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Preparing for the digital identity revolution


21 October 2021 | 10am-12.20pm BST

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Episode 2: Preparing for the digital identity revolution
Thursday, 21 October 2021 21 Oct

Preparing for the digital identity revolution

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In the studio

Your host, Juliette Foster, will moderate the discussions and debrief with our banking guru.

Andrea Toucinho, Asociación Española de Fintech Insurtech, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Andréa Toucinho

Director of Studies, Prospective and Training
Partelya Consulting

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Presentation and interview | Finnish Bank ID

The Finnish Bank ID: digital IDs in action

Finnish Trust Network’s (FTN) Bank ID is responsible for 90% of all strong authentication transactions in Finland, including public and private sector online services. Traficom’s Petteri Ihalainen will shed light on FTN’s digital ID journey and explore how secure identity verification and strong authentication can be used to transform identity in the digital age.

Petteri Ihalaeinen, Traficom | MoneyLIVE
Petteri Ihalainen

Senior Specialist

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Fireside chat

Digital IDs in the world of payments and beyond

  • What role will digital IDs play in the evolving payments ecosystem?
  • Incorporating digital IDs into payments strategy: where are the key benefits for banks and customers?
  • Authentication and beyond: is comprehensive personal information, including digital footprint, the digital ID of the future?
  • Taking a global view: what lessons can we draw from existing examples of digital ID schemes?
  • The fight against fraud: is an integrated digital ID scheme the silver bullet for payments fraud?
  • Going beyond the financial services: where could digital IDs play a role in cross-industry services?
  • Banks as the guardians and providers of the digital ID: are banks missing their window of opportunity?

Marion King, NatWest | MoneyLIVE
Marion King

Director of Payments

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Panel discussion

Making digital IDs a reality: the challenges and the opportunities 

  • The role of digital IDs in ‘building back better’: will advocacy from the IMF and World Bank accelerate the digital ID trend?
  • From concept to reality: what is necessary for a successful digital ID scheme?
  • What infrastructure needs to be in place for digital ID schemes to be realised?
  • What does this mean for traditional KYC processes and authentication?
  • From onboarding to daily transactions: how will current products and services need to evolve to accommodate digital IDs?
  • Stepping out of the financial services: to what extent will cross-industry collaboration be required to build digital IDs?
  • Regulators, banks, government: who should lead the way to make this a reality?

Per-Erik Wellstedt, SEB | MoneyLIVE
Per-Erik Wellstedt

Head of Digital Enablers

Steve Robson, Citi, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Steve Robson

Head of Spring EMEA

Jonathan Marskell - MoneyLIVE
Jonathan Marskell

Senior Program Officer, Identification for Development (ID4D) Initiative, World Bank

Nick Caley - ForgeRock - MoneyLIVE
Nick Caley

Global Vice President of Financial Services and Regulatory

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Live Q&A in the studio

The panellists will take questions from the audience before we continue the discussion with our pundit live in the studio.

Independent consultant

Andrea Toucinho, Asociación Española de Fintech Insurtech, MoneyLIVE Speaker
Andréa Toucinho

Director of Studies, Prospective and Training
Partelya Consulting

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