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Becoming truly data-driven: adopting a supercharged analytics strategy

Thursday 9 July 2020

Online at 3pm BST


MoneyLIVE and Salesforce cordially invite you to join the executive banking virtual roundtable Becoming truly data-driven: adopting a supercharged analytics strategy.

With the potential to transform operational processes, maximise business efficiency and create seamless customer experiences, banks have long been aware of the need for a robust data strategy. To succeed in today’s disruptive, competitive market, it’s time to take this conversation to the next level.

This roundtable is an invitation-only online event that will bring together senior strategists and experts in data science and analytics from leading retail banks to explore how to roll-out data-centric capabilities across the organisation.

Key topics discussed

✓ How analytics will fuel the next phase of transformation for back-end operations and customer facing offerings

✓ How to navigate customer expectations for a seamless and personalised experience, while leaving room for individual choice

✓ How best to roll out data-centric capabilities across the organisation and the success to be achieved in doing so


The virtual roundtable will start at 3pm and last approximately 90 minutes

Introduction to roundtable

Susan Emerson, Area Vice President, Analytics, Salesforce

Participant introductions

Opening remarks from roundtable chair

James Frew, Head of Operational Strategy – Business Development and Advice, St. James’s Place Wealth Management 

Roundtable discussion chaired by industry moderator

  • Succeeding in a competitive, disrupted environment: exploring the potential of different types of analytics to change banking products, improve experiences and optimise working methods
  • How can strategy be aligned with customer expectations for their experience to be personalised, seamless and convenient?
  • Maximising value from different data-sets: understanding the importance of cloud for long-term success
  • Exploring non-transactional data sets: what new sources are possible and what benefit can they bring to the bank and customer?
  • Navigating ethical personalisation: where do the challenges lie and how can customers be incentivised to share their data?
  • Scaling these data-centric capabilities across the wider business: how can this be achieved?

Closing remarks

End of roundtable



Susan Emerson

Area Vice President, AnalyticsSalesforce

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Susan Emerson, Salesforce | MonryLIVE
Susan Emerson

Area Vice President, Analytics


Susan Emerson is Vice President for Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics. At Salesforce for ten years, she was a foundational team member that brought Einstein Analytics and AI products to market.   She has held a number of global leadership positions in distribution, product, marketing, and industry solutions for Einstein Analytics and works with customers and partners on strategies to leverage and gain value from Salesforce analytics and AI technologies.

Prior to Salesforce, Susan had 25+ years of experience growing early-stage companies through successful IPOs and acquisitions, including Commerce One, Infinity Financial Technology, Zuora, and Workbrain.

Susan is a frequent speaker at Salesforce and industry conference events on the opportunities for digital transformation with AI.

James Frew

Head of Operational Strategy - Business Development and AdviceSt. James’s Place Wealth Management

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James Frew
James Frew

Head of Operational Strategy - Business Development and Advice

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

James Frew is Head of Operational Strategy – Business Development and Advice at St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

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