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Spearheading innovations in payments

1 October 2021 | Streaming online


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Episode 5: Spearheading innovation in payments
Friday, 1 October 2021 1 Oct

Spearheading innovation in payments | 10am - 11.50am CET

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In the studio

Your host, Juliette Foster, will moderate the discussions and debrief with banking gurus

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Keynote address | DNB

Riding the next wave of payments innovation

Rasmus Figenschou, DNB | MoneyLIVE
Rasmus Figenschou

Executive Vice President Payments & Innovation

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Fireside chat

Contextual, immediate, secure: payments in an age of convenience

  • From invisible payments to instant payments: how are payment innovations transforming convenience for the customer?
  • Streamlining contextual payments: how can friction be further reduced?
  • How are payment innovations affecting fraud risk and how can this best be managed?
  • How can seamlessness be balanced with security?

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Panel discussion

Digital wallets: setting the bar for payments experiences

  • Speed, ease, convenience: why have digital wallets seen widespread success?
  • How have digital wallets impacted customer behaviours and expectations?
  • What other services might digital wallets offer in the future?
  • How will changes in cross-border payments impact digital wallet propositions?
  • Will we see more banks creating their own wallets moving forward?
  • How many wallets can the market support? Is consolidation inevitable?

Benny Johansson, MoneyLIVE speaker
Benny Johansson

Head of Payments & Accounts

Tonu Ots, Swedbank | MoneyLIVE
Tõnu Ots

Head of Card Issuing

Kirsten Fladby Jarneid, Vipps | MoneyLIVE
Kirsten Fladby Jarneid

Product Manager & Tech Strategy Lead

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Time for networking

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