Unlocking the future of Indonesian banking

19 – 20 February 2020

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

The place for leading banking professionals from across Indonesia to showcase innovation, challenge the status quo and explore unparalleled growth potential.

MoneyLIVE: Indonesia gets straight to the heart of the challenges facing retail banks today and lays the foundation for these challenges to be overcome. Whether analyzing the potential of emerging technologies, evaluating the impact of FinTech competition, embracing corporate culture innovation, or demonstrating the transformative power of digital, MoneyLIVE: Indonesia has got it all covered.

You are not alone! This is event is co-located with Insurance Innovators: Indonesia, giving you the opportunity to network with and learn from those in the world of insurance!

Key reasons to attend:

Keynote address from Batara Sianturi, President Director, Citibank Indonesia

More than 5 hours of networking and relationship building with insurance and banking peers

Hear from leading executives from BRI, Bank Danamon, Bank BTPN, Amar Bank, and many more!

Workshop sessions: equip yourself with the latest in cybersecurity, data management and wealth management

Find out what the latest digital innovators are up to with presentations from GoPay, LinkAja and Koinworks.

Lightning pitches from the youngest and most challenging FinTechs and InsurTechs in the ASEAN region.

MoneyLIVE: Indonesia is part of our Financial Services Indonesia series, which also includes Insurance Innovators Indonesia. Take advantage of the chance to meet over 700 senior representatives from the region’s retail banking, payments, general insurance and life insurance markets for two days of stimulating discussion and networking.


Ridzki Kramadibrata - Grab Indonesia, MoneyLIVE bank event

Ridzki Kramadibrata

President, Grab

Batara Sianturi - Citibank, MoneyLIVE Speaker

Batara Sianturi

Chief Executive Officer, Citibank Indonesia

Sumit Dutta

Country Manager and Chief Executive, HSBC Indonesia

Effendy Shahul Hamic, CIMB - MoneyLIVE bank event

Effendy Shahul Hamid

Chief Executive Officer, Group Ventures and Partnerships, CIMB Bank

Kaspar Situmorang - Bank Rakyat

Kaspar Situmorang

Executive Vice President, Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Andreas Kurniawan, Bank Danamon - MoneyLIVE bank event

Andreas Kurniawan

Executive Vice President, Head of Decision Management, Bank Danamon

Johannes Kolibonso

SVP, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture, Bank Mandiri

Numan Rayadi, BTN, MoneyLIVE Speaker

Numan Rayadi

Head of Digital Banking, BTN

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Day 1 Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Day 2 Thursday, 20 February 2020

Welcome address & chair's opening remarks

Session 1

09.50 - 11.00 - The Future of banking innovation in Indonesia | Triumphing in the ever-evolving insurance landscape

MoneyLIVE - The future of banking innovation in Indonesia
Insurance Innovators - Triumphing in the ever-evolving insurance landscape
Keynote address

Winner takes all: remaining an essential part of the customer’s daily life

Batara Sianturi - Citibank, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Batara Sianturi

Chief Executive Officer , Citibank Indonesia

Keeping up with the pace of change

Leaders’ forum

Navigating technological, regulatory and competitive change

  • What are the key steps Indonesian banks must take to succeed in the digital world?
  • Cloud, big data and AI: which technologies are set to revolutionize the banking industry?
  • A lending hand: what is needed from the OJK to better facilitate innovation in banking?
  • Championing a new mentality: what stands in the way of successful corporate innovation?
  • The FinTech wave: how are apps the likes of Grab and Go-jek shaping the economy?
  • The elephant in the room: how will the National Payments Gateway transform payments?
  • A story of roadmaps: what is the top priority on leaders’ minds for the next 5 years?

Batara Sianturi - Citibank, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Batara Sianturi

Chief Executive Officer , Citibank Indonesia

Sumit Dutta

Country Manager and Chief Executive , HSBC Indonesia

Keynote address

Strategy-driven transformation: finding the key to success in a digital world

Rio Winardi, Chief Executive Officer and President Director, BCA Life

From potential to action: supercharging success in a thriving economy

Leaders’ forum

Technology, engagement, innovation: achieving industry-wide transformation

  • Is the Indonesian insurance market developing at its full potential?
  • Examining national efforts: how is the BPJS fostering education about the need for insurance?
  • Triumphing in a digital world: what stands in the way of digital progress?
  • AI, RPA, IoT: which new technologies will have the biggest impact on the industry?
  • A spotlight on lifestyle platforms: how will the financial landscape transform in years to come?
  • Super apps, Grab and Go-jek: how are these shaking the insurance industry?

Rio Winardi, Chief Executive Officer and President Director, BCA Life

Edy Tuhirman, Chief Executive Officer, Generali Indonesia

Jens Reisch, President Director, Prudential Indonesia



Session 2

11.30 - 13.25 - A spotlight on payments | Unlocking the benefits of customer centricity

MoneyLIVE - A spotlight on payments
Insurance Innovators - Unlocking the benefits of customer centricity

Unravelling the potential of payments in the brave new digital world

  • Remittances, interbank and P2P payments: exploring the major innovations in payments
  • Intelligent, inexpensive and fast: what are the technologies set to take payments to the next level?
  • The rise of the e-wallets, the fall of the cards: what does this mean for banks?
  • How to establish a resilient payments business model in a fast-changing landscape?

Numan Rayadi, BTN, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Numan Rayadi

Head of Digital Banking , BTN

Case study | Union Bank of the Philippines

Leveraging blockchain to revolutionize payments

Arvie de Vera Unionbank - moneylive speaker
Arvie de Vera

Senior Vice President and Head, FinTech Business Group , Union Bank of the Philippines

Understanding security in payments

Case study | LinkAja

A new standard emerges: LinkAja and QRIS to universalize cashless payments in Indonesia

Backed by the largest state-owned banks, LinkAja is the latest contender to offer every Indonesian the chance to enter the digital economy. In order to achieve widespread adoption, the e-money platform is spearheading the BI’s latest initiative to standardize non-cash payments, QRIS, allowing users from one payment service to transfer funds to any rival service within BI’s ecosystem. Edward will explore how LinkAja plans to further integrate into the economy through the adoption of the QRIS standard.

Edward Kilian, LinkAja, MoneyLIVE
Edward Kilian

Chief Marketing Officer , LinkAja

Exploring the need for e-wallet use cases: recipes for success

  • From ride hailing apps to e-wallet payment platforms: defining the utility of e-wallets
  • Aiming towards an ecosystem: recognising the importance of strategic partnerships
  • Chasing the WeChat vision: is open messaging the missing link for a financial super-app?
  • Facebook, Line and Telegram: are app-native cryptocurrencies a pipe dream or the ultimate answer to ecosystem consolidation?

GoPay logo, MoneyLIVE 2

Representative , GoPay

Fresh, digital and personalized: crafting a strategy for the next generation

  • What are the challenges insurers face to create continued customer engagement?
  • The next generation awaits: tapping into their particular needs
  • The power of social media: defining a content strategy that strongly resonates with millennials
  • Digital as a must: utilizing mobile and online to best access next-generation customers

Walter de Oude, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Life

From seamless CX to digital marketing: succeeding in a digital-centric world

Developing a value-add app: integrating into consumer lifestyles

  • Insurance made mobile: unleashing the value of app-based insurance
  • Making the leap to an app-based business model: strategies to success
  • A caring companion: guiding customers towards healthier and safer lives
  • Beyond insurance: what else can insurance apps add into the mix?

Panel discussion

Deepening customer relationships: building a bridge between the purchase and claim

  • Learning from neighbours: what can be replicated from digital triumphs in China, Thailand and Singapore?
  • A question of marketing: how can modern branding enhance customer affiliation?
  • From health to financial wellbeing: what other services are insurers evaluating?
  • Can partnering with lifestyle super apps fill the purchase-claim void?
  • What are the technologies helping to build this bridge?
  • Is digital the sole answer to a true customer-centric approach?

Karin Zulkarnaen, Chief Marketing Officer, Allianz Indonesia

Walter de Oude, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Life

Vivin Arbianti Gautama, Chief Marketing and Customer, Generali Indonesia

Focus session: MSME – grasping the opportunity

Regulation, technology, distribution: how to serve the untapped MSME market?

  • Trying where many have failed before: addressing the challenges of insurance at a micro level
  • Where have Government initiatives gone wrong so far?
  • How can premiums be collected more easily?
  • Engaging the uninsured: exploring mobile as an enabler of change
  • Re-evaluating the role of agents and education in driving adoption



Session 3

14.40 - 16.10 - Banking the unbanked – the ongoing challenge | Taking mobile far and beyond

MoneyLIVE - Banking the unbanked – the ongoing challenge
Insurance Innovators - Taking mobile far and beyond

From alternative credit scoring to continuous KYC: the next evolution in risk assessment

  • Alternative credit scoring: championing big data and machine learning to gather insights into a customer’s financial situation
  • Adopting a continuous KYC approach: defining a strategy for success
  • Video, audio and social: leveraging unstructured data to gain a better customer understanding

Benedicto Haryono

Chief Executive Officer , Koinworks

Catering for the underbanked: innovating with the consumer in mind

Out of region perspective

Panel discussion

P2P lending in focus: the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Reflecting on the P2P journey so far: how have the unbanked benefited?
  • What efforts could the OJK make to encourage further growth of P2P lending?
  • Best practice in credit assessment and collection: understanding the crucial role of data analytics
  • Beyond SMEs and individuals: encouraging a more diverse base of borrowers
  • The value of partnership: how can P2P lenders and banks work together?
  • In what other ways could the P2P model be applied in the world of banking?

Benedicto Haryono

Chief Executive Officer , Koinworks

Altona Widjaja - OCBC Bank
Altona Widjaja

Head of New Digital Ventures , Bank OCBC NISP

Angela Oetama

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Gradana Indonesia

Connected devices on the move: the key to data harvesting and personalization

  • Smartphones: unlocking a wealth of data harvesting tools
  • IoT and machine learning: the secret to uncovering hidden patterns in data
  • An exchange of value: leveraging customer understanding to provide personalized services
  • What is required to take telematics to the next level?

Case study | Grab

Catapulting insurance into the mobile age

Tom Duncan, Head of Insurance, Grab

Is mobile the silver bullet to insurance made distributed, millennial and connected?

Panel discussion

Insurance at your fingertips: defining a mobile insurance strategy

  • The Indonesian market is set to have 90 million smartphone users by 2022: are insurers riding the smartphone wave?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges that smartphones open up for insurers?
  • How can insurers craft the optimum mobile experience?
  • The power of convenience: are apps the key for insurers to connect with millennials?
  • Claims transformed: how will mobile cameras and connectivity facilitate efficient claims processing?
  • Telematics in disguise: are smartphones in Indonesia readily equipped to deliver reliable data?
  • Looking at the bigger picture: is mobile integration the first step towards lifestyle integration?

Tai-Kuan Ly, President Director, Chubb Indonesia

Iskak Hendrawan, Chief Technology Officer, Prudential Indonesia

Tom Duncan, Head of Insurance, Grab



Session 4

16.40 - 17.50 - The next phase of the digital revolution – taking opportunity by the horns

Case study | Bank Danamon

Embracing industry-wide connectivity through open APIs

Bank Danamon is spearheading open banking in Indonesia by fully opening up its APIs in order to enable the integrated development of third-party services. Our speaker will elaborate on how API Central, the bank’s open API hub, has opened new doors for FinTechs and Bank Danamon alike.

Andreas Kurniawan, Bank Danamon - MoneyLIVE bank event
Andreas Kurniawan

Executive Vice President, Head of Decision Management , Bank Danamon

Connecting the dots: unleashing the potential of IoT, data analytics and machine learning

  • 270 million in population, 120 million mobile phones: the data goldmine yet to be exploited
  • Fragmented, inaccurate, siloed: tackling the infamous issue of data quality
  • From FinTechs to big banks, sharing is caring: exploring the mutual benefits of sharing data

Kaspar Situmorang - Bank Rakyat
Kaspar Situmorang

Executive Vice President , Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Succeeding in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Panel discussion

2030 awaits: defining your technology strategy for the next decade

  • Where should institutions be placing their bets and why?
  • A view on operations: how are cloud and RPA set to improve efficiencies?
  • Data is the new oil: evaluating the potential of IoT and Big Data in the business
  • Voice technology, natural language processing and chatbots: how is AI being adopted?
  • From hype to buzzword: exploring the use cases of blockchain technology?
  • Readying the workforce for in-house transformation: what skills should be developed?
  • Outsource versus build: what must be taken into consideration when defining a tech strategy?
  • With change comes risk and opportunity: developing the right mindset

Chris Bendl, Zurich, MoneyLIVE speaker
Chris Bendl

Chief Executive Officer and Indonesia Country Manager , Zurich

Kaspar Situmorang - Bank Rakyat
Kaspar Situmorang

Executive Vice President , Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Andreas Kurniawan, Bank Danamon - MoneyLIVE bank event
Andreas Kurniawan

Executive Vice President, Head of Decision Management , Bank Danamon


Chair’s closing remarks, followed by a drinks reception


Chair's opening remarks

Session 5

09.35 - 11.25 - The customer journey – building a path to the future | Innovation in distribution

MoneyLIVE - The customer journey – building a path to the future
Insurance Innovators - Innovation in distribution

Serving the customer of today and tomorrow: strategies for success

  • Bridging the gap between physical and digital
  • How are the ways in which customers want to communicate with banks changing?
  • Creating true intimacy with customers: extracting data insights to provide true personalization
  • The future of personalization: shaping spending habits

Unlocking the potential of digital engagement and seamless onboarding

From banking to e-commerce: unveiling the potential of marketplace business models

  • A new business model emerges: becoming a one-stop shop for customers
  • Leveraging the reputation of banks to provide a trusted shopping environment
  • Moving into unchartered waters: taking a step beyond banking
  • The connected customer: leveraging the power of marketplaces to increase customer loyalty

Panel discussion

Preparing for the new customer journey

  • Planning your digital journey: what are the main challenges and how can they be overcome?
  • Customer centricity is king: designing digital capabilities with the customer in mind
  • What must be considered when moving to digital-only channels?
  • Reinvigorating the branch: what new opportunities does technology present?
  • Standing out in a crowd: how can organizations grab the attention of future customers?
  • Which channels will become dominant over the next five years?

Albert Lucius, OVO, MoneyLIVE speaker
Albert Lucius

Chief Product Officer , OVO

Leo Koesmanto Photo
Leonardo Koesmanto

Managing Director, Head of Digital Banking , DBS Bank

Rudy Dalimunthe Tokopedia, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Rudy A. Dalimunthe

Vice President of Operations , Tokopedia

Panel discussion

Connecting with customers in the digital world: strategies for success

  • From lack of awareness to consumer behaviour: what’s stopping new distribution channels from taking off?
  • Bancassurance, agents and D2C: how relevant are they today?
  • Exploring the potential of aggregators in Indonesia
  • Bundling insurance with other products: how effective could this be in boosting uptake?
  • What is required from regulators to enable diverse distribution networks that work?
  • From Facebook to Line: what opportunities does social media present for distribution?

Hassan Karim, President Director, Zurich Indonesia

Ai Lin Khoo, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect

Teguh Aria Djana, Chief Executive Officer, Asuransi Simas Insurtech

From agent to super-agent: how to take your agent capabilities to the next level

  • Nothing beats human: exploring how agents’ capabilities and influence can be enhanced?
  • Does direct digital distribution undermine the role of the agent?
  • To what extent are agents core to maintaining engagement?
  • The evolving distribution scene: will the proliferation of mobile apps eventually replace the agent?

Hassan Karim, President Director, Zurich Indonesia

The future of distribution: scanning the horizon for new opportunities

Case study | Tune Protect

Capitalising on the convenience of bundling and seamless integration into platforms

Following a strategic partnership with AirAsia, Tune Protect has performed most of it sales through the airline by means of packaging and bundling travel insurance products alongside meal and baggage allowances. The speaker will explore how this business model has been exploited and what lies ahead.

Ai Lin Khoo, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tune Protect


Refreshment break

Session 6

11.55 - 13.20 - Workshops and Lightning pitches

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Lightning pitches

Personal data management 101

Workshop 1 repeated


Cybersecurity 101

Workshop 2 repeated


Wealth management 101

Workshop 3 repeated

Pitch 1 | Pintek

Ioann Fainsilber, Pintek, MoneyLIVE bank event
Ioann Fainsilber

Co-Founder and Director , Pintek

Pitch 2 | Retrieveit

Adam Van Zyl, Retrieveit, MoneyLIVE Bank Event
Adam Van Zyl

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Retrieveit

Pitch 3 | AwanTunai

Dino Setiawan AwanTunai - MoneyLIVE bank event
Dino Setiawan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , AwanTunai

Pitch 4 | PayOK

Jayant Kumar, PayOK, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Jayant Kumar

Founder , PayOK

Pitches 5-8 | To be confirmed



Session 7

14.35 - 15.35 - Mastering agile transformation | Product innovation — new customers, new demands

MoneyLIVE - Mastering agile transformation
Insurance Innovators - Product innovation - new customers, new demands

Defining a culture that embraces innovation at its core

From legacy to contemporary: shifting operations with the times

  • Identifying pain points: what are the main barriers to change?
  • To what extent is cloud technology transforming company-wide operational agility
  • The potential of automated entry: how can RPA ease the burden of data siloes?
  • A view into the future: what lies ahead for efficient operations in banking?

Supriyanto Photo

‎IT Infrastructure and Operation Head , Bank BTPN

Beyond technology: a spotlight on the human

Panel discussion

Upgradable, interoperable, digital: building the bank of the future

  • Technology as an enabler, not a cost: taking a positive view on long-term change
  • Fail and fail fast: encouraging the right risk
  • Cloud, RPA, AI, blockchain and more: understanding the power of new technology
  • A question of talent: how can banks attract the best and brightest digital innovators?
  • Beyond siloed thinking: encouraging cross-departmental collaboration
  • Is replicating the agility of the FinTechs an impossible dream?

Effendy Shahul Hamic, CIMB - MoneyLIVE bank event
Effendy Shahul Hamid

Chief Executive Officer, Group Ventures and Partnerships , CIMB Bank

Jared Shu - WeBank - MoneyLIVE
Jared Shu

Chief Strategy Officer , WeBank

Vishal Tulsian

Chief Executive Officer , Amar Bank

Getting creative: rethinking and rewiring insurance

  • Playing catch-up: are insurers keeping up with changing demographics?
  • The gig economy in motion: developing the flexible products required
  • From one-day rentals to pay-per-mile auto coverage: exploring microinsurance
  • Flexible policies: leveraging telematics technology to continuously reassess risk and update policy terms on-the-go.
  • The sharing economy: how will insurers keep track of ownership changes?

Cleosent Randing, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PasarPolis

Case study | VSure.life

Convenient, flexible, mobile: uncovering the intricacies of on-demand insurance

Eddy Wong, Co-Founder and Chairman, VSure.life

Jason Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, VSure.life

Exploring the financial platforms of today

Case study | Jagadiri

From life insurance to lifestyle insurance: becoming one with the customer

Reginald Hamdani, Chief Executive Officer, Jagadiri

Session 8

16.05 - 17.05 - The march of the FinTechs – competitors or partners?

Keynote address

FinTechs, InsurTechs, WealthTechs, RegTechs… Is it time to re-evaluate business models?

Eddi Danusaputro

Chief Executive Officer , Mandiri Capital

Keynote address

The super apps are here: taking customer-centricity to the next level

Ridzki Kramadibrata - Grab Indonesia, MoneyLIVE bank event
Ridzki Kramadibrata

President , Grab

Becoming both the disrupter and the disrupted


Chair's closing remarks

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