Speaker Spotlight: Co-chair of the e-logistics Working Group at Ecommerce Europe

Walter Trezek

In this interview for Leaders in Logistics Walter Trezek, Co-chair of the e-logistics Working Group at Ecommerce Europe, explains how regulation will impact logisitics.

How best can UK retailers and logistics companies prepare for the cross-border delivery implications of Brexit?

Following the UK’s notification of its intention to withdraw from the Union in March 2017, all Union primary and secondary law will cease to apply from the 30 March 2019 (unless a ratified withdrawal agreement establishes another date[1]). The United Kingdom will then become a “third country”[2]. The upcoming VAT Ecommerce Package provides two main options for a “third country”. The “Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS)” and “Special arrangements” when the IOSS is not used. Preparing for the withdrawal is not just a matter for EU and national authorities but also for private parties.

How is GDPR shaping the customer journey?

The guiding principle of GDPR, in place in the EU since May 25th, is the “purpose limitation” and the overall accountability of using private data. Global standards and building blocks, providing “secured electronic postal services”, established by the UPU will be compliant to the eIDAS Reg.

How is Universal Service evolving in the modern world of ecommerce?

The need for countrywide delivery of goods, requires transparent tariffs and measurable quality of service. Further, collaboration by all stakeholders involved, sharing necessary infrastructure will raise efficiency and a better usage of existing resources.

Why is it important to attend Leaders in Logistics: E-Commerce Delivery / what can delegates expect to hear from you?

Delegates will learn about the implications of Brexit; new products and services for the delivery of merchandise; providers of parcel delivery services using alternative business models (e.g. e-commerce platforms, collaborative economy).

If you’re interested in hearing what Walter Trezek has to say in person, he will be speaking at Leaders in Logistics: E-Commerce Delivery on the 26th June 2018 in London.


[1] Negotiations are ongoing with the United Kingdom with a view to reaching a withdrawal agreement.

[2] A third country is a country not part of the EU.

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Walter Trezek UPU photo

Walter Trezek

Co-chair of the e-logistics Working Group, Ecommerce Europe

During the late 1990‘s Walter recognized that the postal and digital worlds would merge and so, after gaining his Master‘s in law from the University of Vienna, joined, the Silicon Valley internet start-up which created the world‘s first digital postage mark. He was their Senior Consultant, Managing Director EMEA and a member of their successful 1999 IPO team. In 2000 Walter was invited to become Head of Technology atAustria Post. He also took over their address management and direct marketing divisions, started the international business and contributed to the restructuring of the organization, before leaving in 2005 to set up Document Exchange Network GmbH and its internet platform Walter‘s horizons have always been international. Chairing Working Groups at Austrian Standards Institute (ASI), at European level (CEN, EU), and acting as liaison officer on European Postal Standardization to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and ETSI. Walter plays an active role as Chairman of CEN/TC331 WG 2 New digital postal servicesin setting the standards and determining the future environment in whichEcommerce & Secured electronic Postal Services, as part of global network industries, will operate. In 2013 he was elected and 2016 re-elected Executive Board Member of ASI where he advises the Austrian government on infrastructure and technical regulation policies as Presidential Advisor. In 2015 Walter was invited to become the CO-Chair of Ecommerce Europe’s e-logistics Working Group established their participation as a member of UPU’s Consultative Committeeand acts as observer to the UPU. In 2016 he was elected Chairman of UPU’s Consultative Committeefor the Istanbul cycle until 2020. In 2015 Walter was appointed Expert to the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum of EU’s DG MOVEand in was appointed Experts to the Project Group on low value consignments of EU’s DG TAXUDin 2017. Walter uses his comprehensive knowledge of the Courier-, Express-and Postal Markets to support operators in Europe and internationally, re-engineering the operations of postal incumbents and developing new business models in the field of ecommerce.