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25 – 26 November 2019 | QEII Centre, London


“If you really want to get to grips with what’s going on in the industry right now, you can’t miss out on this event”

Chief Operating Officer, Monzo

Where the future of banking unfolds

MoneyLIVE Summit is the bank event for the most senior and innovative leaders across banking, payments and FinTech to network, share ideas and supercharge the digital banking revolution.

MoneyLIVE bank event

Top speakers

Josh Bottomley, HSBC - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Josh Bottomley

Global Head of Digital, Data and Development, HSBC

Tom Foster-Carter, Monzo - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Tom Foster-Carter

Chief Operating Officer, Monzo

Pamela Hilborn - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Pamela Hilborn

Global Head of Design, Digital Banking, Scotiabank

Michale Harte, Santander - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Michael Harte

Chief Operating Officer, Santander

KayCee Murray, Numerica Credit Union - MoneyLIVE banking conference

KayCee Murray

SVP, Information Technology, Numerica Credit Union

Deepak Sharma, Kotak Mahindra - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Deepak Sharma

Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra

Niamh Byrne Photo

Niamh Byrne

Head of Marketing, APAC & EMEA, Citi

Elena Alfaro Martinez

Global Head of Data & Open Innovation, BBVA






Why attend?


From the most senior and international speaker line-up to date, with more than 40% of our speakers coming down from outside of the UK


With ease with a handy networking app designed to help you set up meetings with the people that matter


Your conference experience with your choice of content from three stages: The Arena, Payments Playground and The Digital Lab


The most innovative and forward-thinking content, with sessions covering lifestyle platforms, convenience-driven solutions for customers, payments innovation and more


The next FinTech Unicorn at FinTech Central, as they pitch to a panel of industry investors


First dibs on the Future of Retail Banking Report, which will be launched exclusively for our delegates on the day


At our drinks reception with tasty food, delicious drinks, and a chance to be entered into our prize draw


New ideas and solutions back to the office, with an exclusive opportunity to download presentations after the conference

Conference themes and agenda

The MoneyLIVE conference is built by bankers, for bankers. With the help of our MoneyLIVE Advisory Board, we have conducted extensive research with the banking community and have distilled the most compelling ideas and speaker recommendations into two days of content set to transform the industry.

Click below for more information on the key conference themes:

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Day One Monday, 25 November 2019

Day Two Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Welcome address from MoneyLIVE and chair's opening remarks

Session 1

A shift in business models

Keynote address

The opportunities of open APIs and new technology: enabling customers to make better financial decisions

Josh Bottomley, HSBC - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Josh Bottomley

Global Head of Digital, Data and Development , HSBC

A new way to bank

Tink Logo, MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Senior Representative , Tink

Leaders’ forum

A blueprint for the future: changing business models to fit the Open Banking Era

• The new banking landscape: a look to the future
• Maintaining the customer relationship: what can be done to ensure this is not lost to TPPs?
• Finding a new position for banks in the API economy: utility, tech company, digital identity safe-box?
• In which areas of the bank can open APIs be implemented to create new sources of revenue?
• Understanding how TPPs can access bank APIs: subscription, pay-per-use or a free-for-all?
• How can banks change internal cultures to better execute open API strategies?
• Banking-as-a-service or banking-as-a-platform: which model will win out?

Carlos López-Moctezuma

Global Head of Open Banking , BBVA

Tom Foster-Carter, Monzo - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Tom Foster-Carter

Chief Operating Officer , Monzo

Josh Bottomley, HSBC - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Josh Bottomley

Global Head of Digital, Data and Development , HSBC

Michale Harte, Santander - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Michael Harte

Chief Operating Officer , Santander

Reinforcing the foundations of innovation in an open API-dominated world

Mastercard Logo - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Senior Representative , Mastercard

Session 2

The building blocks of open banking | Payments 2.0 | The evolving lending landscape

The Arena: The building blocks of open banking
Payments Playground: Payments 2.0
The Digital Lab: The evolving lending landscape

Building the right APIs to genuinely help customers

• What a customer wants: which APIs can be built to satisfy changing customer demands and needs?
• Laying the foundations: how have open APIs helped customers to date?
• Connecting with the right third parties: bringing new products to market more quickly
• How have customer relationships with banks changed as a result of open APIs to date?

Helen Bierton, Starling Bank, MoneyLIVE Mortgage Event
Helen Bierton

Head of Banking , Starling Bank

Case study

Going live with open banking: integrating FinTechs into the industry

Joseph, BankMobile - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Joseph Krzemienski

Chief Experience Officer , BankMobile

Panel discussion

Establishing a robust open banking infrastructure

• Standardising open APIs: what can we expect from the regulator?
• What in the existing banking infrastructure is holding banks back from implementing open API ecosystems?
• Rearchitecting systems for the API economy: what needs to be done?
• Harmonising APIs with those of third parties: how to ensure effective communication
• Safety net: why might an API fail and how can this be prevented?
• Ensuring defences are watertight: identifying the likely weak spots in the open ecosystem

Liam Curran, Danske Bank - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Liam Curran

General Manager, Operations , Danske Bank
Caroline Ambrose

Director - Open Banking , Barclays Bank

Keynote address

Getting to grips with the crypto economy

Alfonso Ayuso, Banco Sabadell - MoneyLIVE Events
Alfonso Ayuso

Chief Innovation Officer , Banco Sabadell

Case study | Twisto

Simplifying life through payments

The app enables customers to pay for their online purchases with just one click, deal with bills and invoices by taking a photo of them and pay just about anywhere with the card or an NFC-enabled bracelet. On top of that, the app comes with the best exchange rate possible for international payments and smart insurance products. Michal Simda will discuss Twisto’s journey and what their future plans are since their investment from ING and FinTech Capital.

Twisto, MoneyLIVE banking conference
Michal Smida

Founder , Twisto

Panel discussion

Welcome to the Funzone: identifying the next big payments innovations

• Embedding payments seamlessly into everyday experiences: is this where invisible payments might succeed?
• Creating an interconnected ecosystem: what innovations are we seeing in the IoT space?
• How is artificial intelligence being deployed to create more delightful payments experiences?
• The next frontier: championing voice-activated payments
• Getting retailers on board and creating a holistic, future-facing ecosystem
• Managing risk effectively: what weak spots can be anticipated with new payments innovations?

Shail Deep, HSBC - MoneyLIVE Events
Shail Deep

Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation , HSBC

iZettle logo
Tanya Juul Kjaer

Director of Payments , iZettle

Michael Rolph, Yoyo Wallet - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Michael Rolph

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Yoyo Wallet

Modernising mortgages

• Designing a mortgage product for the 21st Century: what are customers demanding?

Martin Fleming, Lloyds Banking Group - MoneyLIVE bank event
Martin Fleming

Mortgage Transformation Director , Lloyds Banking Group

Stepping up digital lending efforts


Senior Representative , Appian

Panel discussion

Mapping out the next steps in lending innovation

• To what extent can a loan product be fundamentally transformed or should lenders focus on improving distribution and onboarding processes?
• What are the opportunities of open APIs in the lending industry?
• The power of AI: from risk assessments to speeding up the application process to real-time loan approvals
• To what extent can lending products be personalised and what are the barriers to achieving this?
• How are alternative lenders pushing the boundaries of the industry and what change have they encouraged to date?
• Complementing human advisors with robo: identifying the benefits

Andy Piggott

Director of Lending Products , Metro Bank

Tim Waterman, Zopa - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Tim Waterman

Head of Unsecured Personal Loans , Zopa

Esther Dijkstra - MoneyLIVE bank event
Esther Dijkstra

Director of Strategic Partnerships , Lloyds Banking Group

Session 3

Enhancing banking propositions with TPPs | PSD2: the new payments reality | The devil is in the data

The Arena: Enhancing banking propositions with TPPs: partnerships in practice
Payments Playground: PSD2: the new payments reality
The Digital Lab: The devil is in the data
Case study | La Banque Postale

Nurturing FinTechs to open up new business opportunities with

Virginie, La Banque Postale - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Virginie Augagneur

Chief Operating Officer, Platform58 , La Banque Postale

Nurturing FinTechs to open up new business opportunites

Panel discussion

Charting the road to growth through partnerships: leveraging the expertise of third parties

• Which areas of banking are most ripe for FinTech disruption?
• Examples of fruitful relationships: learning from successes and failures
• Adapting culturally to the influx of third-parties: ensuring banks and FinTechs are on the same page
• Open banking and data sharing: how can this be done effectively to better deliver innovation initiatives?
• Opening up new revenue avenues: carving out opportunities with the support of FinTechs
• Moving towards marketplace and lifestyle business models: how can third-parties help where banks are struggling to make progress?

Emma Huntingdon, Nationwide - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Emma Huntington

Director Innovation & Ventures , Nationwide

Aneet Morar

Head of Partnerships – Innovation and Strategy , Lloyds Banking Group

Sarah Hager, Nordea - MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Sarah Häger

Head of Open Banking Community , Nordea

Brit Blakeney, DBS - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Brit Blakeney Anghelakis

Executive Director, Head of Innovation & Ecosystems , DBS Bank

Post-PSD2: what you need to know about the final RTS

Helene Oger-Zaher

Payment Technical Specialist , Financial Conduct Authority

Panel discussion

A 20:20 view into PSD2

• Thoughts on the RTS: what can the industry start working on now?
• How are payments providers getting on with the implementation of SCA?
• To what extent do we have a better understanding of what a standardised open-API looks like?
• Where is clarity still lacking?
• What challenges will emerge following the release of RTS?
• Post-September 2019: what are the next steps?

Huotari Markku, OP Financial Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Markku Huotari

Program Director, Evangelist, Head of PSD2 Programme , OP Financial Group

Hetal Popat, HSBC - MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Hetal Popat

Programme Director and Head, CMA Open Banking, HSBC

Robert White

Head of Payments , Santander

Improving data management: seeing the wood for the trees

• What is preventing banks from properly managing their data?
• How can banks ‘clean’ their data to ensure only the most relevant information is used?
• Migrating data onto the cloud: is this the solution to all the data silos?
• Collecting data from alternative sources: how can this further improve customer experience and propositions?

Salla Franzen, SEB Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Salla Franzén

Group Chief Data Scientist , SEB Group

Shaun Rolls

Head of Data Foundation Programme – Group Data Office , SEB Group

Panel discussion

Creating a data-centric organisation

• What are the biggest barriers to efficiently creating a data-centric organisation?
• Laying your foundations: ensuring database infrastructures are fit for purpose
• Mining your resources: locating, refining and processing legacy data
• Listening to your data: ensuring analytics underpins your decision making
• How is data sharing and open banking affecting the way data is managed?
• New talent for new strategies: how can data scientists be attracted from Big Tech?

Elena Alfaro Martinez

Global Head of Data & Open Innovation , BBVA

Roshan Awatar, Lloyds Banking Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Roshan Awatar

Group Head of Data Strategy, Change & Innovation , Lloyds Banking Group

Jurgen Rahmel - MoneyLIVE
Juergen Rahmel

Chief Digital Officer , HSBC Germany

Session 4

Upgrading the core | Payments systems: the next generation | Go digital, or go home

The Arena: Upgrading the core
Payments Playground: Payments systems: the next generation
The Digital Lab: Go digital, or go home

No looking back: going all-in with the cloud

• How can cloud computing help increase agility and flexibility in the organisation?
• Disproving security concerns: why cloud is the way forward
• Migrating to the cloud: dos and don’ts
• Best practice: how has cloud enabled the industry to innovate at speed to date?

Gürhan Cam - DenizBank, MoneyLIVE banking conference
Gürhan Cam

Digital Banking SVP & Deputy Chief Digital Officer , DenizBank

Panel discussion

Shaking off the shackles of legacy: creating systems fit for purpose

• If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Why the upgrading of core systems is absolutely essential to the successful delivery of API strategies
• What needs to be considered when pursuing an overhaul of core systems?
• Avoiding the pitfalls of system migration: what are the most common mistakes?
• How can innovation be optimised once systems are adapted to deliver the demands of the API economy?
• Is cloud the answer? What other technologies can encourage greater flexibility and agility?

Ian Povey, Natwest - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Ian Povey

Head of Payment Infrastructure , NatWest

Arda Samik, ING Bank Turkey - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Arda Samik

Vice President – Head of PMO and Agile Transformation , ING Bank Turkey

Michael Anyfantakis, Lloyds Banking Group - MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Michael Anyfantakis

Head of Innovation Design , Lloyds Banking Group

Bo-Svejstrup - MoneyLIVE bank event
Bo Svejstrup

Chief Information Officer of Core Banking, Data and EVP , Danske Bank

A spotlight on the New Payments Architecture

The UK’s retail payment infrastructure has not been fundamentally upgraded since the 1960s. Pay.UK has taken on the hefty task of implementing a new core clearing and settlement layer, encouraging competitive innovation and unlocking new business opportunities through more effective use of banking and transaction data. Paul Horlock will share the findings from consultations with partners and the explore the ongoing development of the NPA Blueprint.

Paul Horlock, PayUK - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Paul Horlock

Cheif Executive Officer , Pay.UK

Panel discussion

Improving payments connectivity: from instant payments to cross-border transactions

• Upgrading ageing infrastructure: ensuring systems can cope with increasing transaction volumes
• Meeting customer demands for the real-time: implementing instant payments across the world
• What can be learned from the SEPA experience? Assessing the demands of cross-border payments
• Global settlement: achieving cross-border interoperability of the RTP scheme
• Putting blockchain back on the priority list: is this a feasible option for the industry?
• Creating a holistic payments eco-system: getting banks, acquirers, card issuers and retailers on the same page

Natwest - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Adrian Smyth

Director of Innovation and Business Development , NatWest

Chris Higham, Virgin Money - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Chris Higham

Head of Strategy and Change – Payments , Virgin Money

Luca-Vanini-UniCredit- MoneyLIVE bank event
Luca Vanini

Head of Group Payments Development , UniCredit Group

Manu Rajan - WING - MoneyLIVE Bank event
Manu Rajan

Chief Commercial Officer , WING

Say hello to a digital-first approach to customers

• The ‘personal’ challenge: creating meaningful relationships with customers via digital channels
• Lessons to learn from the challengers: how can incumbent banks create delightful digital onboarding experiences for customers?
• Making the most of third-party partnerships: leveraging the expertise of others
• Interacting with customers via marketplace platforms: retaining the client relationship

Deepak Sharma, Kotak Mahindra - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Deepak Sharma

Chief Digital Officer , Kotak Mahindra

Looking beyond the hype: how AI can help banks future-proof the business

Richard Harris, Feedzai - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Richard Harris

SVP of International Operations , Feedzai

Panel discussion

Digital Banking masterclass: keeping pace with changes in consumer behaviour

• Hoverboards, holograms, jetpacks: predicting how customers will live in 2030
• What must banks do to avoid digital obsolescence?
• Ensuring APIs are at the core of the digital banking strategy: increasing the pace of change
• Conversational UX and CX: creating a digital dialogue between banks and customers
• Addressing the pain-points in the onboarding process
• Digital identities: the solution to all our problems?

Pamela Hilborn - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Pamela Hilborn

Global Head of Design, Digital Banking , Scotiabank

Michael Legare, National Bank of Canada - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Michael Legare

Vice President – Digital Transformation , National Bank of Canada

Rob Basinger, Marcus by Goldman Sachs - MoneyLIVE banking conferences
Rob Basinger

Executive Director, Head of Products, Marketing & Digital , Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Pol Navarro Gonfaus MoneyLIVE
Pol Navarro

Digital Innovation & Transformation Director , TSB

Session 5

Disruptive forces from around the world

Redefining banking

Featurespace - MoneyLIVE bank event

Senior representative , Featurespace

Leaders’ forum

What’s in the DNA of challengers? Getting to know the competition

• Outlining the similarities between global challengers: what conditions have enabled success?
• The enduring question of scalability: what are new entrants doing to grow at pace?
• Targeting underserved customer segments: where do the most promising opportunities lie?
• How are challengers creating compelling and recognisable brands to win over customers?
• Finding the right partners to succeed: how has FinTech supported growth?
• What are the significant milestones challengers have achieved to date?
• The next steps: to what extent is offering lifestyle services integral to future success and longevity?

Angel Sahagun, albo - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Ángel Sahagún

Chief Executive Officer , albo

Brandon Krieg, Stash - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Brandon Krieg

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Stash

Will Sorby, N26 - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Will Sorby

General Manager, UK , N26

, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, YouTrip
Caecilia Chu

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , YouTrip

Chair’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Chair's opening remarks

Session 6

Living in the moment with lifestyle banks and platforms

Dream big: from social media to banking

A new way of life for consumers

Leaders’ forum

Finding a place in a new world: where does banking sit in the age of lifestyle platforms?

  • Defining the lifestyle platform: what does this really mean?
  • Should banks go down the road of marketplace business models or lifestyle platforms? Discuss
  • Changing stereotypes: how can banks become a customer’s trusted life-partner?
  • Attracting the right network of partners: finding the optimum fit
  • A treasure trove of data: how are banks best placed to build lifestyle solutions for customers?
  • Will banks sit at the centre of lifestyle platforms in the future? If not, what role will they take?
  • What needs to change for the WeChat model to take off in financially-mature Western economies?

Emirates NBD logo - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Jayesh Patel

Head of Liv. Digital Bank , Emirates NBD

Session 7

A world of confidence | FinTech Central | Rethinking approaches to risk and regulation

The Arena: A world of convenience
FinTech Central
The Digital Lab: Rethinking approaches to risk and regulation
Case study

Voice as a channel: grasping the opportunities of conversational convenience

Washington-based Numerica Credit Union was one of the first financial institutions in the US to embrace voice as a banking channel for its customers. While the credit union certainly has the benefit of first-mover advantage under its belt, it knows that fast-followers are hot on its tail. KayCee Murray will share with delegates the lessons learned when dealing with Amazon’s Alexa and the credit union’s efforts to integrate more functions into the service, including third-party bill and mortgage payments.

KayCee Murray, Numerica Credit Union - MoneyLIVE banking conference
KayCee Murray

SVP, Information Technology , Numerica Credit Union

Consumers expect answers: the customer journey starts with a question

Jon Buss
Jon Buss

Managing Director, UK & Northern Europe , Yext

Case study | Ann Summers

Striving towards customer excellence

Doro will discuss the journey undertaken at Ann Summers when designing web features with the customer in mind. Although this talk will focus on our journey toward reaching customer excellence online, it will also touch on the vision of the business to become a truly insight driven organisation (IDO).

Doroteya Plummer, Ann Summers - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Doroteya Plummer

UX Design Manager , Ann Summers

Panel discussion

Optimal convenience: banking whenever, wherever

• Defining convenience: what does this really mean in banking?
• Pain-points in the customer journey: where are banks failing at the moment?
• Real-time responses: ensuring systems meet customer expectations
• How can banks become their customers first point of call?
• Upgrading the mobile banking experience: how can this proposition be enhanced?
• Refining the chatbot proposition: the key to becoming a 24/7 bank
• How can chatbots be deployed to handle more complex customer queries?
• Bringing back the branch? To what extent is a physical presence absolutely essential?
• What is the solution in response to the increasing number of banking deserts?

Niamh Byrne Photo
Niamh Byrne

Head of Marketing, APAC & EMEA , Citi

Ian Leung, Royal Bank of Canada - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Ian Leung

Director of Mobile Banking Delivery , Royal Bank of Canada

Lotta Lovén

Head of Digital Banking , Swedbank

FinTech Central

At FinTech Central you will meet the industry’s most promising start-ups. Hear them pitch their wares to you, learn from the VCs and vote for your favourite.

Chaired by:

Sonya Iovieno, Silicon Valley Bank - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Sonya Iovieno

Head of Venture & Growth Banking , Silicon Valley Bank

Pitch | Tully

Tully is helping the 20 million people in the UK that are worried about money by helping them build an accurate budget online, at their own pace and in their own time. Then, using that budget, Tully provides personalised debt advice with a clear plan so that everyone can make the most of their money.

Stuart Bungay - Tully, MoneyLIVE Bank event
Stuart Bungay

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Tully

Pitch | Hudya

Morten Kvam, Hudya, MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Morten Kvam

Chief Communications Officer , Hudya

Pitch | 2gether

2gether is a token-based neobank supporting the user’s traditional economy based in FIAT and their new economy based in crypto assets. Its mission is to accelerate the transition to decentralised finance.

Ramón Ferraz, 2gether - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Ramón Ferraz

Chief Executive Officer , 2gether

Pitch | Mojo Mortgages

Mojo Mortgages, MoneyLIVE banking conference
Richard Hayes

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Mojo Mortgages

Pitch | Transper

Transper enables corporates to provide liquidity and transparency in deep supply chains, reducing costs and credit risk. Transper helps businesses provide transferable payment obligations against accepted invoices.

Speaker Placeholder
Nisha Singh

Chief Executive Officer , Transper

Pitch | Dataminer

Taavi Tamkivi, Dataminer - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Taavi Tamkivi

Chief Executive Officer , Dataminer

VC Q&A with…

Cynthia Nadal Founders Factory - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Cynthia Nadal

Managing Director, Head of FinTech , Founders Factory

Juliette Souliman - Octopus Ventures
Juliette Souliman

Early Stage VC Investor , Octopus Ventures

Understanding and tackling risk in increasingly complex ecosystems

• What are the risks that are likely to emerge in an open API-centric industry?
• What technologies can be deployed to better address future threats?
• How will AI transform the future of model risk management?
• Delivering digital transformation at scale: how can a “risk-welcome” attitude be adopted without compromising customer security?

The RegTech Revolution: transforming compliance

• What cost-savings opportunities can be attained with RegTech?
• Cutting down the man-hours: reassigning employees’ time and effort to more complex regulatory tasks
• How can RegTech help banks transform ease-of-compliance into a competitive advantage?
• How can data be managed effectively internally for RegTech to be harnessed to its full potential?

Francisco Esteves, Nationwide - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Francisco Esteves

Head of Compliance Oversight , Nationwide

Panel discussion

Navigating the sea of risk and regulation

• Integrating RegTech into existing systems: identifying and overcoming the challenges
• Understanding why RegTech will be central to successful GDPR implementation
• New cyber-risks in a more open and connected eco-system: attracting the right talent to shore up defences
• Maintaining transparency and auditability of AI algorithms: tracing risks back to the source
• Targeting the ‘money mules’: what are the emerging threats in the AML and fraud arena?
• Exploring the potential of blockchain: how can this technology be implemented to manage compliance and risk?

Ceri Godwin, Santander
Ceri Godwin

Director, Growth & Advisory - EmTech , Santander

Session 8

Let's get personal | FinTech Central | New approaches to business banking

The Arena: Let’s get personal
FinTech Central
The Digital Lab: Small but mighty: new approaches to business banking

Delivering on the personalisation promise

• Learning to walk before running: why customer segmentation is the beginning
• Tailor-made banking products: how can this be achieved?
• Learning from other industries: how have other organisations implemented AI into personalisation strategies?
• Toeing the line: when does personalisation become too personalised?

Stephanie Waismann, Barclays Ventures - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Stephanie Waismann

Chief Customer Officer , Barclays Ventures

Panel discussion

“It’s all about me”: tailor-made banking

• Personal and convenient: what gives banks the competitive advantage?
• How can artificial intelligence be used to create bespoke customer experiences?
• Personalised advice: is robo the way forward?
• The answer is in the data: how can more sophisticated analytics help to prevent customers from choosing tech-savvy new entrants over banks?
• Real-time banking: delivering to customers in the moment
• What further value-added services can be offered to customers?

Anthony Flack

Head of Digital Delivery , Santander

Anna Swartling, SEB - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Anna Swartling

Head of Customer Experience Design , SEB Group

Sarah Card - Marcus by Goldman Sachs
Sarah Card

Executive Director , Marcus by Goldman Sachs

FinTech Central

At FinTech Central you will meet the industry’s most promising start-ups. Hear them pitch their wares to you, learn from the VCs and vote for your favourite.

Pitch | Molo Finance

As the UK’s first fully digital buy-to-let mortgage lender, Molo exists to reimagine forever how we get a mortgage. No paper, no appointments, just quick decisions via on online seamless journey.

Francesca Carlesi, Molo Finance, MoneyLIVE Mortgage Event
Francesca Carlesi

Chief Executive Officer , Molo Finance

Pitch | Fintune AG

Speaker Placeholder
Ruth Mojentale

Chief Executive Officer , Fintune AG

Case study | Asto Digital

The bank that gives SMEs back their time

Managing cash flow and staying in the black is one of the biggest pressures facing the UK’s 5.4 million freelancers and micro-SMEs. Asto (backed by Santander) is an app designed to help keep their cash flow positive from their mobile phone. Jennifer Geary will discuss how Santander saw the problem SMEs faced, why they decided to set up Asto and how financial innovation is essential to drive change to benefit SMEs.

Jennifer Geary - Asto Digital - MoneyLIVE bank event
Jennifer Geary

Chief Risk and Operations Officer , Asto Digital

Panel discussion

Serving the underserved: filling a gap in the SME market

· What are SMEs really looking for from their banks when it comes to their day-to-day banking?
· Truly addressing business needs: how are banks innovating around the SME lending experience?
· Digitising the customer journey: what are the most urgent pain-points that need to be addressed?
· The advent of artificial intelligence: will machine replace man in the future?
· Making financial advice more accessible: how can chatbots step up to the plate?
· ‘Open’ lending platforms: how can FinTech partnerships help to enrich the SME experience?
· How can banks gain an edge over more agile alternative lenders?
· Established banks launching new SME focussed-brands: is this the way forward?

Oliver Prill, Tide, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Oliver Prill

Chief Executive Officer , Tide

Stephane Blanchoz, MoneyLIVE banking conference
Stéphane Blanchoz

Head of SME Alternative Financing , BNP Paribas Asset Management

Cristina Alba-Ochoa - OakNorth Bank
Cristina Alba-Ochoa

Chief Financial Officer , OakNorth Bank

Session 9

Supersonic digital innovation

In conversation with

Round off your experience at MoneyLIVE Summit with an exclusive interview with a digitally-savvy incumbent bank and one of Asia’s most impressive tech powerhouses.

Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference



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