As part of MoneyLIVE Spring 2019 | 11 – 13 March, Madrid

Come and join us in the celebration of MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe’s 20th Birthday in 2019!

For the Retail Banking hub of MoneyLIVE Spring 2019, we’ve pulled out all the stops this year with some of the most senior representatives in the European banking industry coming to share their experience and expertise on the most pressing subjects, including open APIs, engaging the connected customer, FinTech and more.


Featured speakers

Francois Miqueu

Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Finance


Derek White

Global Head of Client Solutions


Jukka Salonen

Chief Operating Officer


Ian Ormerod

Head of New Digital Business


Ignacio Juliá Vilar

Global Head of Retail

ING Bank

Sophie Guibaud

Managing Director, Europe

Fidor Bank

Birte Quitt

Head of Group Retail Strategy

Erste Group

Antti-Jussi Suominen

Chief Executive Officer


Day 1 | Introducing the FinTechs Evening

Introductions from the Chair & FinTech lightning pitches
Pitch | MyBucks

Timothy Nuy, Chief Executive Officer, MyBucks


Pitch | Loqr

Ricardo Costa, Chief Executive Officer, Loqr 


Interested in pitching? Email us at to tell us why your business needs to be heard!

Peer-to-peer discussion

Drinks and canapés served throughout


Day 2

MoneyLIVE welcome address
Chair’s opening remarks


Session One: Practical lessons in open banking
Keynote address | Making magic in banking

Derek White, Global Head of Client Solutions, BBVA


Keynote address | Creating symbiotic relationships between banks and FinTechs

Ignacio Juliá Vilar, Global Head of Retail, ING Bank


Welcome to a new age of banking


Leaders’ forum | Open APIs: paving the way for a brighter future

• One year on: what changes have we seen in the market to date?
• Shifting cultural mindsets: what are the benefits to opening up internal APIs to third-parties?
• What prevents banks from effectively implementing open banking strategies?
• Exploring different models for monetising APIs: from subscription to revenue-sharing and more
• Working with TPPs: how exactly can they help banks better serve customers?
• How can banks protect their relationships with customers from new AISPs and PISPs?
• The end goal: what do banks hope to get out of open APIs?

Ian Ormerod, Head of New Digital Business, BBVA

Ignacio Juliá Vilar, Global Head of Retail, ING Bank

Birte Quitt, Head of Group Retail Strategy, Erste Group

Antti-Jussi Suominen, Chief Executive Officer, Holvi



Session Two: Courting the Connected Customer
Case study | CaixaBank
Identifying customer segments and serving them effectively

CaixaBank is the leading retail bank in Spain and has achieved that position partly through the effective segmentation of its 13.5m+ customers. In this case study, François Miqueu will share how CaixaBank’s focus on segmentation has allowed the bank to develop products and services that truly match its customers, from millennials to resident foreigners and how the bank will continue to develop its strategy towards greater personalisation.

François Miqueu, Chief Executive Officer, CaixaBank


Thinking outside the box: what does the ‘ultimate customer experience’ really look like?


Case study | mBank
Putting digital tools in customers’ hands

With more than 5 million customers across Eastern Europe under its belt, mBank has set the benchmark for what a successful digital bank should look like. From approving loans over mobiles in a mere 30 seconds, to service agents engaging customers through Skype, mBank is a clear example of how a new digital-centric bank can thrive. In this case study, Bogna Antosiak will share just how mBank engages and connects with its customers and what traditional banks can learn from a challenger.

Bogna Antosiak, Director of Business Development, mBank


Panel discussion and mobile voting | Delighting customers in the connected world

Delegates will now get the chance to join the discussion and share their thoughts with the panellists. Simply log into and vote on a series of questions relating on how best to serve the customer of the future. Results will be relayed to our panel of industry experts who will discuss the implications. Topics to be discussed will include:

• What do digital customers really want and how far does personalisation need to go?
• Understanding the thirst for convenience: what more must banks do to meet expectations?
• Real-time banking: delivering to customers in the moment
• How can banks best add value for the connected customer?
• How can banks encourage customers to share their data in a post-GDPR world?

François Miqueu, Chief Executive Officer, CaixaBank

Bogna Antosiak, Director of Business Development, mBank

Misha Rogalskiy, Co-founder, Monobank

Nieke Martens, Head of Digital Hub, Rabobank

Session Three: Workshops - PSD2, Innovation Culture, API Strategy, IoT, Customer Communications, Security and Risk

In this session, delegates will have the option of choosing between the following six workshops. Each workshop will run for an hour and will be facilitated by dedicated subject matter experts. Places on each workshop are limited, so make sure you reserve your slot!


Workshop One: Getting to grips with the new PSD2 standards

Facilitated by Frontier Economics

In this workshop, facilitated by subject matter experts from Frontier Economics, delegates will get the chance to better understand the new PSD2 standards and the implications they will have for the banking and payments industries.


Workshop Two: Creating a culture of innovation

This workshop will help delegates figure out how best to create a culture of innovation in their organisation. With Big Tech showing no signs of slowing down their innovation efforts, the banking and payments industry must do everything it can to stay ahead.


Workshop Three: Your API strategy under a microscope

What makes an effective open API strategy? This workshop will help delegates figure out the key components that must be considered if open banking is to be made a success.


Workshop Four: Unlocking the potential of IOT

Is IoT the next big thing in payments? The increasing popularity of home assistants and wearables shows that this could be the case! This workshop will show delegates how to integrate IoT into their businesses.


Workshop Five: Getting to know them – customer engagement in the digital age

With more and more branches closing down and customers turning to online and mobile channels, what can banks do to reengage their customers? This workshop will show delegates how banks and payments providers can better seamlessly integrate into customers’ lives.


Workshop Six: Maintaining security in an open eco-system

Open banking offers fraudsters and hackers a whole host of new opportunities to exploit both banks and customers. In this workshop, delegates will be taught to spot the warning signs of risks to security.



Session Four: Digital reincarnation
Transformation vs. disruption: how to deal with the new banking landscape

• Is total digital transformation of internal systems a realistic and achievable goal?
• In which areas of the bank can AI and ML be effectively applied to increase process efficiency?
• RegTech: riding the regulatory wave
• Future-proofing systems: what can be done to ensure operations are flexible and agile?

Eduardo Garbayo, New Digital Businesses – Strategy Director, BBVA

A digital overhaul: leaving behind the shackles of the legacy system


Case study | How DBS, the best digital bank in the world, is leading the change using data, ML, AI, RPA, culture of experimentation and design thinking

Almost all industries are seeing dramatic changes and many are either already disrupted, or will be. This change will make and break economies, industries and leave a major impact in peoples’ lives, some positive and some not so positive. In this case study, Subir Chandra will take delegates through the journey DBS has undertaken using data, design thinking, heuristics, experimentation and collaboration in various verticals. Delegates will learn how DBS is taking active steps from being a bystander to a an impactful observer, identifying industry problems and uncovering sustainable, long-term solutions.

Subir Chandra, Head of Digital, Risk Management Group, DBS

Session Five: The futurologist's view
Champagne keynote address | Star Wars: my guide to transformation

Jukka Salonen, Chief Operating Officer, Nordea

Offsite drinks reception
End of Day 2 and start of drinks reception hosted in Zen Market at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Join us for a legendary drinks reception at Zen Market, in the world famous Bernabéu Stadium! Relax and have a drink with your peers in the home of Real Madrid.

Zen Market, the largest luxury Asian restaurant in Europe, is a project of the team of Roger Chen, an experienced and successful Asian restaurateur in Madrid, and it is sure to impress everyone.

Your ticket to MoneyLIVE Spring gives you access to this unforgettable event – don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of this epic drinks reception at the Bernabéu Stadium!

Day 3

Chair’s opening remarks


Session Six: New business models for banks
Keynote address | Marketplace banking with Fidor: a vision of co-innovation and collaboration

Sophie Guibaud, Managing Director, Europe, Fidor Bank


Adapting operating models to a new environment
If This Then That x Monzo Bank: exploring new horizons

Something special happened in 2018: Monzo partnered with the world’s largest automation platform, IFTTT (If This Then That). What does this mean for its customers? Rather than having access to lots of third-party providers, IFTTT enables Monzo customers to connect their account to whatever apps they have already downloaded. In this way, customers are empowered to write their own rulebook and determine exactly how they manage their money. In this presentation, Kieran McHugh will reveal how this partnership has forever changed the way Monzo customers bank and how it continues to evolve.

Kieran McHugh, Backend Engineer, Monzo Bank


Panel discussion | New realities in financial services: the power of the platform

• Marketplace, platform, lifestyle banking: what do they mean and what are the differences?
• Why should banks start taking the steps towards marketplace and lifestyle banking?
• Bringing in tech-savvy FinTechs: how can they be integrated into a marketplace model?
• Ensuring customer loyalty: what can banks do to ensure customers aren’t lost to third-parties?
• Becoming more than a bank: what other product and services could be offered to customers?
• Best practice: what successes have we seen from challengers?
• The WeChat model: will this take off in Europe and how can banks capitalise on this?

Sophie Guibaud, Managing Director, Europe, Fidor Bank

Søren Rode Andreasen, Chief Digital Officer, Danske Bank

Lieve De Mol, Head of Hello bank! Belgium, Hello bank!

Alexander Emeshev, VP, New Products, Tinkoff Bank



Session Seven: Think Tanks

In this session, delegates will have the option of choosing between two interactive Think Tanks:

• What can the financial services industry do to make open banking a success?
• How can banks avoid being supplanted by Big Tech as the primary suppliers of FS and payments?

Each Think Tank will feature a 15-minute presentation before delegates break into mini-groups to share ideas and create solutions to the most pressing issues facing the banking and payments industries today. Each mini-group Think Tank will be moderated by a series of hand-picked subject matter experts, who will then share findings with the room in a panel discussion.

Open APIs Think Tank: What can the financial services industry do to make open banking a success?

In this Think Tank, delegates will have a chance to pool their ideas and knowledge together to explore how open APIs can help the banking industry continue to succeed. Share your knowledge and learn from others’ best practice in this high-intensity, interactive session.

Open APIs: the key to the industry’s longevity?


Think Tank discussions

Break into mini-groups to discuss the following subjects with the help of moderators:
• Defining success: what does this mean in open banking?
• What is hindering banks from making open banking a success?
• Surviving in an increasingly competitive landscape: how open APIs can help financial services institutions retain the top spot
• Looking into the crystal ball: how will open APIs reshape the banking industry in the next 5 years?


Think Tank moderator panel



Big Tech Think Than: How can banks avoid being supplanted by Big Tech as the primary suppliers of FS and payments?

At MoneyLIVE, we know that you’re keeping an eye on Big Tech and their supposed ambitions in financial services. In this Think Tank, delegates will have a chance to create solutions to counter the threat of players like Amazon and Tencent. Get your creative juices flowing in this high-intensity, interactive session.


A wake-up call: the threat of Big Tech

Javier González Dominguez, Digital Innovation and Big Data Director, EVO Banco


Think Tank discussions

Break into mini-groups to discuss the following subjects with the help of moderators:
• Understanding the current landscape: what developments is Big Tech making payments and banking?
• What do banks and payments providers have to prioritise to ready themselves for competition with Big Tech?
• Putting your money where your mouth is: what new technologies are worthy of investment?
• Looking into the crystal ball: what might the banking and payments landscape look like in the next 5 years?


Think Tank moderator panel


Javier González Dominguez, Digital Innovation and Big Data Director, EVO Banco

Session Eight: Banks and FinTechs – a match made in heaven?
Case study | Creating a community to help both banks and start-ups grow

Markandey Upadhyay, Thought Factory, Axis Innovation Lab, Axis Bank


Remaking business models: partnering with TPPs


Panel discussion | New dynamics: making a success of partnerships with Third Party Providers

• Use cases to date: how are FinTech partnerships transforming financial services?
• AISPs and PISPs: what organisations are likely to dominate in the future?
• To what extent is trust the biggest hurdle to customer adoption of TPP services and products?
• Maintaining primacy of the customer relationship: how can FinTech help banks to stay relevant?
• PSD2 and beyond: how will the regulation of third parties evolve?
• Forecasting the future: what can be expected from banks and FinTechs over the next ten years?

Pablo Ruiz, Director of Digital Innovation, Liberbank

Grzegorz Pawlicki, Director of Innovation & Customer Experience, PKO Bank Polski

David Rath, Head of Strategy & Support, Distribution, AIB Group

Closing remarks
Chair’s closing remarks and end of MoneyLIVE Spring 2019


MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe is a part of MoneyLIVE Spring 2019.

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