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July 2020


MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking APAC gets straight to the heart of the challenges facing financial services providers today.

If you want to build your network and connect with senior executives from the most innovative banks, the most cutting-edge FinTechs and the Tech Titans across the Asia Pacific region, MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking APAC is the place for you.

Meet the most dynamic players putting the digital in banking and find the answers to the most pressing questions facing the industry, with exclusive presentations on AI, CX, open banking and more. Make sure your organisation is a leader of the pack on the digitisation journey.

Why attend?

Meet the APAC banking A-listers

With the best and brightest C-level speakers from the region’s biggest banks, MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking APAC is the only event you’ll need to attend this year. You can’t miss out on the opportunity to meet representatives from banks across the whole south-east Asia region and beyond!


Unlock the potential of APIs, AI and more

Take away actionable insights into how advancements into open banking is curbing the competition for leading, innovative banks. Not only is this, from compliance and operations across to front-end CX, AI is here to stay. Make sure you’re up to date on how Artificial intelligence is permanently changing the modern banking landscape.  

Hear exclusive insights from our most knowledgeable speakers

From Tencent and GrabPay, to Mizuho Bank and DBS we’ve got everything covered by the major players in the industry. Have unrivaled access to some of the region’s most exciting and innovative speakers!

Return to the office inspired by ground-breaking ideas

From innovation lab leaders to FinTech founders, you won’t be caught short for new ideas and inspiration to improve your own processes. Join us and meet 250+ leaders and revolution the digital banking landscape!

“Expertly generated content. Fantastic gathering for an industry trying to crack the same problems that are centered on an agile, omni-channel consumer”

MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking APAC cut to the core opportunities and issues in Asia, and had the right mix of established players and disruptors to make for an engaging and honest exchange”

MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking APAC delivered great content and an interesting range of speakers.  A great event for anyone looking learn more about the trends shaping future of our industry”

“I enjoy attending MoneyLIVE conferences. They give me the opportunity to network with my peers across the region and gain insight from a great panel of speakers”

2019 Speakers

Vera Eve Lim

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer, Bank of Central Asia

Tyler Aveni - WeBank

Tyler Aveni

Head of International Partnerships, WeBank

Gary Wong - Grab

Gary Wong

Head of GrabPay Singapore, Grab

Peter Dingle - HSBC

Peter Dingle

Head of Business Model Innovation, Retail and Wealth Management, Asia, HSBC

Tran Minh Photo

Tran Nhat Minh

Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Vietnam International Bank

Shameek Kundu - Standard Chartered

Shameek Kundu

Chief Data Officer, Standard Chartered

Venkatesh Subbaraman Photo

Venkatesh Subbaraman

Regional Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Banking Group Limited

Sebastian Wedeniwski - Standard Chartered

Sebastian Wedeniwski

Chief Information Officer – Tech Strategy and aXess, Standard Chartered Bank

More Speakers

2019 Agenda

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Day 1 Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Day 2 Wednesday, 3 July 2019


Welcome address, MoneyLIVE


Chair’s opening remarks - Subir Chandra, Head of Digital, Risk Management Group, DBS

Session 1

A new dawn in financial services — the ecosystems model meets banking

Keynote address

Standing on the shoulders of giants: learning from the Chinese model

  • Defining the ‘ecosystems model’: what is this and why is it significant?
  • Why have the Tech Titans been successful in the Chinese financial services market?
  • Is replicating an ‘ecosystem’ the right route for traditional banks?
  • How might the Tech Titans’ expansion into wider Asia unfold over the next 10 years?

Tyler Aveni - WeBank
Tyler Aveni

Head of International Partnerships , WeBank

Keynote address

Going global with a lifestyle platform: becoming the customer’s financial ecosystem

  • Driving full speed ahead: leveraging the ride hailing platform model onto the payments market
  • Capitalizing on existing financial behaviors: offering a seamless experience from taxis to tapas
  • Refining the business model: scaling up, partnering and implementing profitability
  • Giving financial inclusion teeth: working towards a more consolidated international market

Gary Wong - Grab
Gary Wong

Head of GrabPay Singapore , Grab


The Evolution of Banking: why banks need to behave like FinTechs

  • Realising the future threat banks face from new competition and evolving customers
  • How are customer expectations being influenced by big tech experiences?
  • Delivering change through APIs in the modern digital world
  • How are banks operating like a FinTech and launching digital spin-offs?

Myles Bertrand - Mambu
Myles Bertrand

Managing Director - APAC , Mambu

Keynote address

Envisioning the banking landscape of tomorrow

  • The rise of the Tech Titans: how should banks respond?
  • How can banks build collaborative relationships with disruptive new players?
  • Retaining the customer relationship: avoiding becoming a back-end utility player

Vera Eve Lim

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer , Bank of Central Asia

Leaders’ forum

A new business model for the future of finance?

  • How must banks’ business models change to better compete with Big Tech?
  • Moving from a digital bank to a ‘lifestyle platform’: taking the next steps
  • Remaining relevant to the customer: what will really make a difference?
  • Avoiding utility status: what will really differentiate banking services?
  • Assessing the appetite for collaboration with FinTech and Big Tech: what can each side offer?
  • Talking with the telcos and shopping with retailers: the scope for out-of-industry partnerships

Tyler Aveni - WeBank
Tyler Aveni

Head of International Partnerships , WeBank

Vera Eve Lim

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer , Bank of Central Asia

Tran Minh Photo
Tran Nhat Minh

Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer , Vietnam International Bank

Jakub Zakrzewski Photo
Jakub Zakrzewski

General Manager, APAC , Revolut

Myles Bertrand - Mambu
Myles Bertrand

Managing Director - APAC , Mambu

Session 2

Leveraging AI to create the ultimate customer experience


Operational Efficiency: Making the Back Office Agile

  • Improving the customer journey: creating a bank’s data to become more adaptable
  • What role does automation have in decreasing cost and driving efficiency?
  • To what extent will APIs help improve both the front and back office processes?

Benjamin Henshall

Director Sales, Financial Services, Asia Pacific , Red Hat

Panel discussion

Delivering a frictionless and hyper-personalised customer experience

  • How are onboarding processes set to transform with the onset of e-KYC and RegTech?
  • New data sources: more powerful analytics, more actionable insights
  • The opportunity of hyper-personalisation: what new services will be enabled?
  • Setting the right tone: humanising a chatbot to enhance the customer experience
  • Finding the ideal balance between automation and human service
  • Hyper-realistic facetime-style robots: is it the right time to invest?
  • Understanding what the customer needs: the power of machine learning

Speaker Placeholder
Stuart Smith

Executive Director – Head of Regional Engagement platforms & User Experience Design , UOB Digital Retail Bank

Rakesh Bhatia - Moolah Technologies
Rakesh Bhatia

Chairman and Co-Founder , Moo-lah Technologies

Benjamin Henshall

Director Sales, Financial Services, Asia Pacific , Red Hat

Session 3

Next steps in digital transformation


So, you’ve collected your data, what’s next?

  • Building your data lake: the tips and tricks
  • Data for the masses: making your data accessible
  • Data for the experts: creating a workbench for your data scientists
  • Getting return on your data investments: the demand side challenge

Shameek Kundu - Standard Chartered
Shameek Kundu

Chief Data Officer , Standard Chartered


How smartphone can prevent you from frauds: mobile devices as security tools

  • How to keep online transactional systems secure and user-friendly
  • Good and bad examples of security design
  • Popular online banking attack types, how to counter-measure them
  • AI/ML in the service of fraud detection

Adrian Korczyński - Comarch
Adrian Korczyński

Cyber Security Business Unit Director , Comarch


Delivering a robust data analytics strategy

  • Optimising analytical capabilities: what more must banks do?
  • Building a useful analytical model with the data you’ve collected
  • The journey from data analytics to AI: how can banks make the jump?

Chen Hua Xing - UOB
Hua Xing Chen

Head of Data & Analytics , United Overseas Bank


Leveraging automation across the banking process

  • Assessing the scope for automation: to what extent can all areas of banking be automated?
  • Achieving end-to-end automation across organisational silos
  • RPA in the cloud: overcoming security concerns

Guru Anand - Mizuho Bank
Guru Subramanian Anand

Senior Vice President , Mizuho Bank

Session 4

The future of open banking in Asia


The transformational role of APIs and the ecosystem model

  • The benefits of moving to an ecosystem model in banking: why are banks pursuing this?
  • Progress to date: what has been achieved and how have customers responded?
  • Optimising FinTech partnerships: developing an overarching strategy

Sebastian Wedeniwski - Standard Chartered
Sebastian Wedeniwski

Chief Information Officer – Tech Strategy and aXess , Standard Chartered Bank

Panel discussion

Opening up APIs: banking on innovation

  • Cross-industry collaboration: working towards the standardization of open API models
  • Is partnering with TTPs just the beginning of a paradigm shift to an ecosystems model?
  • Open banking: are regulators likely to replicate models seen in Europe?
  • What lessons can be learnt from Europe’s and Australia’s approach to open banking?
  • Open APIs and customer experience: enhancing customer choice and convenience
  • Collaborating with FinTechs while keeping customer relationships: striking the balance
  • Understanding the security risks in open APIs: how can they best be overcome?

Sebastian Wedeniwski - Standard Chartered
Sebastian Wedeniwski

Chief Information Officer – Tech Strategy and aXess , Standard Chartered Bank

Altona Widjaja - OCBC Bank
Altona Widjaja

Head of New Digital Ventures , Bank OCBC NISP

Venkatesh Subbaraman Photo
Venkatesh Subbaraman

Regional Chief Operating Officer , ANZ Banking Group Limited

Session 5

The future of banking

Closing keynote

Libra, platforms, data and the future of financial inclusion in Asia Pacific

  • What more can be done to bring to bring further economic empowerment to millions around the world?
  • Will borderless and stateless cryptocurrency such as Facebook’s Libra define a new normal or is this a smart marketing ploy?
  • How is technology shaping the future of financial inclusion in Asia?

Zennon Kapron - MoneyLIVE
Zennon Kapron

Founder & Director , Kapronasia


Chair’s closing remarks and drinks reception

FinTech Pitches


We are bringing you some of the world most innovative FinTechs to pitch their businesses to you. Network with your peers over drinks and canapés and sit back and listen to the ground-breaking start-ups from across the world. A series of hand-picked FinTechs will each have 10 minutes to speak, with questions to be taken following the presentations.

Lightning Pitch | Investsuite

Chris Eichhorn, Investsuite - MoneyLIVE banking conference
Chris Eichhorn

Head of Business Development , Investsuite

Lightning Pitch | Credit Culture

Jonny Paul Ang - Credit Culture - MoneyLIVE Speaker
Johnny Paul Ang

Chief Commercial Officer , Credit Culture

Lightning Pitch | Pulse ID

Alex Topaloski - Pulse ID
Alex Topaloski

Chief Executive Officer , Pulse ID

Lightning Pitch | DeeMoney

Naushad Hussain

CEO , DeeMoney


Chair’s opening remarks - Jacqueline Thng, Partner, Prophet

Session 6

Solving the legacy conundrum


Leaving a legacy behind: cultural upheaval as a force for growth

  • Transformation 101: breaking down silos and integrating systems
  • Tackling the legacy systems challenge: gradual upgrading or rebuilding from scratch?
  • Creating tribe structures and coordinating teams around the development of specific products
  • Taking enough risk: overcoming the barrier of a risk-averse culture

Kaspar Situmorang - Bank Rakyat
Kaspar Situmorang

Executive Vice President , Bank Rakyat Indonesia


Artificial intelligent technologies for process automation

  • On boarding new customers for (mortgage) loan processes
  • Establishing new business models and service offerings by banks for business customers
  • Offering mobile capture technologies in private banking processes
  • Designing anti-fraud, bribery or money laundering detection

Peter Ortmanns - IRIS | MoneyLIVE Speaker
Peter Ortmanns

Sales Director Asia Pacific , I.R.I.S. – A Canon Company

Fireside chat

Addressing legacy head on vs. creating a parallel virtual bank: the pros and cons

  • Ding ding, round one: should banks establish a virtual bank or continue to sustain digital ones?
  • What’s in a brand? Trust in the old versus the allure of the new
  • Is a virtual bank likely to be intrinsically more attractive to a younger demographic?
  • Are legacy systems a fundamental problem or are there new, better workarounds to be found?
  • To what extent does being a virtual bank make it easier to use deep learning and AI?
  • Ensuring ROI: do the benefits of a virtual bank justify the level of investment required?
  • The Hong Kong virtual banking license: how might this concept be extended to wider APAC?

CK Chan - University of HK
CK Chan

Professor of Practice in FinTech , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Former CIO , HSBC Retail Banking Wealth Management, Asia Pacific

Peter Dingle - HSBC
Peter Dingle

Head of Business Model Innovation, Retail and Wealth Management, Asia , HSBC

Session 7

Reaching new markets

Case study | Kudo

The power of partnerships in delivering an ecosystems model

Agung Nugroho - Kudo
Agung Nugroho

Chief Executive Officer , Kudo


Stopping banking fraud with global shared intelligence

  • How banking and brokerage organisations enable customers to transact safely
  • Leveraging ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®’s integrated device, location, behavioural and threat analytics delivering frictionless, dynamic authentication
  • How ThreatMetrix solutions’ are continuously enhanced to help financial institutions comply with the changing regulatory environment

Laksh Gangwang - LexisNexis - MoneyLIVE Speaker
Laksh Gangwani

Associate Director , LexisNexis Risk Solutions


Extending your reach through social communities

  • Why are banks struggling to create an online community?
  • Interacting with customers through social media: is this the best route for banks?
  • Effectively managing a social media presence: retaining relevance amongst customers
  • Regaining customer trust: providing a strategy to increase the number of users

Umang Moondra, MoneyLIVE Banking Conference
Umang Moondra

Managing Director , Fidor

Session 8

The new payments market — a plethora of consumer choice

Case study | Revolut

Product first, strategy later: how to make it big as a fintech in APAC and beyond

Revolut announced in early 2018 their plans to expand into the Asian market, bringing with them their centerpiece product, the FX real-time currency converter contactless card. But before they jumped straight in, the European based challenger bank took the time to research and adapt their product, considering the needs and demands of the customer before anything else. Jakub Zakrzewski will tell their story of how they plan to make it as a FinTech in the hugely exciting and ever competitive Asian financial sector.

Jakub Zakrzewski Photo
Jakub Zakrzewski

General Manager, APAC , Revolut


Next generation payment processing platforms: Open, Responsive and Agile

Phil Scanlon - Solace
Phil Scanlon

VP, Sales Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan , Solace

Panel discussion

Anticipating the next phase of disruption in payments

  • Generating loyalty through payments: integrating value-added services into e-payments
  • What are the real barriers to customer adoption: poor service or personal preference?
  • Relying on more than brand loyalty to bolster e-wallet adoption how to stand out from the crowd
  • Upwardly mobile: plotting a course for the future of mobile-dominated payments
  • Partnering with merchants: encouraging e-payments and boosting customer retention
  • How might the entry of FinTechs and Big Tech impact competition and margins?

Arvinder Grewal - Wave Money
Arvinder Grewal

Chief Marketing Officer , Wave Money

Vincent Lau - HSBC
Vincent Lau

Head of International Payments - Asia Pacific, Global Liquidity and Cash Management , HSBC

Paul Nash - Solace
Paul Nash

Global Business Director , Solace

Session 9

Finding the ideal future partnership

Keynote address

Open Innovation: achieving distribution, customer acquisition and new propositions

  • What can global businesses learn from start-ups?
  • What is a partnership and what are the key qualities companies look for?
  • From start-up to global player: what are the key things to consider when partnering?
  • Integrating new capabilities: how can partnerships deliver value to shareholders?
  • How can culture ensure the success of your business, large or small?

Peter Dingle - HSBC
Peter Dingle

Head of Business Model Innovation, Retail and Wealth Management, Asia , HSBC


Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference

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