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Start date: June 30, 2020

End date: July 02, 2020

Start time: 09:00

End time: 15:00

The online event to ignite digital banking innovation


30 June – 2 July 2020, BST | On-demand available now

MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking has gone digital this year. From wherever you are in the world, you can view live stream talks from our 50+ speakers – the disruptors, challengers and tech-visionaries re-writing the rules of banking innovation.

Connections between incumbents and fintechs has never been so important, so we’ve made it easy for you to chat, connect and collaborate with the 1,500+ attendees through our online platform and matchmaking app without having to step outside.

A new kind of online networking

With live Q&As in every session and our market-leading networking and matchmaking app, Digital Banking Goes Digital gives you the perfect platform to engage with the industry online and make the virtual connections you need to drive business growth and stay ahead of the curve.  

Unrivalled content  Innovative speakers

From open finance and mobile payments to data-driven CX and digital currencies, stay up to date with the hottest topics shaping the banking landscape in 2020 without leaving the comfort of your own home. With speakers from ING, Barclays, OP Financial and Ziglu leading the conversation – you’re in safe hands.

Unlock your FinTech strategy

Catch-up with the most exciting voices shaking up banking in 2020 in a whole day dedicated to FinTech. Watch fast-paced pitches on your laptop and join the online FinTech Symposium to discuss growth strategies and partnership opportunities with VCs, founders and growth experts.


Katharina Herrmann, ING | MoneyLIVE

Katharina Herrmann

Global Head of Platforms and Beyond Banking, ING

Richard Davies - Revolut, MoneyLIVE bank event

Richard Davies

Chief Executive Officer, Banking, Revolut

mark Hipperson, Ziglu | MoneyLIVE

Mark Hipperson

Chief Executive Officer, Ziglu

Sean Hunter, OakNorth | MoneyLIVE

Sean Hunter

Chief Information Officer, OakNorth Bank

Sameli Mäenpää, OP Financial Group, MoneyLIVE Banking Conference

Sameli Mäenpää

Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer, OP Financial Group

Salla Franzen, SEB Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference

Salla Franzén

Group Chief Data Scientist, SEB

Caroline Ambrose

Open Banking Implementation Director, Barclays

Payam Djavdan, ING | MoneyLIVE

Payam Djavdan

Global Head Operating Model and Way of Working, ING

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Day One
Tuesday, 30 June 2020 30 Jun

Day Two
Wednesday, 1 July 2020 1 Jul

Day Three
Thursday, 2 July 2020 2 Jul

Session 1

09.00 - 11.00: Open, agile, innovative: the future of digital banking

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Welcome address by MoneyLIVE and chair’s opening remarks

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Keynote address and live video Q&A

Evolving your innovation strategy in the face of disruption

Katharina Herrmann, ING | MoneyLIVE
Katharina Herrmann

Global Head of Platforms and Beyond Banking

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Global and branch-free: transforming the onboarding experience

To stay relevant in the digital age, banks must take the lead from tech companies and deploy strategic innovation with speed and care. Business models and strategy may change, but the basics remain the same – ensuring secure onboarding and identity verification for customers. Peter will share how with the latest biometric technology, banks are able to do this digitally and remotely to ensure a quick and efficient experience for customers across the globe.

Peter Martis, Innovatrics | MoneyLIVE
Peter Martis

Chief Sales Officer

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Keynote address and live video Q&A

Redefining banking in an open era: developing API strategies in the current climate

Carlos Lopez-Moctezuma, BBVA | MoneyLIVE
Carlos López-Moctezuma

Global Head New Business Models, Open Banking and Innovation

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Leaders’ forum and live video Q&A

The open API playground: navigating the path to success

  • Building on open foundations: what API innovations have been the most transformative?
  • Catalyst or inhibitor: how has Covid-19 affected the growth of the API economy
  • Partnerships with TPPs: building blocks for the new ecosystem?
  • Navigating the open data landscape: how can banks capitalise on non-financial data?
  • Unbundling services and plugging into a TPP API ecosystem: is there a benefit to specialising?
  • Planning your next steps: defining strategies that will enable success in the open ecosystem
  • The dawn of new business models: how can banks navigate their changing role in the market?
  • To what extent is owning the customer relationship the sole key to success in open banking?

Kevin Mountford, Co-Founder, Raisin UK
Kevin Mountford

Raisin UK

Matt Collinge, Curve | MoneyLIVE
Matt Collinge

Chief Technology Officer
Caroline Ambrose

Open Banking Implementation Director

Marion King, NatWest | MoneyLIVE
Marion King

Director of Payments

Karthik T.S., Torry Harris | MoneyLIVE
Karthik T.S.

Head of Centre of Excellence
Torry Harris Integration Solutions

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Break and speed networking - This session of speed networking will focus on finding technology solutions and partnerships for success in the API economy.

Session 2   |  2 × Streams

11.30 - 13.30: Apollo - Creating the ultimate digital experience | Odyssey - Building resilient and agile transformation strategies

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Apollo - Creating the ultimate digital experience 1
Odyssey - Building resilient and agile transformation strategies 2

Apollo - Creating the ultimate digital experience


Keeping authentication simple and secure

  • How can banks find the right balance between customer experience and regulatory compliance?
  • Finger, face, retina, voice: assessing the current state of play in the journey away from passwords
  • Behavioural biometrics: a more secure, frictionless solution for continued authentication?
  • Do digital identities have the potential to transform KYC for digital banking?
  • Are banks the most appropriate providers of a digital identity?
  • Thinking about the impact of Covid-19: have digital identity timescales moved forwards?

Tarika Dhingra, RBS - MoneyLIVE Events
Tarika Dhingra

Digital Security and Privacy Lead

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Using customer experience to generate bottom line impact

Join Medallia and Ireland’s leading bank, Allied Irish Bank, for a conversation on driving bottom line impact through customer experience. Paul Allen from AIB will share how they have taken a journey based approach to improving CX, focusing on one of their critical business segments, and the impact of this on their bottom line.

Paul Allen, AIB | MoneyLIVE
Paul Allen

Head of Customer Experience
Allied Irish Bank

Chris Colley, Medallia | Speaker, MoneyLive
Christopher Colley

Principal (EMEA), Customer Experience

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Hyper-relevance: creating a unique personalised experience

  • Why are hyper-relevance strategies crucial to success in a world of digital platforms and ecosystems?
  • Moving beyond traditional segmentation: let’s review the importance of the ‘audience of one’
  • Know your data to know your customer: how can banks make the most of their data?
  • How can banks implement real-time custom-er feedback to achieve better predictions?
  • Looking beyond transactional data: what new data sources could provide new insights for banks?
  • Avoiding the ‘uncanny valley’: what are the risks of predictive suggestions and how can banks leave room for individual choice?

Bertrand Kauffmann, Society General | MoneyLIVE
Bertrand Kaufmann

Global Head of Market Solutions
Société Générale

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Panel discussion followed by live video Q&A

Invisible, proactive, seamless: optimising the customer experience

  • Responding to changing customer behaviours: what is the ‘new normal’ for customer convenience?
  • Ensuring flexibility in CX: how can banks offer holistic services in times of crisis
  • Right offer, right time, right channel: how can data-driven insights benefit both the bank and customer?
  • In what ways can predictive analytics enhance customer experiences?
  • Creating a digital-only experience for SMEs: what more needs to be done?
  • How can banks champion digital inclusion to reach the newly-online customer in an open banking world?
  • Do human touchpoints still have a place in a digital journey?
  • Preparing to serve the customer of 2030: where to invest in 2020?

Richard Davies - Revolut, MoneyLIVE bank event
Richard Davies

Chief Executive Officer, Banking

Elina Mattila

Executive Director
Mobey Forum

Rona Ruthen, Monzo | MoneyLIVE
Rona Ruthen

VP of Customer Operations

Mike Blanchard, SAS | MoneyLIVE
Mike Blanchard

Senior Director and Head of Global Customer Intelligence Practise

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Lunch break with speed networking

This session of speed networking will focus on finding solutions in customer experience, customer analytics and self-service automation/chatbots.

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Odyssey - Building resilient and agile transformation strategies

The role of new ventures in agility: exploring the advantages of standalone technology driven projects

NatWest is using new ventures developed separately from the new brand to allow developers to circumvent the challenges of legacy systems and foster a start-up like working culture. Andrew will give an insight into the latest developments in ventures at NatWest, share how teams have transitioned to new ways of working in the recent period of isolation and reveal how they are helping the bank to respond to disruptive change.

Andrew Ellis, NatWest | MoneyLIVE
Andrew Ellis

Head of Digital Assets

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Beyond automation: conquering the last mile of transformation

Over the past 10 years banks have faced a global financial crisis, regulatory reforms, disruption from new competitors, and now a global pandemic. To weather the current storm and build greater resilience for the future, banks must create seamless connections between data, insight and people to speed up decision making and create frictionless interactions and transactions with customers. Tiffany will share how to conquer the last mile of digital transformation, how to overcome bottlenecks in business processes and give some examples of organisations that are leading the way

Tiffany Carpenter, SAS, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Tiffany Carpenter

Head of Customer Intelligence
SAS UK & Ireland

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Case study | ING

Thinking like Spotify: cultivating a culture open to change and innovation

By shifting from a traditional structure of functional departments, to an ‘agile’ operational model, ING has transformed its operational culture as one of the pioneers in this field. Inspired by companies such as Spotify, Google and Netflix, ING has implemented One Agile Way of Working in more than 40 countries around the world, working in nine-person ‘squads’. Responding to changing customer behaviour on digital distribution channels and rising customer expectations were key motivational factors behind these changes. Payam will share how these changes have boosted employee engagement, increased productivity and improved time to market.

Payam Djavdan, ING | MoneyLIVE
Payam Djavdan

Global Head Operating Model and Way of Working

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Panel discussion followed by live video Q&A

Building a bank fit for the next decade

  • Agility, efficiency, scalability: defining drivers for new digital transformation strategies
  • Where is the impact of legacy systems on customer service the most serious? Has the coronavirus crisis made this more apparent?
  • Working with legacy systems: how can banks marry old systems with new technologies to drive digital advancements?
  • Assessing the challenges and lessons learnt from the recent period of remote working
  • How can banks be more agile in the digital spaces they inhabit?
  • TPP partnerships: what does success look like in the new banking environment?
  • Flexibility, reusability, availability, scalability: how can microservice-based architecture fuel transformation?

Aleksi Grym

Head of Digitalisation
Bank of Finland

Radek Litynski - mBank
Radek Litynski

Head of Retail Risk Management

Martin Fleming, Lloyds Banking Group - MoneyLIVE bank event
Martin Fleming

Mortgage Transformation Director
Lloyds Banking Group

Travers Clarke-Walker, Though Machine | MoneyLIVE
Travers Clarke-Walker

Chief Commercial Officer
Thought Machine

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Lunch break with speed networking

This session of speed networking will focus on legacy system integration, digital transformation, and agility solutions.

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Session 3   |  2 × Streams

14.00 - 15.30: Apollo - Preparing for a new digital channel revolution | Odyssey - Cloud, AI, automation and beyond: revolutionising compliance

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Apollo - Preparing for a new digital channel revolution 1
Odyssey - Cloud, AI, automation and beyond: revolutionising compliance 2

Apollo - Preparing for a new digital channel revolution

Taking chatbots to the next level: serving digital natives

  • Automating financial advice: maintaining operational excellence during times of crisis
  • Following in digital footsteps: what are the advantages of meeting customers on messaging platforms?
  • Balance checking, investing, payments: what services suit different channels?
  • Tailoring the tone: how can chatbots bring personal touches to conversations?
  • How can banks use chatbot data to enrich other services?
  • How to ensure best possible experience for the ‘newly online customer’?

Victore Trokoudes picture
Victor Trokoudes

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Cross-channel collaboration: optimising functions for the new normal

With evolving market dynamics, changing consumer behaviors and the normalization of the on-demand economy, it is essential for banks to simplify processes and break through silos. Covid-19 has accelerated this speed of change and it is now all the more important to provide the customer with a single face, with fast service and personalised offers. Darpan will share how to quickly delight customers on different distribution channels and open up lines of communication, all while keeping within budget.

Darpan Saini, Cloud Lending | MoneyLIVE
Darpan Saini

Senior Vice President
Q2 Cloud Lending

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Panel discussion followed by live video Q&A

Refining your channel strategy

  • What does an omnichannel presence look like in today’s digitalised world?
  • Coping with a rapid uptake in digital channel usage: lessons learnt from the coronavirus crisis
  • How can banks increase automation while at the same time improving the customer journey?
  • Chatbots: the key to seamless, cross-channel customer service?
  • How can banks deploy voice technology to complement other CX channels?
  • A land of opportunity: how can banks use new channels to develop a distinctive brand identity while keeping costs down?
  • Avoiding fragmentation: how can banks best integrate information from multiple channels?
  • How can banks handle the hand-off between the human and the digital?

John Paul McKenna, NatWest - MoneyLIVE banking conference
JP McKenna

Innovation Lead - Personal Banking
NatWest Group

Nikunj Lukka, Tandem Bank | MoneyLIVE
Nikunj Lukka

Head of Operations
Octopus Wealth

Darpan Saini, Cloud Lending | MoneyLIVE
Darpan Saini

Senior Vice President
Q2 Cloud Lending

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Odyssey - Cloud, AI, automation and beyond: revolutionising compliance

A perspective on the Future of RegTech

RegTech has enormous potential to improve compliance and regulatory reporting, from optimising cost efficiency to ensuring compliance in the context of remote working, Mukund will discuss how RegTech solutions can be implemented for maximum benefit and how reporting may evolve in years to come.

Mukund Umalkar, ING | MoneyLIVE
Mukund Umalkar

Head of RegTech Partnerships

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Transforming compliance with intelligent automation

Intelligent automation technologies are creating new opportunities for banks to streamline and enhance processes across the organization. This is especially true in the Compliance function which is under significant pressure to reduce expenses while ensuring 100% compliance with all regulatory and audit requirements. Automation Anywhere will discuss the latest trends in intelligent automation and share specific examples how RPA and other technologies are automating KYC and AML compliance in the Financial Services industry.

Ken Mertzel, Automation Anywhere | MoneyLIVE
Ken Mertzel

Senior Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing
Automation Anywhere

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Panel discussion followed by live video Q&A

RegTech: a core part of any digital transformation strategy

  • From remote working to growing cybersecurity risks: how has the coronavirus crisis affected RegTech priorities
  • Is the recent period of disruption likely to usher in new regulation, and how might RegTech be of use here?
  • Coping with the costs of compliance: where to invest to maximise ROI
  • AI, data, blockchain, cloud: how to unlock the value of each tech solution?
  • Building internal solutions or exploring TPP RegTech opportunities: navigating the possibilities
  • Looking inside the business: what are the benefits of using chatbots to streamline regulatory compliance?

Speaker Placeholder
David Bruce

Head of Compliance

Mukund Umalkar, ING | MoneyLIVE
Mukund Umalkar

Head of RegTech Partnerships

Astrid Freier, Vidici Ventures | MoneyLIVE
Astrid Freier

Partner DACH
Vidici Ventures

Kevin Trilli, Onfido | MoneyLIVE
Kevin Trilli

Chief Product Officer

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Networking break

Session 4

16.00 - 17.25: Platformification - venturing into new territory

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Building agile banks for an unpredictable world

Banks were built to project stability, safety and to minimise risk. Recent events have put pressure on banks to respond quickly to market changes and launch new products in weeks or even days. Elliot will explore different approaches to transformation and product launch from neobanks, lenders and incumbent banks, while stressing how agility should be central to any banking approach or platform model going forwards

James Barker, Mambu | MoneyLIVE
James Barker

Commercial Director EMEA

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Panel discussion followed by live Q&A

Marketplace, lifestyle, B-a-a-S: building a platform for success

  • A way forward for incumbents and challenger banks: is every platform model suitable for all?
  • How has the coronavirus crisis reshaped immediate priorities in this journey for different players?
  • Reaping the rewards of a personalised platform: learning from Big Tech and super-apps
  • A platform forged from partnerships: what ecosystem of connections will we see moving forward?
  • Bundling the financial with the non-financial: what opportunities does diversification present?
  • How far have challenger banks blazed the trail for the lifestyle banking platform model?
  • Becoming a category king: is there opportunity for success in delivering a niche offering through several channels?
  • The B-a-a-S movement: a viable route to success?
  • What other commercial opportunities lie ahead?

Anna Mitchell, Starling Bank | MoneyLIVE
Anna Mitchell

Head of Marketplace
Starling Bank

Russell Pert Facebook Photo
Russell Pert

Director, Head of Financial Services

Pauline van Brakel, Yolt | MoneyLIVE
Pauline van Brakel

Chief Product Officer

Germain Bahri - Fidor
Germain Bahri

Digital Banking Consultant

James Barker, Mambu | MoneyLIVE
James Barker

Commercial Director EMEA

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Chair’s closing remarks

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Session 5

10.00 - 12.30: Digging deeper into data analytics: the path to profit

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Chair’s opening remarks

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Keynote address followed by live Q&A

The value of data analytics in a new banking order

Sameli Mäenpää, OP Financial Group, MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Sameli Mäenpää

Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer
OP Financial Group

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Exploring the opportunities for open banking and the new data ecosystem

Third party integrations via APIs have brought about new services and channels for banks’ customers. By leveraging PSD2 APIs and premium APIs, banks are able to offer specialised services to different customer segments and put customers more in control of their data. Fourkind will highlight some examples for corporate customers, while exploring what this free movement of data will look like and what role banks might play as platforms emerge.

Pauli Kärpänoja, Fourkind | MoneyLIVEr
Pauli Kärpänoja

Engineering Partner

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Navigating the open data economy in an increasingly digital world

  • How open is open? Defining the boundaries of an open data economy
  • Data privacy concerns: has the Covid-19 crisis affected the consumer fears of ‘big brother’?
  • Getting the customer data-trade right: more important than ever?
  • In what ways can non-financial data transform personalisation?
  • Leveraging non-financial data from TPPs: how can banks get the most out of partnerships?
  • The legacy systems challenge: to what extent can data analytics be optimised without a major legacy overhaul?
  • Envisioning the future of the open data economy: where will things move from here?

Salla Franzen, SEB Group - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Salla Franzén

Group Chief Data Scientist

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Case study

Data Visualisation: Setting up for success

Setting up the last stage of the data value chain in delivering insight, using analytics tools to enable business value isn’t always easy. Andy will share his experience and lessons learnt from Nationwide Building Society over the past 18 months, on how they’ve re-energised their BI & data visualisation team in the way they work and the technology they use, that’s enabling thousands of employees to gain access to data & insight for decision making and driving business efficiencies, using data visualisation.

Andrew Henderson, Nationwide | MoneyLIVE
Andrew Henderson

Senior Business Intelligence Manager
Nationwide Building Society

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Panel discussion followed by live Q&A

Descriptive, predictive, prescriptive: supercharging your analytics approach

  • Understanding the different types of analytics: what insights can be drawn from each form and where are they best applied?
  • Ensuring excellent insights during remote working: key takeaways from the coronavirus crisis
  • What questions should banks be asking to get the most informative answers?
  • How can banks implement strategic data management to avoid ‘dark data’?
  • Variety, velocity, volume: how can banks get the most value from big data by managing the three ‘v’s
  • Cross-selling and up-selling: in what ways can banks leverage predictive analytics to create a hyper-personalised sales strategy?

Ash Booth, HSBC - MoneyLIVE Events
Ash Booth

Head of Artificial Intelligence
HSBC Global Markets

Angel Serrano, Santander - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Angel Serrano

Head of Data Science & Analytics

Susan Emerson, Salesforce | MonryLIVE
Susan Emerson

Area Vice President, Analytics

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Lunch break with speed networking - This session of speed networking will focus on analytics and data management solutions

Session 6   |  2 × Streams

13.00 - 15.00: Apollo - Accelerating towards open finance | Odyssey - What's next for mobile payments?

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Apollo - Accelerating towards open finance 1
Odyssey - What’s next for mobile payments? 2

Apollo - Accelerating towards open finance

A spotlight on lending | OakNorth Bank

Adapting to thrive, rather than just survive

  • Leveraging open banking data and more: how can lenders effectively assess credit risk during and after the Covid-19 crisis
  • How has OakNorth’s dual-pronged business model as both bank and platform helped to turn this threat into an opportunity?
  • SME lending on both sides of the pond: how are lenders managing?
  • PPP, BBL, CBILS, … with so many government funding schemes to support businesses: how do we make sense of them all?
  • The current crisis: the ideal opportunity for FinTech to prove itself or the end of those that were unable to shift the unit economics?

Sean Hunter, OakNorth | MoneyLIVE
Sean Hunter

Chief Information Officer
OakNorth Bank

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Open, automated, flexible: lending in the changing ecosystem

Faced with a massive influx of loan applications, lenders must respond with fast, efficient processes while adjusting to a newly remote workforce. By leveraging automation, lenders are able to deploy faster, more accurate processing, whilst processing data for insights and to help with fraud detection and compliance. Laura will share how these digitalisation strategies can prepare lenders for success in the open, connected and integrated ecosystem of the future.

Laura Paul, Appian - MoneyLIVE
Laura Paul

Global Financial Services Industry Lead

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Back in the studio

Your moderator Lindley Gooden will be joined in the studio by Kevin Mountford, Co-Founder, Raisin. Lindley and Kevin will discuss the key takeways from the presentations we’ve heard so far, and Kevin will share his thoughts on the future of savings and investments in the open finance ecosystem.

lindley gooden photo
Lindley Gooden

Journalist & Filmmaker,

Kevin Mountford, Co-Founder, Raisin UK
Kevin Mountford

Raisin UK

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Panel discussion followed by live Q&A

Towards open finance: exploring the evolution of banking marketplaces

  • With open finance comes open possibilities: how integral will insurance, accounting, investments and more become to banks’ core offer?
  • Are partnerships more important than ever as banks seek to forge a portfolio of exemplary end-to-end services?
  • How can banks deliver compelling value in this new financial ecosystem
  • Will banks’ role as a custodians of sensitive, personal data support their evolution into open finance marketplaces?
  • Meeting the increased need to manage outgoings: will autoswitching services become central to the marketplace proposition?
  • A package deal: how can banks seamlessly integrate ancillary services with their core offerings?
  • Simple, seamless, interconnected: envisioning the future of connected services

Robert Mooney, AIB Group | MoneyLIVE
Robert Mooney

Head of Mortgage Transformation

George Militiadous - HSBC
George Miltiadous

Head of Open Banking Delivery

Arka Sircar, RBS | MoneyLIVE
Arka Sircar

Director of Strategy

Neema Mundra, Salesforce | MoneyLIVE
Neeta Mundra

Banking and Financial Services Evangelist

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Odyssey - What’s next for mobile payments?

A spotlight on mobile: where are we now?

  • The evolution of mobile banking: what do today’s customers want?
  • New opportunities for mobile: exploring the impact of Covid-19
  • From PSD2 to digital wallets: how have innovations in banking and payments transformed the mobile experience?
  • How might developments in digital wallets affect the future of mobile banking apps?
  • Thinking about data: how can providers capitalize on the new opportunities that mobile

Lee McNabb, Natwest - MoneyLIVE bank event
Lee McNabb

Head of Payment Strategy and Research

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Online payments in a post-Covid-19 world

How have consumer attitudes towards fraud change? What factors are driving these changes?  Pieter will explore how these changes are adding new operational risk to e-commerce merchants and share his thoughts on the long-term impact this will have on the online payments industry.

Pieter Van Tienen, Emailage, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Pieter Van Tienen

Business Development Director EMEA

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Case study | Swish

Transforming the payments ecosystem: a Swedish success story

Since 2012, Swish has been on a mission to simplify the payments experience. By enabling instant payments between users, ecommerce payments and  in-store payments, Swish has been adopted by 92% of the Swedish population. Joseph will share Swish’s success story, the impact it’s  had on the payments landscape and what trends will be driving change in the future.

Joseph Haji, Swish | MoneyLIVE
Joseph Hajj

Chief Strategy Officer

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Panel discussion followed by live Q&A

The future of digital wallets

  • A digital wallet renaissance? Examining the current state of play in light of Covid-19
  • How can players build on the rapid uptake in mobile payment volumes?
  • Fraud focus: the importance of aligning customer expectations with evolving security needs
  • Paying with points: how can loyalty schemes and diverse payment options be integrated into a digital wallet?
  • The role of digital wallets in remittances: surfing the opportunity
  • How far are multicurrency needs shaping the evolution of digital wallets?
  • What role will blockchain play in the future of digital wallets?
  • Superapp wallets: how likely are we to see them develop in the West?

Lee McNabb, Natwest - MoneyLIVE bank event
Lee McNabb

Head of Payment Strategy and Research

John Maynard, | MoneyLIVE
John Maynard

Service Development Manager

Nick Kerigan, Barclaycard - MoneyLIVE Events
Nick Kerigan

Future Payments Expert and Innovation Leader

Jonathan Doering, Simility | MoneyLIVE
Jonathan Doering

Senior Data Scientist
Simility, A PayPal Service

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Networking break

Session 7

15.30 - 17.30: Anticipating a crypto-disrupted world

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Blockchain: back in action?

  • Examining the current state of play: where are we at on the hype curve and has Covid-19 accelerated this change?
  • Reviewing applications in cross-border payments
  • Smart contracts: an oncoming revolution for trade finance?
  • Can blockchain provide a more decentralised solution for a digital identity?

Roger Olivet, Banco Sabadell | MoneyLIVE
Roger Olivet

Blockchain Director
Banco Sabadell

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Panel discussion followed by live Q&A

From coins to crypto: the future of digital currencies

  • Where it all began: is there still room for bitcoin in the cryptocurrency conversations of today?
  • Facebook’s Libra: what can we learn from how this project has evolved?
  • A ‘Digital Yen’ and a ‘Digital Euro’: a more ‘stable’ solution to the crypto puzzle?
  • Coping with volatile markets and increased trading volumes: exploring the impact of the coronavirus crisis on crypto markets
  • The journey to a cashless society: how big of a role with digital currencies play?
  • Building a digital vault: what storage solution problems may banks face?
  • What developments in digital identity standards will arise as a result of the introduction of digital currencies?
  • How might regulators react to the introduction of digital currencies?
  • Cooperation and coordination: what actions can banks take now to prepare for a digital currency future?

Siegfried Utzig, BDB | MoneyLIVE
Dr. Siegfried Utzig

Director, Economics
Association of German Banks

Dotun Rominiyi, London Stock Exchange | MoneyLIVE
Dotun Rominiyi

Blockchain Strategy – Emerging Technology
London Stock Exchange

Janis Legler, Mode | MoneyLIVE
Janis Legler

Chief Product Officer

Ben Dyson, Bank of England | MoneyLIVE
Ben Dyson

Manager | Digital Currencies Team
Bank of England

Chris Aruliah, Bitstamp | MoneyLIVE
Chris Aruliah

Head of Banking Relations

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Closing keynote address followed by live Q&A

Building a ‘stable’ future for digital currencies in todays evolving market

Ziglu is a new crypto fintech that enables customers to hold balances in fiat money and cryptocurrencies and exchange funds between them, instantly. Mark will discuss how Ziglu is looking to solve some problems facing the market right now, as the ecosystem evolves and players diversify their offerings to meet rising customer expecations.

mark Hipperson, Ziglu | MoneyLIVE
Mark Hipperson

Chief Executive Officer

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Chair’s closing remarks

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Session 8

10.00 - 12.30: FinTech Pitches!

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Chair’s opening remarks

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Pitch 1 | Safello
Styling themselves as the ‘fastest way to buy bitcoin’, Safello offers fairer trading, security and ease for new customers and crypto-enthusasts alike.

Frank Schuil, Safello | MoneyLIVE
Frank Schuil

Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch 2 | Digital Fingerprints offer privacy friendly behavioural biometrics that seamlessly distinguishes users whilst providing continuous authentication.

Krzysztof Raczynski, Digital fingerprints | MoneyLIVE
Krzysztof Raczyński

Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Digital Fingerprints

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Pitch 3 | Eversend
As a multi-currency e-wallet, Eversend are enabling the unbanked to exchange, spend and send money, in addition to accessing insurance services, virtual debit cards and bill payments.

Stone Atwin, Eversend | MoneyLIVE
Stone Atwine

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch 4 | Trality
Whether you’re a python guru or a casual trader, Trality’s platform officers crypto trading and investing via automated bots.

Moritz Putzhammer, Trality | MoneyLIVE
Moritz Putzhammer

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch 5 | Vouchr
Vouchr offers an exciting consumer experience platform for digital money, by transforming P2P, remittance, gift card and rewards payments into an interactive, media-rich and delightful message.

Aaron Whitehead, Vouchr | MoneyLIVE
Aaron Whitehead

Managing Director, Europe

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‘Half time’ conversations

Juliette Foster and Andréa Toucinho will discuss the pitches we’ve seen so far and read out some questions and comments from the audience.

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Pitch 6 | MoneyMatiX
MoneyMatix utilises innovative technology to help consumers take control of their financial health, and help educate families through an intuitive platform.

Tynah Matembe, MoneyMatiX | MoneyLIVE
Tynah Matembe

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Pitch 7 | Finclude
Finclude are enabling fairer access to credit by creating a multidimensional financial well being score based on customer data.

Ionna Stanegloudi, Finclude | MoneyLIVE
Ioanna Stanegloudi

Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer

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Pitch 8 | Saffe Payments
With their world-class factial recognition technology, Saffe Payments are making exciting advances in transactions and authenctiations.

André Coelho, Saffe Payments | MoneyLIVE
André Coelho

Chief Executive Officer
Saffe Payments

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Session 9

13.00 - 14.30: FinTech Symposium

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The power of FinTech: supporting independent workers during uncertain times

Shifting working patterns in recent years have brought about a rise in independent workers not receiving employment benefits associated with being on a corporate payroll. The dangers of being without holiday pay, sickness pay, insurance, a pension, ect have been thrown into sharp relief by the recent coronavirus crisis. Garrett will explore how private companies can offer a solution by building platforms forged from partnerships with third party providers and using data-driven insights to offer users a specific suite of services.

Cassidy Garrett Trezeo
Garrett Cassidy

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Futureproofing your scale-up strategy in a post-Covid-19 world

With special focus on the B2B markets, Pablo will share his insights into evolving trends in today’s FinTech landscape and how start-ups can navigate this new terrain for maximum potential moving forward.

Pablo Penas Franco, Scale Up Partner | MoneyLIVE
Pablo Penas Franco

Chief Executive Officer
Scale Up Partner

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Panel discussion followed by live Q&A

Scaling for success: refining your growth strategy in the disrupted ecosystem

  • Trends in FinTech: what are we seeing more of right now and where do untapped opportunities lie?
  • From funding to remote working: how has Covid-19 impacted growth?
  • Has the pandemic changed the qualities that VCs and private equity look for when making invest-ments?
  • Acquisition by incumbents: to what extent does the current economic situation make this more likely?
  • Flexibility, USPs, innovation: how can FinTechs stay competitive in a crowded market?
  • How has the coronavirus crisis affected the volume and nature of FinTech-Bank partnerships?
  • Retaining an innovative culture when working closely with incumbent banks: how can success be secured in the face of size and complexity?
  • Are Big Techs viable partners for FinTechs? How can these doors be opened?

Neil Campbell, Moneybox | MoneyLIVE
Neil Campbell

Vice President, Growth

Firoz Noordeen, NatWest Rapid Cash - MoneyLIVE bank event
Firoz Noordeen

Head of Product, NatWest Rapid Cash

Vinoth Jayakumar, Draper Esprit | MoneyLIVE
Vinoth Jayakumar

Draper Esprit

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“A must-attend event in the banking industry's calendar - packed to the rafters with senior-level speakers and exclusive insights!”

Managing Director – Personal Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

“Once again a very spot on event with valuable insights from many professionals in digital banking. Great networking and relationship building”

Chief Platform Officer, Nordea

“The various discussion points were very topical and as always there was a great mix of knowledgeable speakers and plenty of time to network and build new relationships."

Chief Executive Officer, Raisin UK

“A great selection of speakers and panellists sharing some powerful insights into how their organisations are embracing the opportunities presented from digital transformation of the banking and finance industry."

International Director, The London Institute of Banking & Finance

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