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The future of work in banking

5 October 2021 | Streaming online


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Episode 7: The future of work in banking
Tuesday, 5 October 2021 5 Oct

The future of work in banking | 10am - 11.50am CET

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In the studio

Your host, Juliette Foster, will moderate the discussions and debrief with banking gurus

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Keynote address | DNB

Flexible, diverse, inclusive: leading the workforce of tomorrow

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Fireside chat

Enabling agility and innovation: finding the right working models

  • What new working models have emerged in response to the pandemic?
  • Unlocking the power of autonomous teams: is this the way forward?
  • Danske Bank’s Better Ways of Working initiative: evaluating the benefits and challenges
  • Taking Spotify’s lead: from which innovative working models should banks draw inspiration?

Lars Alstrup, Danske Bank | MoneyLIVE
Lars Alstrup

Head of Products & Solutions
Danske Bank

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Panel discussion

Managing a hybrid and remote workforce: strategies for success

  • How has Covid-19 changed the future of work in banking? What is likely to stay?
  • Using technology to enhance the human workforce: how can banks get this right?
  • How can visibility and transparency be enhanced in a remote environment?
  • Streamlining processes and systems: exploring the applications of automation
  • What are the compliance and security considerations when managing a remote workforce?
  • Ensuring excellent CX with a hybrid and remote workforce: the keys to success
  • Ensuring that the business culture thrives in the face of change

Tina Krogsrud Fjeld, Santander Consumer Bank | MoneyLIVE
Tina Krogsrud Fjeld

Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Santander Consumer Bank – Nordics

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Time for networking

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