MoneyLIVE Autumn Festival, MoneyLIVE Banking Event


Being where the customer is: embracing the opportunities of embedded finance and social platforms


2 November 2021 | 10.20am-12.10pm GMT

Streaming online


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Being where the customer is: embracing the opportunities of embedded finance and social platforms
Tuesday, 2 November 2021 2 Nov

Episode 3 | Being where the customer is: embracing the opportunities of embedded finance and social platforms

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In the studio

Your host, Juliette Foster, will moderate the discussions and debrief with our banking guru.

Nick Maynard

Lead Analyst
Juniper Research

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Keynote address | ICICI Bank

Social platforms: a quick win for banks?

Sandeep Indurkar, ICICI Bank, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Sandeep Indurkar

Head of New Age Digital Payments - Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Group

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Fireside chat

BigTechs, super apps, online retailers: the opportunities of embedded finance for banks

  • From Facebook to Uber: what inspiration can banks take from these players?
  • Evaluating the commercial opportunities: what strategic routes can banks take?
  • APIs, data, integration: how can banks prepare for an embedded future?
  • How can banks successfully compete in this fast-paced environment?

Katharina Luth, Raisin | MoneyLIVE
Katharina Lüth

Vice President Europe, Raisin DS, Chair
Raisin UK

Michael Pierce - MoneyLIVE
Michael Pierce

Commercial Director

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Panel discussion

The embedded finance ecosystem: evaluating the impacts on CX and customer journeys

  • The value of “being where the customer is”: understanding the increasing role of platforms in customer journeys and lifestyles
  • What will constitute CX excellence for banks as financial services become increasingly embedded in non-financial contexts?
  • To what extent and how can banks build and maintain relationships with customers when distributing through an embedded finance model?
  • How can banking customer service evolve to embrace social platforms and messaging apps as new channels of communication?
  • Ensuring seamless customer journeys in embedded finance: how can real-time data and service be achieved?
  • More than banking-as-a-service: how can banks innovate to avoid being relegated to “the dumb pipes”?
  • Embedded, consumer-facing fintech propositions: to what extent do these present opportunities for banks to add new value in customers’ daily lives?

Bal Kallar, HSBC | MoneyLIVE
Bal Kallar

Global Head of Technical Product Management

Derek Smith, Virgin Money | MoneyLIVE
Derek Smith

Head of Digital Solutions
Virgin Money

Charlie Fidler - MoneyLIVE
Charles Fidler

Commercial Channel Management Lead
NatWest Group

Vicki Lintern - Temenos Speaker
Vicki Lintern

Vice President, Business Solutions, EMEA

Per Christian Goller, Aprila Bank, Nordic Banking Event
Per Christian Goller

Chief Growth Officer
Aprila Bank

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Live Q&A in the studio

The panellists will take questions from the audience before we continue the discussion with our pundit live in the studio.

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