The event that ignites digital banking innovation

30 June – 1 July 2020 | etc.venues St. Paul’s, London

MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking is where disruptors, challengers and tech-visionaries meet to re-write the rules of banking innovation.

Join the conversation alongside 350+ digital banking pioneers exploring how open APIs, data-driven decisioning, RegTech, chatbots, mobile payments and digital currencies are driving innovation and unlocking a route to success in the on-demand economy.


Katharina Herrmann, ING | MoneyLIVE

Katharina Herrmann

Global Head of Platforms and Beyond Banking, ING

Andreas Krautscheid, Association of German Banks | MoneyLIVE

Andreas Krautscheid

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Association of German Banks

Richard Davies - Revolut, MoneyLIVE bank event

Richard Davies

Chief Operating Officer, Revolut

mark Hipperson, Ziglu | MoneyLIVE

Mark Hipperson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ziglu

Sean Hunter, OakNorth Bank | MoneyLIVE

Sean Hunter

Chief Information Officer, OakNorth Bank

Sameli Mäenpää, OP Financial Group, MoneyLIVE Banking Conference

Sameli Mäenpää

Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer, OP Financial Group

Salla Franzen, SEB Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Salla Franzén

Group Chief Data Scientist, SEB Group

Alistair Campbell, HSBC | MoneyLIVE

Alastair Campbell

Global Head of Digital Portfolio and Digital Identity, HSBC

More Speakers

What’s new for 2020?

Unlock you FinTech strategy

With a whole stage dedicated to lightning FinTech pitches and a think tank focused on forming fruitful partnerships, we’ll get you up to speed on the most exciting voices shaking up banking in 2020. Join our FinTech Symposium to hear from VCs, founders and growth experts on how to develop your growth strategies and scale-up for long-term success.

Think tanks – get stuck in

Network with fellow innovators and discuss some of the most widely debated topics driving change in the industry in 2020 and beyond. Our experts will guide you through the fundamentals of explainable AI, discuss the role of ethics in data handling and tackle emerging cyber threats with an ethical hacker demo. Roll up your sleeves and get involved during these interactive sessions.

Unparalleled networking opportunities

Take control of your networking and make connections that will drive ROI with our networking and matchmaking platform Brella. See the event schedule, connect with fellow delegates and set up 1-to-1 meetings in our designated Brella networking zone.

From Open Banking to Open Finance

Learn how to build on the foundations laid by Open Banking and prepare for an Open Finance future. With spotlights on digital lending and SME banking as well as panel discussions on platformification, discover what lies in store for the financial ecosystem of the future.

Prepare for the coming RegTech revolution

From AI and blockchain, to data and the cloud, hear how new technologies are streamlining processes and optimizing compliance. Experts from Santander and Nationwide will guide you through regulations on the horizon and how to navigate the evolving RegTech environment.

A crypto-disrupted world?

Examine the current state of play and hear real-time use cases in blockchain, before diving into the future of digital currencies. Dig into the impact of Facebook’s Libra, the possibility of stablecoins and discover what banks can do to prepare for a future where crypto is the norm.


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Day One Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Day Two Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Welcome address by MoneyLIVE & chair's opening remarks

Session 1

Thriving in the open API ecosystem

Keynote address

Towards an open finance future

Katharina Herrmann, ING | MoneyLIVE
Katharina Herrmann

Global Head of Platforms and Beyond Banking , ING

Leaders’ forum

The open API playground: navigating the path to success

• Building on open foundations: what API innovations have been the most transformative?
• How can banks build an ecosystem by fostering partnerships with TPPs?
• Navigating the open data landscape: how can banks capitalise on non-financial data?
• Unbundling services and plugging into a TPP API ecosystem: is there a benefit to specialising?
• Planning your next steps: defining strategies that will enable success in the open ecosystem
• To what extent is owning the customer relationship the sole key to success in open banking?
• Surviving the identity crisis: how can banks navigate their changing role in the market?

Matt Collinge, Curve | MoneyLIVE
Matt Collinge

Chief Technology Officer , Curve

Hetal Popat, HSBC - MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Hetal Popat

Programme Director and Head of PSD2 & Open Banking , HSBC
Caroline Ambrose

Open Banking Implementation Director , Barclays Bank

Speaker Placeholder
Marion King

Director of Payments , Royal Bank of Scotland

Session 2

Apollo - The ultimate customer experience | Odyssey - The next phase of digital transformation | Lunar - FinTech pitches

Apollo - The ultimate customer experience
Odyssey - The next phase of digital transformation
Lunar - FinTech Pitches
In conversation | Royal Bank of Scotland and BBVA

Keeping authentication simple and secure

• How can banks find the right balance between customer experience and regulatory compliance?
• Finger, face, retina, voice: assessing the current state of play in the journey away from passwords
• Behavioural biometrics: a more secure, frictionless solution for continued authentication?
• Do digital identities have the potential to transform KYC for digital banking?
• Are banks the most appropriate providers of a digital identity?

Tarika Dhingra, RBS - MoneyLIVE Events
Tarika Dhingra

Digital Security and Privacy Lead , Royal Bank of Scotland

Alistair Campbell, HSBC | MoneyLIVE
Alastair Campbell

Global Head of Digital Portfolio and Digital Identity , HSBC

Panel discussion

Invisible, proactive, seamless: optimising the customer experience

• Right offer, right time, right channel: how can data-driven insights benefit both the bank and customer?
• In what ways can predictive analytics enhance customer experiences?
• SMEs are customers too! How can banks learn from challengers and fintechs to improve their services for SMEs?
• How can banks champion digital inclusion to reach a variety of customer segments in an open banking world?
• Where can human touchpoints add value to a digital journey?
• Keeping up with the competition: how can banks foster loyalty through delightful experiences?
• Preparing to serve the customer of 2030: where to invest in 2020?

Richard Davies - Revolut, MoneyLIVE bank event
Richard Davies

Chief Operating Officer , Revolut

Priyesh Ranmal, RBS | MoneyLIVE
Priyesh Ranmal

Head of Digital Experience , Royal Bank of Scotland

Rona Ruthen, Monzo | MoneyLIVE
Rona Ruthen

Director of Customer Operations , Monzo

Yannis Karagiannidis, Monese | MoneyLIVE
Yannis Karagiannidis

Head of Growth , Monese

Exploring new ventures: building from within

Through strategic investments in standalone technology-driven projects, RBS are fuelling growth and reaching new customer segments. Andrew Ellis will share how ventures developed separately from the core brand allow developers to avoid the challenges of legacy systems and foster a start-up-like working culture.

Andrew Ellis, NatWest | MoneyLIVE
Andrew Ellis

Head of Strategy & Head of Innovation , NatWest

Case study | ING

Thinking like Spotify: cultivating a culture open to change and innovation

By shifting from a traditional structure of functional departments, to an ‘agile’ operational model, ING has transformed its operational culture as one of the pioneers in this field. Inspired by companies such as Spotify, Google and Netflix, ING has implemented One Agile Way of Working in more than 40 countries around the world, working in nine-person ‘squads’. Responding to changing customer behaviour on digital distribution channels and rising customer expectations were key motivational factors behind these changes. Payam will share how these changes have boosted employee engagement, increased productivity and improved time to market.

Payam Djavdan, ING | MoneyLIVE
Payam Djavdan

Global Head Operating Model and Way of Working , ING

Panel discussion

Building a bank fit for the next decade

• Agility and scalability: defining factors in digital transformation strategy?
• Where is the impact of legacy systems on customer service the most serious?
• Working with legacy systems: how can banks marry old systems with new technologies to drive digital advancements?
• How can cloud solutions accelerate digital transformation initiatives?
• Learning from Big Tech: how can banks be more agile in the digital spaces they inhabit?
• How much of a hurdle are legacy systems in the race between incumbents and challengers?
• TPP partnerships: the benefits and the challenges
• Flexibility, reusability, availability, scalability: how can microservice-based architecture fuel transformation?

Aleksi Grym

Head of Digitalisation , Bank of Finland

Radek Litynski - mBank
Radek Litynski

Head of Retail Risk Management , mBank

Martin Fleming, Lloyds Banking Group - MoneyLIVE bank event
Martin Fleming

Mortgage Transformation Director , Lloyds Banking Group

Hear the most exciting FinTechs in the industry pitch to you!

Pitch 1 | Safello

Frank Schuil, Safello | MoneyLIVE
Frank Schuil

Chief Executive Officer , Safello

Pitch 2 | Tarya Fintech

Bianca Meger, Tarya Fintech | MoneyLIVE
Bianca Meger

Chief Marketing Officer , Tarya Fintech

Pitch 3| Digital Fingerprints

Krzysztof Raczynski, Digital fingerprints | MoneyLIVE
Krzysztof Raczyński

Founder and Chief Operating Officer , Digital Fingerprints

Want to see yourself on the stage?

Apply to pitch by dropping us an email on

Session 3

Apollo - Preparing for the next digital channel revolution | Odyssey - Viva la RegTech Revolution | Lunar - FinTech Pitches

Apollo - Preparing for the next digital channel revolution
Odyssey - Viva la RegTech Revolution
Lunar - FinTech Pitches

Taking chatbots to the next level: serving digital natives

• Following in digital footsteps: what are the advantages of meeting customers on messaging platforms?
• Does one size fit all? How can banks choose the best platform?
• Balance checking, investing, payments: what services suit different channels?
• Tailoring the tone: how can chatbots bring personal touches to conversations?
• How can banks use chatbot data to enrich other services?
• Reaching digital immigrants: how can banks strategically deploy chatbots to think beyond digital natives?

Victore Trokoudes picture
Victor Trokoudes

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Plum

Fireside chat

Refining your channel strategy

• In a world of infinite channels, what does an omnichannel presence mean today?
• Chatbots: the key to seamless, cross-channel customer service?
• How can banks deploy voice technology to complement other CX channels?
• A land of opportunity: how can banks use new channels to develop a distinctive brand identity?
• Avoiding fragmentation: how can banks best integrate information from multiple channels?
• How can banks handle the hand-off between the human and the digital?
• Beyond voice: what’s next?

John Paul McKenna, NatWest - MoneyLIVE banking conference
JP McKenna

Innovation Lead, Personal Banking , Ulster Bank

Diana Carrasco, Lloyds | MoneLIVE
Diana Carrasco

Head of Risk, Group Digital Channels , Lloyds Banking Group

Nikunj Lukka, Tandem Bank | MoneyLIVE
Nikunj Lukka

Head of Business Systems & Processes , Tandem Bank

A perspective on the Future of RegTech

Speaker Placeholder
Mukund Umalkar

RegTech Partnerships , ING

Interview | N26

The challenger perspective

Tomas Hazleton, N26 | MoneyLIVE
Tomas Hazleton

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and MLRO , N26 UK

Panel discussion

RegTech: a core part of any digital transformation strategy

• Coping with the costs of compliance: where to invest to drive ROI
• What regulations are on the horizon that RegTech can help solve?
• AI, data, blockchain, cloud: how to unlock the value of each tech solution?
• Building internal solutions or exploring TPP RegTech opportunities: navigating the possibilities
• Looking inside the business: what are the benefits of using chatbots to streamline regulatory compliance?

Speaker Placeholder
David Bruce

Head of Compliance , Santander

Sally Gaudion, Nationwide - MoneyLIVE events
Sally Gaudion

Head of Compliance Advice , Nationwide Building Society

Speaker Placeholder
Mukund Umalkar

RegTech Partnerships , ING

Hear the most exciting FinTech start-ups in the industry pitch directly to you!

Want to see yourself on the stage?

Apply to pitch by dropping us an email on

Session 4

Platformification - venturing into new territory

Case study | Curve

Going ‘over the top’: a unique platform approach

Shachar Bialick, Curve- MoneyLIVE Events
Shachar Bialick,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Curve

Panel discussion and mobile voting

Marketplace, lifestyle, B-a-a-S: building a platform for success

• A way forward for incumbents and challenger banks: is every platform model suitable for all?
• Reaping the rewards of a personalised platform: learning from Big Tech and super-apps
• A platform forged from partnerships: what ecosystem of connections will we see moving forward?
• Bundling the financial with the non-financial: what opportunities does diversification present?
• How far have challenger banks blazed the trail for the lifestyle banking platform model?
• Becoming a category king: is there opportunity for success in delivering a niche offering through several channels?
• The B-a-a-S movement: a viable route to success?
• How can banks ensure that their brand identity remains at the forefront of customer awareness?

Anna Mitchell, Starling Bank | MoneyLIVE
Anna Mitchell

Head of Marketplace , Starling Bank

Russell Pert Facebook Photo
Russell Pert

Industry Head, Financial Services , Facebook

Pauline van Brakel, Yolt | MoneyLIVE
Pauline Van Brakel

Chief Product Officer , Yolt

Katharina Herrmann, ING | MoneyLIVE
Katharina Herrmann

Global Head of Platforms and Beyond Banking , ING

Chair's closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Session 5

From personalisation to profit - let's talk data

Keynote address

The value of data in a new banking order

Sameli Mäenpää, OP Financial Group, MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Sameli Mäenpää

Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer , OP Financial Group

Session 6

Think tanks! - AI, Ethical Hacker, Data Management, FinTech Partnerships

Understanding explainable AI
Brainstorm with an ethical hacker
Ethical data management
FinTechs: forming fruitful partnerships

In this session, delegates will have the choice to participate in one of four think tanks. Each think tank will run for 40 minutes.

As AI grows in sophistication and enters the business mainstream, explainability has the potential to improve performance and build stakeholder confidence. This think tank will focus on:

• Understanding the fundamentals of explainable AI
• Being able to explain ‘why’: assessing the importance of explainable AI for regulators and customers
• Driving business development: how does explainability improve performance and lead to more informed decision making?
• What impact might unintentional bias in AI have on wider business activities?
• How far will legacy systems hold back the full adoption of explainable AI?

In this session, delegates will have the choice to participate in one of four think tanks. Each think tank will run for 40 minutes.

Understand how to tackle emerging vulnerabilities and highlight areas of potential risk in this live demonstration by an ethical hacker. Take part in discussions that will cover:

• Understanding the emerging cyber threat level to banks: to what extent are legacy systems a significant vulnerability?
• How can technology help reduce the human risk to cybersecurity?
• Is cloud-based infrastructure more secure than physical infrastructure?
• How can banks make cybersecurity a priority throughout digital transformation?

In this session, delegates will have the choice to participate in one of four think tanks. Each think tank will run for 40 minutes.

Data has transformed from information to commodity. With the introduction of new regulation, it’s never been a more apt time to consider ethical data management. This think tank will discuss:

• Balancing the needs of the customer as owner and the bank as custodian: what challenges stand in the way of ethical data handling?
• Ethical personalisation: what would this look like?
• How can detecting bias in data sets create fairer, more insightful outputs?
• If banks developed a ‘code of conduct’ for ethical data usage, what would be the key principles?

In this session, delegates will have the choice to participate in one of four think tanks. Each think tank will run for 40 minutes.

Partnerships are a key way in which FinTechs continue to disrupt and grow in financial services. Whether by partnering with banks, Big Tech or other players, this workshop will explore how to partner for optimum success. Topics include:

• What should FinTechs look for when selecting the right partners?
• Reach out or let them come to you? What is the best approach for entering into partnerships?
• When partnering with incumbent banks, how can success be secured in the face of size and organisational complexity?
• Are Big Techs viable partners for FinTechs? How can these doors be opened?
• Friend or foe? Exploring the potential of Fintech-FinTech collaborations

Session 7

Apollo - Digging deeper into data | Odyssey - What's next for mobile payments?

Apollo - Digging deeper into data
Odyssey - What’s next for mobile payments?

Navigating the open data economy

• How open is open? Defining the boundaries of an open data economy
• Leveraging non-financial data from TPPs: how can banks get the most out of partnerships?
• In what ways does non-financial data have the potential to transform personalisation of customer service?
• Ensuring operational readiness: what challenges might legacy systems pose in an open data economy?
• Envisioning a cross-sector data sharing regulation: what would this look like?

Salla Franzen, SEB Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Salla Franzén

Group Chief Data Scientist , SEB Group

Case study

Data visualisation

Given proper interpretation and analysis, data is an invaluable asset. Whether through charts, graphs or maps, data visualisation tools and technologies are essential to accurate analysis and making data-driven decisions. Andrew will provide an insight into the various tools he uses to draw the most value from big data.

Andrew Henderson, Nationwide | MoneyLIVE
Andrew Henderson

Senior Business Intelligence Manger , Nationwide Building Society

Panel discussion

Descriptive, predictive, prescriptive: re-examining your analytics approach

• Understanding the different types of analytics: what insights can be drawn from each form and where are they best applied?
• What questions should banks be asking to get the most informative answers?
• How can banks implement strategic data management to avoid ‘dark data’?
• Variety, velocity, volume: how can banks get the most value from big data by managing the three ‘v’s
• Cross-selling and up-selling: in what ways can banks leverage predictive analytics to create a hyper-personalised sales strategy?

Ash Booth, HSBC - MoneyLIVE Events
Ash Booth

Head of Artificial Intelligence , HSBC

Angel Serrano, Santander - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Angel Serrano

Head of Data Science & Analytics , Santander

Case study | VibePay

Simplifying mobile payments

By enabling customers to request money, make payments and set up groups with family and friends, VibePay are transforming the mobile payments experience. Luke will share how VibePay is building on the opportunities of Open Banking, to provide a simple, secure and frictionless payments experience for its users.

Luke Massie, Vibepay | MoneLIVE
Luke Massie

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Vibepay

Panel discussion

The future of digital wallets

• A digital wallet renaissance? Examining the current state of play
• How successful are wallets likely to be as a portal for targeted marketing?
• Paying with points: how can loyalty schemes and diverse payment options be integrated into a digital wallet?
• How far are multicurrency needs shaping the evolution of digital wallets?
• What role will blockchain play in the future of digital wallets?
• Are super app wallets a viable possibility in the West?

Lee McNabb, Natwest - MoneyLIVE bank event
Lee McNabb

Head of Payment Strategy , NatWest

Mmichelle Poole, Buckzy Payments | MoneyLIVE
Michele Poole

Global Head of Customer Experience , Buckzy Payments

Speaker Placeholder
John Maynard

Service Development Manager , Pay.UK

Session 8

Apollo - Making the leap from open banking to open finance | Odyssey - FinTech Symposium

Apollo - Making the leap from open banking to open finance
Odyssey - FinTech Symposium
Spotlight on lending | OakNorth Bank

Bringing credit to the customer: a new era for digital lending

• How can lending providers capitalise on the new data opportunities provided by Open Banking?
• Opportunities in new tech: how will access to new data sources improve risk analysis processes and ensure an easier experience for both parties
• ‘Contextualised lending’: what personalised, value-added services can lenders offer to stand out from competition?
• How might blockchain-based identity solutions improve identity verification processes for lenders?
• Thriving in an open banking landscape: what developments will we see in point-of-sale loans looking forwards?

Sean Hunter, OakNorth Bank | MoneyLIVE
Sean Hunter

Chief Information Officer , OakNorth Bank

Case study | Tide

SME banking in an open ecosystem

From side-hustlers to small businesses, Tide have identified that an evolving workforce requires different kinds of services. Account aggregation, easy invoicing solutions and the potential to integrate with accounting software are all key features of the Tide mobile app. From a speedy and frictionless onboarding solution, to biometric-based authentication solutions, Tide has shaped its offering around the customer experience. Oliver will share Tide’s secret to excelling as a digital challenger in the SME financial services space.

Oliver Prill, Tide, MoneyLIVE Mortgage Event
Oliver Prill

Chief Executive Officer , Tide

Panel discussion

Towards open finance: exploring the evolution of banking marketplaces

• With open finance comes open possibilities: how integral will insurance, accounting, investments and more become to banks’ core offer?
• How can banks forge strategic partnerships to develop a portfolio of exemplary end-to-end services?
• A package deal: how can banks seamlessly integrate product bundling around their core services?
• How integral will auto-switching become in future banking marketplaces?
• How can banks ensure customer loyalty to their services in this new financial ecosystem?
• Will banks’ role as a custodians of sensitive, personal data support their evolution into open finance marketplaces?

Polina Estifeeva, Deutsche Bank | MoneyLIVE
Polina Evstifeeva

Director, Head of Regulatory Strategy at GTB Digital , Deutsche Bank

Speaker Placeholder
Arka Sircar

Strategy and Innovation, Personal Banking , Royal Bank of Scotland

Robert Mooney, AIB Group | MoneyLIVE
Robert Mooney

Head of Customer Journey Enablement, Homes , AIB Group

George Militiadous - HSBC
George Miltiadous

Head of Open Banking Delivery , HSBC

In conversation | Level 39 and Moneybox

Scaling for success: refining your growth strategy

With new FinTechs constantly entering a rapidly-changing, disrupted market, it has never been a better time to review your growth strategy. With insights from two different perspectives, this discussion will explore how FinTechs can successfully scale-up beyond the start-up stage and stand-out from the crowd in the coming decade.

Ben Brabyn, Level 39 - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Ben Brabyn

Head of Level 39 , Level 39

Neil Campbell, Moneybox | MoneyLIVE
Neil Campbell

Vice President, Growth , Moneybox

Quick-fire experiences

Senior innovators from three of the most successful FinTechs on the market will share their experience of success and lessons learned for the future. Presentations will be followed by a question and answer session, where delegates are invited to get involved and learn more.

Quick fire 1 | Trezeo

Cassidy Garrett Trezeo
Garrett Cassidy

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Trezeo

Quick fire 2 | Pockit

Virraj Jatania, Pockit | MoneLIVE
Virraj Jatania

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder , Pockit

Quick fire 3 | Tully

Speaker Placeholder
Senior Representative

, Tully

Session 9

Anticipating a crypto-disrupted world

Ask the experts | Blockchain: back in action?

• Examining the current state of play: where are we at on the hype curve?
• Reviewing applications in cross-border payments
• Smart contracts: an oncoming revolution for trade finance?
• Can blockchain provide a more decentralised solution for a digital identity?

Ville Sointu, Nordea | MoneyLIVE
Ville Sointu

Head of Emerging Technologies , Nordea

Russhd Averroes, BABB | MoneyLIVE
Rushd Averroës

Chief Executive Officer , BABB

Panel discussion

From coins to crypto: the future of digital currencies

• Where it all began: is there still room for bitcoin in the cryptocurrency conversations of today?
• Facebook’s Libra: true threat, inspiration for change or non-starter?
• A ‘Digital Yen’ and a ‘Digital Euro’: a more ‘stable’ solution to the crypto puzzle?
• Are governmental fears over barriers to taxation a serious problem?
• Building a digital vault: what storage solution problems may banks face?
• What developments in digital identity standards will arise as a result of the introduction of digital currencies?
• How might regulators react to the introduction of digital currencies?
• Cooperation and coordination: what actions can banks take now to prepare for a digital currency future?

Andreas Krautscheid, Association of German Banks | MoneyLIVE
Andreas Krautscheid

Co-Chief Executive Officer , Association of German Banks

Dotun Rominiyi, London Stock Exchange | MoneyLIVE
Dotun Rominiyi

Blockchain Strategy – Emerging Technology , London Stock Exchange

Janis Legler, Mode | MoneyLIVE
Janis Legler

Head of Product and Partnerships , Mode

Closing keynote address

Building a ‘stable’ future for digital currencies

2020 sees the launch of Ziglu, a new crypto fintech that challenges banks and crypto exchanges by enabling customers to hold balances in fiat money and cryptocurrencies and exchange funds between them, instantly. Mark will share how Ziglu is breaking boundaries, and providing a truly integrated future for digital currencies.

mark Hipperson, Ziglu | MoneyLIVE
Mark Hipperson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Ziglu

Chair's closing remarks

“A must-attend event in the banking industry's calendar - packed to the rafters with senior-level speakers and exclusive insights!”

Managing Director – Personal Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

“Once again a very spot on event with valuable insights from many professionals in digital banking. Great networking and relationship building”

Chief Platform Officer, Nordea

“The various discussion points were very topical and as always there was a great mix of knowledgeable speakers and plenty of time to network and build new relationships."

Chief Executive Officer, Raisin UK

“A great selection of speakers and panellists sharing some powerful insights into how their organisations are embracing the opportunities presented from digital transformation of the banking and finance industry."

International Director, The London Institute of Banking & Finance


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