areas of banking is the technology proving to be most effective?
• Maturity of the technology: is AI ready for the banking industry to implement at scale?
• How can AI and ML maximise the effectiveness of data analytics?
• Readying data for AI strategies: what more needs to be done?
• What challenges have banks encountered on the way?
• In what ways does AI augment, rather than contradict, the capabilities of the human workforce?
• Robot gone rogue: monitoring AI and putting preventative measures in place

Angel Serrano, Santander - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Angel Serrano

Head of Data Science , Santander

Shachar Bialick, Curve- MoneyLIVE Events
Shachar Bialick,

Chief Executive Officer , Curve

Richard Harris Feedzai
Richard Harris

SVP of International Operations , Feedzai

Chair’s opening remarks

Lola Adebanji, Citi - MoneyLIVE Events
Lola Adebanji

EMEA eCommerce Lead , Citi


Transforming the payments experience post-PSD2

• Understanding the Regulatory Technical Standards of PSD2: what can be expected and how can banks and payments providers prepare?
• What moves have we seen in the industry to date?
• Going beyond PSD2: what more can be done to drive innovation and competition in payments?

Adrian Smyth

Head of Payments Innovation , Royal Bank of Scotland


Open banking today: 4 case studies from European and global leaders

Julian Farley - OpenWay - MoneyLIVE
Julian Farley

Business Development Manager , OpenWay

Panel discussion

The journey towards ever-greater payments convenience

• In what ways will PSD2 equip players in the market with the ability to innovate?
• The rising prominence of retailers: will this be the end of the merchant acquirer?
• Where will the bank sit in the payments network of the future?
• Conversational commerce: the next big innovation?

Lana Abdullayeva, Lloyds Banking Group - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Lana Abdullayeva

Director, Open Banking & PSD2 , Lloyds Banking Group

Nick Kerigan, Barclaycard - MoneyLIVE Events
Nick Kerigan

Managing Director, Future Payments , Barclaycard

Tao Tao, Alipay - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Tao Tao

Director of Business Development , Alipay

Shail Deep, HSBC - MoneyLIVE Events
Shail Deep

Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation , HSBC

Husayn Kassai

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Onfido


Chair’s opening remarks

Helene Panzarino, Rainmaking Colab - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Helene Panzarino

Managing Director , SBC Colab


Pitch | Limitless

Speaker Placeholder
Ka-ming Lim

Co-founder , Limitless


Pitch | Labrador

Mille Holst

Head of Partnerships , Labrador


Pitch | Paybase

Anna Tsyupko, Paybase - MoneyLIVE Events
Anna Tsyupko

Chief Executive Officer , Paybase


Pitch | Advanon

Phil Lojacono, Advanon - MoneyLIVE Events
Phil Lojacono

Founder & CEO , Advanon


Pitch | FundShop

Leonard de Tilly, FundShop - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Leonard de Tilly

Chief Executive Officer , FundShop



Choose your favourite pitch!


Lunch hosted by PwC and Salesforce

Session 3

A data-driven world | Identifying the customer: digital advances | FinTech Central

Turquoise Stage: A data-driven world
Jet Stage: Identifying the customer - digital advances
Opal Stage: FinTech Central

Unleashing the power of analytics

Robert Mulhall, AIB Group - MoneyLIVE Events
Robert Mulhall

Managing Director – Retail and Commercial Banking Ireland , AIB Group


The big bad budget: leveraging data for quick and agile drive-based forecasting

Dan Bolland

Director, Banking , KPMG

Speaker Placeholder
Givarn Ramsundar

Management Consulting , KPMG

Panel discussion

Putting data at the centre of customer strategies

• How can data analytics strategies be overhauled for banks to deliver truly intuitive services and products?
• What data is the ‘right’ data: do banks run the risk of drowning in data?
• The here and now in data analytics: what impact might AI and automation have on this?
• Turning the fickle customer into a loyal one in an era of data portability
• Tailoring value-added services to the customer: optimising your data strategy
• New marketing approaches for a GDPR-world: how can banks maintain consistent dialogue with customers?
• The right to be forgotten: how are banks approaching this aspect of GDPR?

Tony Crane

Customer Experience Director , Bank of Ireland

Robert Mulhall, AIB Group - MoneyLIVE Events
Robert Mulhall

Managing Director – Retail and Commercial Banking Ireland , AIB Group

Maxim Yevdokimov, Tinkoff Bank - MoneyLIVE Events
Maxim Evdokimov

Chief Digital Customer Experience Officer , Tinkoff Bank

Chris Wilkinson, Metro Bank - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Chris Wilkinson

Head of Digital Strategy , Metro Bank

Dan Bolland

Director, Banking , KPMG


Digital KYC: the foundation of a shared digital future?

·         What benefits can eKYC offer to both banks and customers?
·         The case for a pan-European eKYC standard: ensuring consistency across the industry. Why is the EU Commission considering it?
·         Unlocking KYC portability: how can we achieve this?
·         Is there room for blockchain in KYC processes?

Stephane Mouy, BNP Paribas - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Stéphane Mouy

Head of Group Services – Legal , BNP Paribas


Bridging real life to digital


Peter Theunis

Managing Director, Europe , BPC


Customer verification and authentication: the role of new technologies

• How might new data sources be used to verify customer identities?
• Biometrics: is this the way forward and which approach will win through?
• How exactly can artificial intelligence enhance customer due diligence?
• Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): what can PSPs do to ensure excellent customer experiences are not compromised?

Tarika Dhingra, RBS - MoneyLIVE Events
Tarika Dhingra

Security and Authentication Lead - Digital , Royal Bank of Scotland


Pitch |GatePay

George Payne, GatePay - MoneyLIVE Events
George Payne

Co-Founder , GatePay


Pitch | PartnerHub

Kauzli Profile | MoneyLIVE Spring
Katalin Kauzli

Business Development Director , Charlie-India


Pitch | CollectAI

Steve Emecz, CollectAI - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Steve Emecz

Chief Commercial Officer , CollectAI


Pitch | GiniMachine

dmitry dolgorukov
Dmitry Dolgorukov

Chief Executive Officer , GiniMachine


Pitch |

Uday Akkaraju
Uday Akkaraju

Chief Executive Officer ,



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Session 4

Remaking the customer relationship | Accelerating onboarding | FinTech Central

Turquoise Stage: Remaking the customer relationship
Jet Stage: Accelerating onboarding
Opal Stage: FinTech Central
Out-of-industry case study | CitizenM

Lessons from the hospitality industry

‘Welcome to a new kind of hotel’. From hiring actors providing on-site assistance to ‘moodpads’ in every room, CitizenM hotels have set a new benchmark for the hospitality industry, giving its competitors a wake up-call to the demands of the digitally-savvy customer. In this case study, Lennert de Jong will outline how CitizenM made the most of technological innovation and predictive analytics to shake up the traditional hotel model.

Lennert de Jong, CitizenM Hotels - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Lennert de Jong

Commercial Director , CitizenM Hotels


The impact of voice and conversational AI to the financial services customer journey

Jon Buss
Jon Buss

Managing Director, UK & Northern Europe , Yext

Panel discussion

Helping customers discover the delight in banking

• Maintaining digital relevance: what exactly do customers want?
• Co-creating with customers: the power of communities
• Designing and offering the right value-added services for customers: where can banks look to for inspiration?
• The power of voice: will home assistants be the key to deepening customer engagement?
• Understanding the challenges and opportunities of creating a strong brand: redefining what banking means to customers

Alison Jaap, First Direct - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Alison Jaap

Head of Change , First Direct

Guido Mangiagalli
Guido Mangiagalli

Head of Authentication & Identity , VISA

Shane Closser, Yext - MoneyLIVE Events
Shane Closser

Head of Industry/ GM – Financial Services , Yext

Case study | Moneyou

Pain-free onboarding: becoming the Pinterest of banking

Imagine being able to open a bank account in just a few minutes. Imagine visualising your finances in a way that looks more like a Pinterest board than a typical banking app. Moneyou, ABN Amro’s fully digital consumer banks offers this and has managed to create one of the most delightful onboarding experiences with a distinctive product design. In this case study, Menno van Leeuwen will walk delegates through Moneyou Go’s onboarding and in-app design of wallets. He will share how technology can be harnessed to deepen customer engagement from the very first moments of sign-up.

Menno van Leeuwen, Moneyou - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Menno van Leeuwen

Head of Business and Customer Development , Moneyou


Customer onboarding simplified: generating customer loyalty from Day One

Are digital identities the future? If so, what does this mean for the banking industry and how should we respond? Gone are the days of in-branch opening, with new challengers proving that onboarding can be achieved online in a matter of minutes. In this presentation, Aldo Lo Castro will highlight the crucial factors contributing to customer abandonment rates and reveal the solutions to tomorrow’s onboarding challenges.

Aldo Lo Castro, AliasLab - MoneyLIVE Events
Aldo Lo Castro

Head of Research and Development , AliasLab

Fireside chat

Excellent, seamless and safe: effortless customer onboarding

• Customer feedback: which areas of the onboarding process typically give customers the biggest headaches?
• Digital passports: how might this turn the onboarding process on its head?
• Integrating biometrics in the onboarding process: designing complete and engaging digital strategies
• RegTech: to what extent is this the answer to balancing compliance with excellent customer experiences?

Andrew Curry
Andrew Curry

Head of Conduct, Compliance and Operational Risk , Atom Bank

Laura Joseph, Barclays - MoneyLIVE Events
Laura Joseph

Director, Digital Experience - Barclaycard , Barclays Bank


Pitch | Synthesized

Nicolai Baldin
Nicolai Baldin

Chief Executive Officer , Synthesized


Pitch | Cardlay A/S

Vladimir Pajkovski, Cardlay - MoneyLIVE Events
Vladimir Pajovski

Chief Product Officer , Cardlay


Pitch | Finscend

Aaron Lazor

Chief Executive Officer , Finscend


Pitch | Bloomio

Francesco De Santis, Bloomio - MoneyLIVE Events
Francesco De Santis

Chief Marketing Officer , Bloomio AG


Pitch | Persona Blockchain

Stefan Neagu, Persona Blockchain - MoneyLIVE Events
Stefan Neagu

Co-founder , Persona Blockchain

Pitch | Covercy

Doron Cohen, Covercy - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Doron Cohen

Chief Executive Officer , Covercy




Everyone joins the Turquoise Stage for the Champagne Keynote Address

Session 5

New customer dynamics

Champagne Keynote Address

Transforming our relationships with customers through truly digital banking

Linda Duncombe, Citi - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Linda Duncombe

Chief Marketing Officer, Global Head of Growth, Citi FinTech , Citi


Open banking spaghetti: connecting here, there and everywhere

Eleni Coldrey, Equinix - MoneyLIVE Events
Eleni Coldrey

Business Development Director , Equinix

Champagne Keynote Address

Delivering the ultimate in customer convenience

Karen Pepper, Amazon Pay - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Karen Pepper

Head of the UK, Amazon Pay , Amazon


Chair’s closing remarks, end of Day 1 followed by MoneyLIVE Winter Warmer drinks reception


Chair's opening remarks - Declan Curry, Journalist and Broadcaster

Session 6

A platform for change - marketplace banking and beyond

Keynote address

New beginnings: e-commerce players and financial services

Toshihiko Otsuka, Rakuten Bank - MoneyLIVE Events
Toshihiko Otsuka

Chief Executive Officer and Director , Rakuten Europe Bank


Marketplace Beta and beyond: designing new business models for banking

Tom Foster-Carter, Monzo - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Tom Foster-Carter

Chief Operating Officer , Monzo


A marketplace of financial services and payments: exploring new territories

Julian Sawyer

Chief Operating Officer , Starling Bank


Marketplace and lifestyle banking: banking on a new competitive environment

Will Stevns

Partner , PwC

Vicki Lintern, Salesforce - MoneyLIVE Events
Vicki Lintern

Senior Director Solution Engineering , Salesforce


Taking the steps towards lifestyle banking

Alex Weber

Head of International Markets , N26

Leaders’ Forum

Building a compelling platform: future-proofing banking

• From a passive to an active role: finding ways to add real value to the customer relationship
• Account aggregation is just the first step: the benefits of marketplace banking
• Looking to the WeChat model: making the banking app a destination app
• How can banks use analytics to deliver compelling digital lifestyle portals?
• Beyond financial services: offering a wider and more compelling proposition
• Amazon and Google as platforms for banking: hot air or serious threat?

Tom Foster-Carter, Monzo - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Tom Foster-Carter

Chief Operating Officer , Monzo

Ricky Knox, Tandem Money Limited - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Ricky Knox

Founder , Tandem

Alex Weber

Head of International Markets , N26

Julian Sawyer

Chief Operating Officer , Starling Bank

Will Stevns

Partner , PwC



Session 7

Integrating the best of the physical and digital worlds | Designing and delivering high-value products | Bank and FinTech partnerships: where next?

Turquoise Stage: Integrating the best of the physical and digital worlds
Jet Stage: Designing and delivering high-value products
Opal Stage: Bank and FinTech partnerships: where next?
Case study | CYBG

You and Studio B

Studio B is so much more than a bank branch. Since opening its flagship store in in April 2017, Studio B has seen tens of thousands of customers walk through its doors and published more than 20 concepts, with seven progressing to active exploration. Studio B has built a new community of customers that do more than just ‘bank’ in the branch by inviting them to collaborate and co-innovate. In this case study, David Judic will share the ongoing successes of Studio B and will share how it redefines what it means to be a digital bank for the customer of the future.

David Judic, CYBG - MoneyLIVE Events
David Judic

Head of Innovation , CYBG


Innovate or die: winning with digital transformation, frictionless banking and customer experience

From tech start-ups to new competition and demand for elevated customer experiences, nervous banks and credit unions have become exceedingly vulnerable to digital disruption. However, even though customers are pivoting more and more to digital channels to conduct their business, branches are still in demand to help solve complex issues and find personalised advice. In this presentation, Glenn Shoosmith will reveal how banks can navigate disruption through tackling the omnichannel challenge, reimagining branch functions, supercharging branch staff and more.

Glenn Shoosmith, BookingBug - MoneyLIVE Events
Glenn Shoosmith

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , BookingBug

Fireside chat

Maintaining the ‘human touch’: paving the way to digital-centric physical spaces

• Changing needs: what are customers demanding from their branch and in-store experiences?
• What lessons can be learnt from developments in the retail sector?
• What does an immersive physical banking experience look like?
• Which technologies have the capability of deepening the in-store customer experience?
• The omnichannel challenge: designing a cohesive strategy around online, in-branch and mobile experiences
• How can banks’ balance operational costs with digital innovation?

Alison Port, Leeds Building Society - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Alison Port

Director of Strategy , Leeds Building Society

David Judic, CYBG - MoneyLIVE Events
David Judic

Head of Innovation , CYBG


Chair’s opening remarks

Peter Hahn, London Institute - MoneyLIVE Events
Professor Peter Hahn

Henry Grunfield Chair of Banking , The London Institute of Banking and Finance

Case study | Moneyfarm

Taking wealth management into the digital age

Wealth management services are now no longer the preserve of the rich. Equipped with AI tools and more, digital wealth manger Moneyfarm empowers its customers to take control of their finances. With digital private pensions in the pipeline, Moneyfarm shows that even the most traditional products can be digitised. In this case study, Thomas Bloch will explore how products can be redesigned to suit customers’ digital demands.

Thomas Bloch

Head of Germany and Global Partnerships , Moneyfarm


Understanding connected experiences: network intelligence for open banking and beyond

Ronan Phelan, ThousandEyes - MoneyLIVE Events
Ronan Phelan

Financial Services Lead , Thousand Eyes

Nitin Nayar, ThousandEyes - MoneyLIVE Events
Nitin Nayar

Senior Solutions Engineer , Thousand Eyes

Panel discussion

Creating must-have banking products and services

• What innovation can be found in product design today?
• The new standard of mobile UX: how has open banking upended customer expectations and how is the industry responding?
• To what extent will the future success of banks hinge on the ability to deliver meaningful and personalised value-added services?
• Meaningful change: how can partnerships with FinTechs be maximised to ensure the successful design and delivery of new products?
• What new products could land on the market over the next ten years?
• New revenue streams: where will they come from and which will be most significant?

Giovanni Dapra, Moneyfarm - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Giovanni Daprà

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer , Moneyfarm

Kat Robinson, Metro Bank - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Kat Robinson

Retail Products Director , Metro Bank

Pella Frost, TSB Bank - MoneyLIVE Events
Pella Frost

Head of Strategy and Customer Experience, Products , TSB Bank

Antony Elliott, Fairbanking Foundation - MoneyLIVE Events
Antony Elliott

Founder , The Fairbanking Foundation


Chaired by

Elina Mattila

Executive Director , Mobey Forum


Building a connected, digital ecosystem for your money: the benefit of partnerships

·         Introducing banking to platformisation: what is it and how can FinTechs support this new business model?
·         Offering better choice to customers through the ecosystem
·         Finding the perfect partner: establishing best-in-class FinTech partnerships

Frank Jan Risseeuw, Yolt - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Frank Jan Risseeuw

Chief Executive Officer , Yolt

Case study | SBC Colab

Nurturing the UK start-up community

SBC Colab connects banking innovators with the most exciting FinTech start-ups who are primed to redefine the industry. In this case study, Helene Panzarino will show how SBC Colab helps industry incumbents solve real business problems.

Helene Panzarino, Rainmaking Colab - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Helene Panzarino

Managing Director , SBC Colab



Fireside chat

New horizons, new strategies and new customers: bring on the FinTechs

• Maximising the power of collaboration: what successes have emerged and what can be learnt from the mistakes?
• In which areas of banking are partnerships with FinTechs proving most fruitful?
• How have customers responded to third-party providers?
• 10 years down the road: how might the bank-FinTech relationship evolve?

Asif Faruque

Head of Content , Level 39

Kate Bohn - Lloyds Banking Group | MoneyLIVE Conferences
Kate Bohn

LBG Innovation Lead for Incubator & Accelerator Relationships , Lloyds Banking Group



Session 8

Tech Showcase | Navigating the new data landscape | TPPs: new kids on the block

Turquoise Stage: Tech showcase
Opal Stage: TPPs - new kids on the block

Voice tech: realising its potential in banking

• Why should voice be the next development as part of an overall omnichannel strategy?
• Voice data: what can be done with this new source of data?
• Product innovation in voice: what has been done to date?
• Hands-free payments: will voice become customers’ preferred platform for payments?

Speaker Placeholder
Jason Maude

Senior Developer , Starling Bank


The changing state of collaborative workspace

Martin Smith
Martin Smith

Video Collaboration Specialist , Logitech


Getting into the swing of IoT

• The potential of IoT in payments, personalisation, fraud detection, credit assessment and more
• How can data from IoT devices be harnessed to offer concierge services?
• The connected customer: how data from IoT be harnessed to create better products

Dave Fleming, Mastercard - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Dave Fleming

Global Head of Research & Development , Mastercard


Harnessing data to become market leaders and why the power of AI scares us

·         When Big Data and AI become mainstream
·         Data-driven case studies from a traditional bank and digital bank start-up
·         Looking beyond credit bureaus for Big Data sources: what are the alternative options?
·         Why AI is scary for bankers and regulators

Dima Dubilet - Monobank
Dima Dubilet

Co-founder , Monobank


Reading the cards: predicting the role of third-party providers in financial services

• AISPs and PISPs: understanding the distinctions
• Gaining customer trust: is the biggest threat to the success of TPPs customers’ fear of the unknown?
• How might regulation of TPPs evolve?
• What do banks need to do in order to maintain customers’ first point of call in financial services?
• The evolution of TPPs over the next 10 years: what can the industry expect?

Steve Tigar, Money Dashboard - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Steve Tigar

Chief Executive Officer , Money Dashboard

Peer-to-peer discussion

A reshaping of the banking industry: the advent of TPPs

Open banking has changed the face of the industry forever; third-party providers will finally get a seat at the banking table. This peer-to-peer discussion will give delegates the opportunity to collectively pool their ideas and to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Which organisations, or types of organisations, are likely to dominate in the AISP and PISP space, and why?
  • From the TPP perspective: what are the pros and cons of going direct to consumer as opposed to partnering with banks
  • What steps do traditional banks need to take to adapt to this new environment?
  • Consumer reception to TPP: trust and brand building. Where do consumers go when something goes wrong?


Chair’s closing remarks

Elina Mattila

Executive Director , Mobey Forum


Please return to the Turquoise Stage for ‘A meeting of two minds’

Session 9

A digital reincarnation

A meeting of two minds

Digital lifestyles and the Bank of the Future

• Digital relevance vs. obsolescence: what must banks do to adapt?
• Giving customers choice: what services and products might banks provide in 10 years’ time?
• Specialisation: is this the way forward to counter the threat of disintermediation?
• How might the end of cross-subsidisation and free-if-in-credit banking transform the industry?
• Changing cultural mindsets: from banking products to lifestyle management
• Bank of Amazon and Google: responding to the potential threat of tech giants becoming AISPs

Alison Jaap, First Direct - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Alison Jaap

Head of Change , First Direct

Stephen Dury, Santander - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Stephen Dury

Director, New Business Models , Santander


Chair's closing remarks and end of conference

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Stephen White

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Hetal Popat

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Paul Rippon

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Jane Howard

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