Thinking beyond banking

16 March 2021 | Streaming online


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Episode 2: Thinking beyond banking
Tuesday, 16 March 2021 16 Mar

Thinking beyond banking

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In the studio

Peter Neufeld, EY Seren, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Peter Neufeld

Partner | Head of Digital Customer Experience | EMEIA
EY Seren

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Keynote address

Creating digital platforms for the future

Annerie Vreugdenhill, ING | MoneyLIVE
Annerie Vreugdenhil

Chief Innovation Officer

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Panel discussion

Becoming more than a bank: tapping into the world of cross-sector partnerships 

  • Will the impact of the COVID-19 crisis be to slow or speed up the growth of the platform economy?
  • Moving from open banking to beyond banking: uncovering the opportunities ahead
  • A future forged from partnerships: what ecosystem of connections will we see moving forward?
  • What additional experiences and capabilities will customers expect from their banks?
  • In what time frame will banks broaden services and play a bigger role customers’ daily lives?
  • Getting this transformation right: keeping customer centricity at the heart of all strategies
  • Successfully competing with BigTechs and Super Apps: is the future to partner?
  • Becoming the lifestyle platform of choice: what strategies should banks deploy to come out on top

Annerie Vreugdenhill, ING | MoneyLIVE
Annerie Vreugdenhil

Chief Innovation Officer

Kevin Mountford Raisin - MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Kevin Mountford

Raisin UK

Joris Hensen, Deutsche Bank - MoneyLIVE Speaker
Joris Hensen

Founder and Co-Lead, Deutsche Bank API Program
Deutsche Bank

Kathy Hao-Hsuan Chang, DNB, Nordic Banking Event
Kathy Hao-Hsuan Chang

Head of FinTech Partnerships

Nikhita Iyar, Moxtra, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Nikhita Iyar

Strategic Business Development

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Panel discussion

Evaluating emerging business models

  • Marketplace banking: what are the prospects for profitability?
  • The ecosystem model: how can banks best build partnerships with the right TPP?
  • Making the leap from digital banking to lifestyle banking: how can this be achieved?
  • The B-a-a-S movement: a viable route to success?
  • Getting subscription models right: how can the right value-added services be identified and developed?
  • A surge in lending services across the industry: is this likely to continue?
  • How have the events of 2020 impacted business models to date, and how will future strategies change as a result?
  • A way forward for incumbents and challenger banks: which models are best suited to different kind of players?

Caecilia Chu, YouTrip, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Caecilia Chu

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Ali Niknam, Bunq | MoneyLIVE
Ali Niknam

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Broadbent, RBS | MoneyLIVE
Jamie Broadbent

Head of Digital, Innovation & Design
RBS International

Laurent Herbillon, BNP Paribas, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Laurent Herbillon

Director Open Innovation
BNP Paribas

Timothee Gruner, Antelop, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Timothée Grüner

Chief Commercial Officer
Antelop Solutions

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Time for networking: explore MoneyLIVE Connect

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