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25 June – Pre-event networking drinks

26 – 27 June 2023 | Renaissance Chicago

At MoneyLIVE North America banks take centre stage.


Attracting the most ambitious and successful banking and payments leaders from across the USA and Canada, this is the banking conference where you can uncover transformational strategies that leave the competition behind.

“MoneyLIVE consistently delivers the most exciting banking content and the most engaging speakers.”

Group Chief Customer Experience Officer, Virgin Money

C-level, Director, VP or Head-of level
Financial institutions


Check out whose speaking at this year’s banking conference.

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Tim Welsh

Vice Chairman, Consumer and Business Banking, U.S. Bank

Mark Parker

Executive Vice President, Head of Operations, TD Bank

Kelly Dearwester

Chief Data Officer, Old National Bank

Rodney Hood

Eleventh Chairman and current Board Member, National Credit Union Administration

Anil Choudary

Chief Technology Officer, Alliant Credit Union

Doug Villone

Head of Cards and Partnerships, Barclays USA

Corey Oreskovich

Chief Marketing Officer - Commercial, Corporate & Institutional Division, Truist

Bridgit Chayt

Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Payments and Treasury Management, Fifth Third Bank

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“I’m most looking forward to connecting with banking industry experts and peers and hearing from them on how they are planning, adjusting and navigating the tough market conditions”



Chief Technology Officer, Alliant Credit Union


Take a look at the key areas up for discussion at this year’s banking conference.

Banking & payments conference topic icon - lending and the economic landscape

Lending and the economic landscape

Define a robust roadmap for dealing with economic uncertainty alongside others steering the ship. Hear from market leaders from Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Citi and more to reassess your tactics in a time of upheaval.

Banking & payments conference topic icon - future of payments

Future of payments

With competition growing, now is the time to innovate. Explore the developments transforming the market today, from POS innovation to real-time payments – hear from Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Payments, Truist and more.

Banking & payments conference topic icon - navigating the open ecosystem

Navigating the open ecosystem

Tap into new revenue streams by reaping the benefits of the open ecosystem. From embedded finance to launching new BaaS offerings, learn how your organization can capitalize on this growing market.

Banking conference topic icon - fraud and financial crime prevention

Fraud and financial crime prevention

Make counter-fraud measures your USP in the face of prying fraudsters. Explore industry advancements ranging from the possibility of an interoperable digital ID to leveraging AI, blockchain technology and automation in preventing financial crime.

Banking conference topic icon - the Customer Gameplan

The Customer Gameplan

With an increasingly competitive landscape in banking, it’s time to level up your CX game. Hear how to optimize your CX strategies through optimizing your mobile app, providing digital onboarding and more.

Banking conference topic icon - web 3.0, Digital Currencies and Beyond

Web 3.0, Digital Currencies and Beyond

With all the noise surrounding Web 3.0, it’s easy to underestimate the commercial potential. Join us in the Web 3.0 Academy as we delve into the possibilities of banking on the blockchain, the opportunities of DeFi platforms, explore the potential of digital currencies and consider where banks’ investments priorities should lie.

Work hard, play hard.

We’re bringing the party to Chicago. 


MoneyLIVE are proud to bring you two networking parties this Summer:


25 June

The pre-event mixer where you can relax over a drink and canapes ahead of the main banking conference – it’s the perfect way to break the ice. Join us at the Renaissance Downtown Chicago Hotel, our conference HQ, from 6-8pm!

26 June 

The Official After Party! 

We’re throwing it back to the roaring ’20s at the vintage, Prohibition Era-inspired Untitled bar and restaurant!

At the close Day 1, join us at the venue that hosts the largest selection of American whiskies in the world as well as carefully crafted cocktails.

Don’t miss out on this unique networking party in the Windy City!


We meant it when we said this was a banking conference designed by bankers, for banks.

Our advisory board has helped steer 2023’s agenda to reflect the most pressing issues in the market.

Brian Luciani - MoneyLIVE

Brian Luciani

Head of Rise New York, Barclays

Susanne Frame - MoneyLIVE

Susanne Frame

Director, Global Content Experience, Scotiabank

Benjamin Maxim - MoneyLIVE

Benjamin Maxim

Chief Digital Strategy and Innovation Officer, MSU Federal Credit Union

Sumit Arora - MoneyLIVE

Sumit Arora

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Payments Strategy, Wells Fargo

Hugh Shannon - MoneyLIVE

Hugh Shannon

Director, OakNorth Bank

Frederico Padilha - MoneyLIVE

Frederico Padilha

Head of Digital Strategy, Capital One

Ben Fish - MoneyLIVE

Ben Fish

Head of New Product Development, Partnerships, Citizens Bank

Harman Johal - MoneyLIVE

Harman Johal

Senior Vice President, Market Leader - Texas & Illinois, US Bank


Get a flavour of what’s to come at our banking conference.

Banks take center stage

Banks take centre stage

True innovation never sleeps. MoneyLIVE North America is designed by bankers, for bankers – this is the banking conference that puts bank-led conversations front and centre stage. Meet with a senior audience made up of over 60% banks with over 60% attendees with job titles at C-level, President, Director, VP or Head-of level.

Banking conference networking icon

Networking & connections

Meet and connect with fellow senior banking leaders through:

  • Roundtables and workshops
  • 1-to-1 VIP meetings
  • 2 big Chicago nights out
  • Matchmaking app
Thought provoking insights

Thought-provoking insights

Thematically focused sessions are structured to provide maximum insights from the cutting-edge of banking and payments. Hear how leading banks and innovative FinTechs are responding to exceptional technological and socio-economic challenges in 2023 and beyond.


Deep dive into the full 2 day breakdown of our banking event and start planning your days.

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Day 1

Day 2


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Keynote address 

Dynamic, resilient, robust: navigating economic uncertainty 

Tim Welsh

Vice Chairman, Consumer and Business Banking
U.S. Bank

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Keynote address 

Staying ahead of market change: from new models to new competitors 

Chris Kay

Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Platforms
M&T Bank

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Leaders’ forum 

Defining your strategy in uncertain times 
  • How do banks’ need to change in the face of economic and geo-political uncertainty? 
  • From maintaining liquidity to affordable lending: how can banks strike a sustainable balance? 
  • Digital in challenging times: which trends will accelerate, and which will dwindle? 
  • Competing for the customer relationship: what should banks now do to deepen engagement? 
  • Honing operational strategies: identifying areas for cost and value optimization 
  • Building digital talent: how must employment strategies change to compete? 
  • FinTech funding: to what extent is it drying up? Are there opportunities for banks? 

Tim Welsh

Vice Chairman, Consumer and Business Banking
U.S. Bank

Chris Kay

Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Platforms
M&T Bank

Doug Villone

Head of Cards and Partnerships
Barclays USA

Corey Oreskovich

Chief Marketing Officer - Commercial, Corporate & Institutional Division

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Networking break


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Lending in the face of uncertainty 1
The future of payments 2

Lending in the face of uncertainty

Keynote address  

The state of lending and the housing market: an economic analysis 

Brett Ryan

Director, Senior US Economist
Deutsche Bank

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Fireside chat 

Credit risk in a time of upheaval 
  • To what extent are customers already over-extended: assessing the current state of play 
  • How should lenders adapt their credit risk assessment models in light of the cost-of-living crisis? 
  • Looking beyond historical models: embracing new data sources and AI to strengthen credit risk accuracy 
  • A focus on SMEs: how do business lending credit risk strategies need to evolve? 
  • Ensuring a diversified loan portfolio: what more could lenders do? 

Wei Chen

Managing Director, Head of Credit Strategy and Analytics
Barclays USA

Fred Dinez - MoneyLIVE
Fred Diniz

Head of Organic Lending Impairment
Starling Bank

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Panel discussion

What’s next for embedded lending: BNPL and beyond 
  • Evaluating today’s BNPL landscape: the good, the bad, the ugly 
  • Surfing the BNPL wave: understanding the commercial opportunities for banks 
  • The regulation of BNPL: timescales and implications  
  • To what extent will automotive loans and mortgages be sold on an embedded basis? 
  • How do credit risk assessments and onboarding processes need to change to suit an embedded environment? 
  • Will it be Twitter, will it be Amazon: predicting the next phase of embedded lending disruption 

Christine Roberts

Citizens Pay

Philippe Daoust

Vice President & Managing Director
National Bank of Canada

Akita Somani

Senior Vice President, BNPL/ POS Lending
U.S. Bank

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Fireside chat

The future of mortgages: from product innovation to dealing with delinquencies 
  • Succeeding in the new mortgage market: striking the right balance between margins, risk, and market share 
  • From flexible repayments to shared equity: how can mortgage products better accommodate first-time buyers? 
  • Towards the digital-only mortgage: within what timeframe could this become a reality? 
  • Managing default risk: how should mortgage teams best prepare? 
  • Dealing with delinquencies: could AI transform the targeting and personalization of approaches? 
  • Avoiding a downward spiral in the housing market: what potential approaches could help keep customers in their homes? 

Mike Fauth

Divisional Lending Executive

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The future of payments

Keynote address 

Seamless, convenient, secure: a new era for payments 

Kathryn Albright

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Payments & Deposits
Umpqua Bank

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Fireside chat 

Instant, embedded, value-adding: what’s next for POS innovation? 
  • Pay-by-bank: what will spark increased uptake and how quickly? 
  • Towards a frictionless POS experience: what small changes might make a big difference? 
  • Adding value at the point of payment: what value-added services might we see moving forward? 
  • The rise of the digital wallet: what more can they bring to the payment experience? 
  • Apple tap-to-pay: how dominant might this become and what might the implications be? 

Devon Elke

Senior Director, Product, Avion Rewards

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Preventing real-time payments from becoming real-time fraud 

Nithai Barzam

President & COO

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Fireside chat

Future proofing payment rails 
  • Taking real-time payments further: where are we on the journey? 
  • Beyond Zelle and Venmo: what are the next steps for scaling A2A payments? 
  • The IXB international cross-border payments pilot: enabling interoperability whilst maintaining security and compliance 
  • ISO20022 in action: how has the industry benefitted from standardized payments messaging? 
  • Laying the technological foundations for the next phase of payments interconnectivity: where should organizations start? 
  • Fast and secure: unleashing the benefits of digital currencies and CBDCs in payments 

Allysun Fleming

Executive Vice President, Head of Payments

Carlos Kazuo Missao
Carlos Kazuo Missao

Head of Innovation Solutions, Americas

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Lunch break


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Models for the open ecosystem: a blueprint for success 1
Workshop | Fraud and financial crime 2

Models for the open ecosystem: a blueprint for success

Keynote address 

Open, integrated, connected: realizing the untapped potential of open APIs 

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Driving organizational change: bringing innovation to the fore 

Saira Khan, First Direct Bank | MoneyLIVE
Saira Khan

Head of Innovation & Partnerships

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Fireside chat 

Tooling up for the embedded finance boom 
  • Social platforms, super-apps, and eCommerce giants: how significant will these channels be for banks? 
  • To what extent will financial products be acquired in a non-financial context? 
  • To build or to partner: deciding how to ride the wave of embedded finance 
  • From flexibility to security: how can APIs be optimized for the embedded ecosystem? 
  • Beyond APIs: transforming legacy systems and data sets to integrate effectively 
  • Build, buy, partner: what are the options for banks looking to embed quickly? 
  • Towards API standardization: how can interoperability best be achieved? 

Chris Kennedy

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Technology and Operations
Regions Bank

Bridgit Chayt

Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Payments and Treasury Management
Fifth Third Bank

Kate Marienthal

Head of Client Services

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Panel discussion 

Business models for the open ecosystem 
  • Defining a banking-as-a-service strategy: where should organizations start? 
  • BaaS compliance: to what extent is the OCC’s interference a cause for concern? How will this impact existing partnerships? 
  • Beyond traditional banking: bringing in revenue through subscription services 
  • Big investment, big return: investing in commercial API propositions 
  • Embedding into BigTech and ecommerce giants: is this the key to remaining relevant in the evolving banking ecosystem? 
  • The bank as the ecosystem orchestrator: to what extent is this a viable model for banks? 

Sean Willett

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Five Star Bank

Matthieu Soulé

Head of BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas
BNP Paribas

Saira Khan, First Direct Bank | MoneyLIVE
Saira Khan

Head of Innovation & Partnerships

Matthijs von Voorst | Speaker
Matthijs van Voorst

Director Strategic Partnerships

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Keynote address

Advancing financial inclusion through innovation

Casey van der Stricht

Principal, Solve Innovation Future
MIT Solve

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Workshop | Fraud and financial crime

Welcoming remarks and introduction

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Keynote address 

Keeping up with the fraudsters: levelling up your counter-fraud strategy 

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Peer-to-peer discussion 

Delegates will discuss the following advancements in fraud and financial crime prevention in small groups before feeding back to the moderator 

  • AI and real-time data 
  • New data sources 
  • The opportunities in industry collaboration 
  • Leveraging blockchain in KYC compliance 
  • The potentials of a digital ID 

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Networking break


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Keynote address 

Winning loyalty: delivering and engaging a personalized experience  

Simon Griffiths
Simon Griffiths

Executive Vice President, Head of Core Banking
Citizens Bank

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Keynote address 

The powerful impact of financial data-driven personalization 

Jody Bhagat
Jody Bhagat

President of Americas

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Panel discussion 

Optimizing your omnichannel strategy 
  • Physical, digital and everything in between: what banking experience do customers want? 
  • Offering all channels or delivering optimal service on a few: which strategy should banks pursue? 
  • Developing seamless transitions across all channels: what are the challenges to overcome? 
  • Super-apps and social media platforms: how to optimize your reach via these channels 
  • Maintaining the human touch: understanding the role of the bank branch and human agent 
  • From chatbots to robo-advice: what technologies are crucial to enhance CX? 
  • Right offer, right channel, right time: how can personalized CX be scaled as the digital evolves? 

Susanne Frame, Scotiabank - MoneyLIVE bank event
Susanne Frame

Global Director of Digital Content

Brenda Pino

Vice President, Physical Channels, Operations
BMO Financial Group

Emily Gessner

Head, Digital Originations & Onboarding

Lola DeMoon

Vice President, Senior Product Manager, CX UX/UI
Bank of the West

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End of day 1 | After party!


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Playing the long game: ensuring innovation thrives in turbulent times 
  • Surfing the next wave of the digital revolution: where do the opportunities lie? 
  • Where can innovation add the greatest value to the bottom line: setting clear priorities 
  • From seamless CX to process efficiency: what areas should take precedence? 
  • Failing fast: what’s required to foster innovation at speed? 
  • Partnering to innovate: what kind of partnerships now offer the greatest potential?
  • Accessing digital expertise: what might the implications of reduced FinTech funding be? 

Rodney Hood

Eleventh Chairman and current Board Member
National Credit Union Administration

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Alex Matjanec

Founder & Head of Vision & Purpose

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Achieving positive financial outcomes for all 

Michael Cyr
Michael Cyr

Undeserved Customer Strategy and Financial Inclusion
Regions Bank

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Enhance, optimize, scale: levelling up your cloud transformation strategy 

Sandeep Maira

Financial and Technology Transformation Leader

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Panel discussion  

Future-proofing operational strategies: prioritizing amidst economic uncertainty 
  • Operational resilience: what should banks do to increase flexibility in the face of uncertainty?  
  • What strategies and metrics are crucial in creating a lean and scalable cost base? 
  • The flexibility to scale down as well as up: to what extent do automation, AI decisioning, cloud computing lend a hand? 
  • How can AI and RPA be leveraged to boost human productivity and workforce scalability? 
  • The potential of low-code/no-code: how big a difference could it make to staff utilization rates? 
  • Lean thinking and agile teams: how should organizational structures be optimized? 

Mark Parker

Executive Vice President, Head of Operations
TD Bank

Jimmy Yang

Chief Risk Analytics and Infrastructure Officer

Tiffany Dillon

Vice President, IT Infrastructure & Operations
Landmark Credit Union

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Networking break


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Surfing the sea of data 1
Workshop | Digital transformation 2

Surfing the sea of data

Keynote address 

An open data world: putting control in the customer’s hands  

Anil Choudary

Chief Technology Officer
Alliant Credit Union

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Fireside chat 

Envisioning the future of consumer data protection in North America 
  • Lessons from Europe: evaluating the triumphs and challenges of GDPR 
  • Understanding future compliance requirements: is the CCPA the blueprint for future data protection in the US?  
  • Partners, aggregators, and beyond: protecting customer data when working with third parties 
  • Rising to the challenge of data protection compliance: understanding the potential of RegTech  

Michael Babischkin

Vice President – Deputy Director of Information Security
Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

Ayo Dahunsi

Chief Compliance Officer
General Bank of Canada

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Panel discussion

Building a data strategy roadmap 
  • Collecting, processing, storing: defining an effective data management strategy 
  • Unconventional data sources: what new data sources are yet to be tapped? 
  • Unlocking the value of unstructured data: what are the challenges and the opportunities? 
  • Enabling real-time data insights: how can banks make the leap? 
  • Mitigating cyber security vulnerabilities through data management: the key considerations 
  • How could the future of data sharing with third parties open up new opportunities for banks to monetize their data? 

Kelly Dearwester

Chief Data Officer
Old National Bank

Richard Olejniczak

SVP - Data Programs and Business Analytics and Reporting

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Workshop | Digital transformation

Scene setter

Taking a holistic approach to digital transformation: covering all the bases 

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Moderated group discussion 

This digital transformation workshop will dig into the nuts and bolts of digital transformation topics through moderated group discussions divided into the following areas: 

  • Cloud migration strategies 
  • Digital customer engagement 
  • Workforce skills and empowerment 
  • Seamless onboarding 
  • Next steps in automation  
  • API optimization 

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Lunch break


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Keynote address  

Unpacking the opportunities of Web 3 

Gavin Wood

Founder and CEO
Parity and Web3 Foundation

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Fireside Chat 

Banking on the blockchain 
  • From smart contracts to digital identity: which blockchain use cases will prove transformational? 
  • Streamlining KYC and onboarding: how can blockchain-based systems improve speed and lower costs? 
  • Cyber resilience and information security: how could blockchain and smart contracts pave the way to secure and compliant infrastructures? 
  • Automating administrative functions: could smart contracts cut out bureaucracy, reduce errors, reconciliation times and auditing trails? 
  • Shifting banking operations to the blockchain: what time frame is overhauling legacy systems viable? 

Richard Booth

Senior Director, Digital Asset Banking
Western Alliance Bank

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Demystifying synthetic data 

Vorachat Tamarree

Director of Technology
PNC Bank

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Fireside chat 

A digital currencies roadmap  
  • Beyond the abstract: what are the practical benefits of digital currencies? 
  • From Singapore to Brazil: evaluating the successes of CBDC pilots to date 
  • The Fed’s proposed CBDCs: the benefits for customers and banks 
  • Integration with existing financial infrastructure: what needs to change to accommodate digital currencies? 

Patrick Martinez

Vice President, Digital Assets and Financial Markets
Northern Trust

Paul Hsu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Closing remarks and end of conference


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C-level, Director, VP or Head-of level
Financial institutions


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