Driving an innovative broadcasting future

25 June 2019 | Waldorf Hilton Hotel, London

Love broadcasting? Then make sure you join industry leaders from across Europe on June 25 at LOVEBroadcasting Summit.

Learn how to deal with the challenges of OTT services, discover the technological advancements that could revolutionise the industry and share your knowledge with representatives from across the European broadcasting sector. This year you will discover how to drive audience interaction with TV, build a technological future and adapt to a fast-changing broadcasting environment. With leaders from Channel 4, hayu, AtresMedia, SKY, A+E Networks and many more, you will acquire the how-to knowledge to accelerate into the future.


European Media Groups represented


International Media Groups represented


Speakers are C-level/Director/Head


Discover how ITV is driving audiences back to linear and learn how YouTube and Barcroft Media engage audiences with different formats to remain relevant and drive popularity.


Shifting viewer habits has made revenue generation increasingly complex. Discover the advantages of different income models and learn which approach will continue to support your business growth.


With 62% of attendees C-suite level, meet the people driving the decisions that are shaping the broadcasting environment.


AI and personalisation: technology is at the heart of a changing industry. Learn the innovative solutions being rolled our by RTL Netherlands, BT, UKTV and BBC and discover how ProSiebenSat is revolutionising the drive to digitise.


Regulation is the backbone of industry opportunity. Enders Analysis will help you discover the impacts of new regulation and what Brexit will mean for the industry.


With Netflix and Amazon dominating the online sphere, and the take-overs of Sky and Fox, hear from Channel 4, AtresMedia and MUBI how smaller broadcasters can create smarter offerings to maintain and grow their audiences.


Jonathan Allan, Channel 4, LOVE Broadcasting

Jonathan Allan

Chief Commercial Officer , Channel 4

Hendrik McDermott, Hayu, LOVE Broadcasting

Hendrik McDermott

Managing Director, hayu

Eun-Ky Park, ProSiebenSat.1_2016

Eun-Kypung Park

Chief Digital Officer for Entertainment, ProSiebenSat1L

Arturo Larrainzar, AtresMedia, MarketforceLive

Arturo Larrainzar

Head of Strategy , AtresMedia

Sue Unerman, mediacom, Marketforce Live

Sue Unerman

Chief Transformation Officer , MediaCom

Nick Herm, Sky, Marketforce Live

Nick Herm

Director of Strategy, Sky

Alistair Thom, Freesat, Lovebroadcasting

Alistair Thom

Managing Director , Freesat

Faz Aftab, ITV, Love Broadcasting

Faz Aftab

Director of Platform Distribution, ITV

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Love Broadcasting Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Welcome address and Chair's opening remarks

Session 1

A spotlight on the new broadcasting environment

Keynote Address

The OTT shift: how online is transforming broadcasting

OTT services in Western Europe alone are predicted to be worth $23 billion by 2023. Mertijn de Nooijer will discuss how OTT is transforming the broadcasting sphere, focusing on the exciting opportunities, but also the key challenges that linear channels face in their shift to online.

Mertin de Nooijer, M7 Group
Mertijn de Nooijer

OTT Director Europe , M7 Group

Leaders’ Forum

Envisaging broadcasting in a multi-platform, tech-savvy world

• Understanding new business models in the broadcasting industry
• How should broadcasters develop attractive offerings to retain linear audiences?
• Adapting to the linear-online consumption shift: VOD, SVOD and OTT as the future of broadcasting
• A multi-platform world: how to bring content to audiences on a variety of devices
• The data opportunity: utilising multiple data sources to understand and exploit new opportunities
• Online expansion, content production or technology: what is central to ongoing success?
• Tech-savvy versus technophobe: remaining innovative and attractive to all consumers

Alistair Thom, Freesat, Lovebroadcasting
Alistair Thom

Managing Director , Freesat

Hendrik McDermott, Hayu, LOVE Broadcasting
Hendrik McDermott

Managing Director , hayu

Mertin de Nooijer, M7 Group
Mertijn de Nooijer

OTT Director Europe , M7 Group

James Gibbons, Discovery Networks, LOVE Broadcasting
James Gibbons

Head of Commercial Development EMEA & General Manager UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand , Discovery Networks

Session 2

Local to Global | Technology-driven

From local to global: strategies for the new broadcasting market
Developing a technology-driven future

Why merge? Understanding the drive behind broadcast take-overs

• What is driving broadcast mergers?
• How will mergers impact the traditional broadcast market?
• The future of the broadcasters: how will the market play out between SVOD, AVOD and TVOD models?
• Understanding the new environment? Will OTT providers continue to have huge market impacts

Ian Whittaker, Liberum Capital, Lovebroadcasting
Ian Whittaker

Head of European Media Research , Liberum Capital


National versus global: remaining competitive against the global giants

• Reactive or proactive: how should business models adapt to global challenges?
• An unstoppable force? What are the prospects for national providers in the face of global conglomerations?
• Regional headquarters and creative hubs: understanding the importance of local content in broadcasting success
• Why is the provision of local content so vital to the industry?

Jonathan Allan, Channel 4, LOVE Broadcasting
Jonathan Allan

Chief Commercial Officer , Channel 4

Case Study | LOVESTV

Cooperation for an OTT future

Linear broadcasters need to adapt to survive in an OTT world: RTVE, AtresMedia and Mediaset Espana have done just this with their new joint venture, LOVESTV. In this case study Arturo Larrainzar will demonstrate how cooperation, rather than a going-it-alone approach, can create the prime conditions for an OTT service. He will discuss how LOVESTV is able to effectively drive a new service for all customers.

Arturo Larrainzar, AtresMedia, MarketforceLive
Arturo Larrainzar

Head of Strategy , AtresMedia

Panel Discussion

Aggregation or fragmentation? Understanding new challenges in broadcasting

• Predicting the future: will the industry be dominated by broadcasting giants or a plethora of niche services?
• Understanding audience preferences: quantity or quality of content?
• Peak TV? How to develop in a saturated market?
• Building a niche service in a crowded market: understanding and overcoming challenges
• A fragmented world of OTT? Developing an online service in a cut-throat market
• Partnering for growth: cooperation as a driver of business development

Jonathan Allan, Channel 4, LOVE Broadcasting
Jonathan Allan

Chief Commercial Officer , Channel 4

Alessandro Tucci, 21st Century Fox, Lovebroadcasting
Alessandro Tucci

Senior Vice President: Corporate Development Europe & Asia , 21st Century Fox

Efe Cakarel, Love Broadcasting, MUBI
Efe Cakarel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , MUBI

Oliver Broom, Virgin Media, LOVE Broadcasting
Oliver Broom

Programme Director: Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics , Virgin Media


Staying innovative: the emergence of digital as the future of broadcasting

• Why youth is at the core of digital entertainment
• Creating new digital offers for a multi-platform audience
• Digital only? New ways to interact with tech-savvy audiences
• The Vertical Content Division: mobile content for social platforms

Eun-Ky Park, ProSiebenSat.1_2016
Eun-Kypung Park

Chief Digital Officer for Entertainment , ProSiebenSat1L


AI and data: the future of broadcasting processes?

• Why should broadcasters and platforms invest in data and AI
• Understanding the potential impact of AI on monetisation and business processes
• How can smart contracts be used to create new content opportunities?
• The techno-hurdle: overcoming the challenges of implementing AI

Giovanni Piccirilli, Marketforce Live, RTL
Giovanni Piccirilli

Chief Technology Officer , RTL Nederland

Case Study | BBC4.1

A world of AI: creating exceptional TV

Artificial intelligence will revolutionise the broadcasting industry. From scheduling to smart contracts, the possibilities are endless. George Wrights will discuss how the BBC is investigating the possibilities of AI, to create and deliver exciting new content and how AI can be utilised to run a channel – such as with the AI takeover of BBC4.

Jonathan Allan, Channel 4, MarketforceLive
George Wright

Head of Internet Research & Future Services , BBC

Panel Discussion

New technologies: a gimmick or a game changer?

• Big vision and small steps: introducing technology into broadcasting
• Understanding audience receptiveness to new technologies: how might broadcasting change over the next ten years?
• In-studio or in-office: where does technology offer the most exciting revolution?
• A transformation: the potential impact of blockchain on business modelling
• The AI-age: how will this technology revolutionise broadcasting?
• VR: a gimmick for gaming or untapped potential in broadcasting?

Justin Gupta, Google, MarketforceLive
Justin Gupta

Head of Broadcasting and Entertainment: UK and Ireland , Google

Jonathan Allan, Channel 4, MarketforceLive
George Wright

Head of Internet Research & Future Services , BBC

Session 3

The modern audience | User interfaces

Content for the modern audience
User interfaces audiences want to engage in
Case Study | ITV

Why we love Love Island: delivering reactive content for the modern audience

With the growing popularity of online and social media channels, bringing millennials to linear, scheduled TV has become increasingly challenging. Richard Cowles will explore how BAFTA Award winning Love Island has defied this trend, engaging the next generation of viewers by co-opting linear TV, advertising and social media.

Richard Cowles

Executive Producer , ITV

Panel Discussion

Short-form and long-form production: new opportunities to engage youth audiences

• Combining short-form and long-form: a new opportunity for success?
• How can short-form be used to drive audiences back to linear TV?
• Short-form content: the most direct way to engage young audiences?
• How do you maintain engagement on long-form content?
• Content for the mobile generation: engaging youth on multiple platforms simultaneously

Sam Barcroft - Barcroft Media | LOVE Broadcasting
Sam Barcroft

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Barcroft Media

Kieran Doherty, Stellify Media, Marketforce Live
Kieran Doherty

Managing Director and Founder , Stellify Media

Wayne Davison, Little Dot Studios, LOVE Broadcasting
Wayne Davison

Managing Director: Content Acquisition and Distribution , Little Dot Studios

Fireside Chat

Understanding content that truly resounds with audiences

• How have traditional tools measuring audience engagement been adapted for modern viewers?
• Multiplatform content: understanding where audiences watch
• Long-term versus short-term popularity? Are there different success parameters for linear and online broadcasters?
• Can social media ‘chatter’ be used to understand audience engagement with content?

John Montoya, Vice Media, Marketforce Live
John Montoya

UK Marketing Director , Vice Media

Doug Whelpdale, BARB, Marketforce Live
Doug Whelpdale

Insights Manager , BARB

Case Study | UKTV Play

Personalising VOD: using data to drive a more immersive and personalised experience

With a plethora of VOD and OTT players on the market, viewers have an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing which service to use. Tom Davidson will discuss why personalisation is key to driving viewer engagement and content discoverability, demonstrating how UKTV Play has used data and AI to redesign its user experience, putting viewers at the heart of the service.

Tom Davidson, UKTV, Marketforce Live
Tom Davidson

General Manager: VoD , UKTV

Case Study | BT

Object-based broadcasting for the ultimate personalisation in sport

Broadcasters deliver a finished, edited product into millions of homes everyday: but is this the only want content can be delivered? Andrew Gower will demonstrate how this is no longer the case, and will discuss with delegates how BT has uncovered new opportunities in object-based broadcasting. With the chance to adapt audio and personalise graphics, BT Sport empowers audiences to curate their own unique sporting experiences.

Andrew Gower, BT, Marketforce LIve
Andrew Gower

Head of Interactive TV Research , BT

Fireside Chat

Incompatibility or opportunity? Monetising a personalised interface

• Delivering a personalised EPG whilst retaining prime viewing slots
• What are the steps to developing a user experience which promotes discoverability?
• Monetising the audience interface: how to create an interface that drives profitability
• EPG or libraries? Identifying the best opportunities for monetisation and content discovery
• The content trap? Should valuable content be promoted or should a personalised interface be prioritised?
• Targeted viewing: how will data provide improved opportunities for discoverability
• An AI opportunity: how can AI create exciting user interfaces with accurate recommendations

Owen Jenkinson, Freeview, Lovebroadcasting
Owen Jenkinson

Marketing Director , Freeview

Faz Aftab, ITV, Love Broadcasting
Faz Aftab

Director of Platform Distribution , ITV

Session 4

Understanding the post-Brexit regulatory world


An Enders view: Brexit and the future of broadcast regulation

Alice Enders, Enders analysis, lovebroadcasting
Alice Enders

Director of Research , Enders Analysis

Session 5

Delivering profitability in a complex environment

Case Study | Viacom

Adapting the global business to the local markets

Every national market is different. Viacom will discuss how they are adapting their business to thrive in different markets across Europe. Following the successful launch of Paramount+ in the Nordics, it has now been expanded across Central and Eastern Europe and Viacom is creating new strategies to reach customers of all nations. With a growing OTT service, Viacom is engaging in emerging opportunities to reach audiences of all backgrounds

Dan Fahy, Viacom, LoveBroadcasting
Dan Fahy

Vice President: Commercial and Content Distribution , Viacom

Strategic Discussion

Winners and losers: how will different business models play out in the industry?

• AVOD, SVOD and TVOD: what business models drive new opportunities for monetisation?
• Can platform-based subscription models survive in an era of flexible contracts?
• A hybrid approach: advertisements and subscriptions for a diverse future
• The advertisement challenge: combatting ad blockers and developing a multiplatform strategy
• Going mainstream: what impact will addressable TV and programmatic advertising have on revenue?
• Airtime-for-equity: providing new opportunities do diversify revenue streams?
• The frenemy? In what ways do partnerships offer new monetisation opportunities?

Sue Unerman, mediacom, Marketforce Live
Sue Unerman

Chief Transformation Officer , MediaCom

Adrian Pilkington, A+E Networks, LOVEBroadcasting
Adrian Pilkington

Senior Vice President: Distribution & Strategy , A + E Networks

Nick Herm, Sky, Marketforce Live
Nick Herm

Director of Strategy , Sky

Dan Fahy, Viacom, LoveBroadcasting
Dan Fahy

Vice President: Commercial and Content Distribution , Viacom


Chair’s closing remarks

“An absorbing event with key figures from across the broadcasting industry sharing insights and future perspectives”

Head of Digital Strategy, Freesat

“Great speakers, across a range of disciplines – helping to inspire and shape the future of broadcasting”

Head of Marketing, MTV

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