MoneyLIVE Autumn Festival, MoneyLIVE Banking Event


Agility and resilience in the face of uncertainty


19 October 2021 | 10am-12.30pm BST

Streaming online


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Episode 1: Agility and resilience in the face of uncertainty
Tuesday, 19 October 2021 19 Oct

Agility and resilience in the face of uncertainty

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In the studio

Your host, Juliette Foster, will moderate the discussions and debrief with our banking guru.

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Keynote address | Credit Suisse

Taking the next steps towards agility

speaker placeholder round
Homa Siddiqui

Global Head of Digital Transformation & Product Labs
Credit Suisse

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Fireside chat

Taking stock of the pandemic and impacts on operational strategy

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Digital transformation: accelerating towards true agility

  • What does it mean to be agile in the new banking environment?
  • From cloud migration to a culture change: assessing the pandemic’s effect on digital transformation
  • Autonomous teams: assessing the power of an agile workforce
  • From AI to streamlined processes: ensuring efficient decision-making in today’s environment
  • How can intelligent automation be used to bridge mini-ecosystems within banks’ siloed systems?


Claire Calmejane, Societe Generale | moneyLIVE
Claire Calmejane

Chief Innovation Officer
Société Générale

Ange Johnson De Wet, Lloyds Banking Group | MoneyLIVE
Ange Johnson De Wet

Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk
Lloyds Banking Group

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Case study and interview

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Panel discussion

Ensuring operational resilience for 2022 and beyond

  • Adapt or perish: how can banks improve their ability to respond to change at speed?
  • Seeing the bigger picture: how can banks effectively manage their risk with business partners?
  • The remote workforce and operational resilience: how can these risks be incorporated into future strategies?
  • Ensuring crisis doesn’t become disaster: implementing robust operational business continuity plans
  • Quantifying the trade-off between efficiency and resilience: where do the dangers lie?
  • Taking the hyper-efficiency route: how will this impact contingency planning?

Jennifer Flowers, HSBC, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Jennifer Flowers

Head of Asia Partnerships & Innovation, WPB

Vicki Hassan, Danske Bank, MoneyLIVE Banking Event
Vicki Hassan

Operations Director
Danske Bank UK

Mark Topham, Metro Bank | MoneyLIVE
Mark Topham

Director of Change
Metro Bank

Sarah Gard, Goldman Sachs - MoneyLIVE bank event
Sarah Card

Head of Delivery and Risk
Marcus UK

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Live Q&A in the studio

The panellists will take questions from the audience before we continue the discussion with our pundit live in the studio.

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Time for speed networking!

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Room 101 drop-in discussion begins

Barriers to business agility and resilience: what’s in your Room 101?

Inspired by George Orwell and the popular TV show, MoneyLIVE is holding its own Room 101, where you can join our speakers as well as other fellow attendees to share industry pet peeves, worst nightmares and constructive solutions.

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