The must-attend summit uniting every logistics and postal operator across EMEA


23 – 24 March 2020

Tivoli Congress Centre, Copenhagen











A firm fixture in the industry’s calendar, the newly re-branded Leaders in Logistics: Post & Parcel Summit (formerly Leaders in Logistics: Post & Parcel Europe) heads to Copenhagen in March 2020! Gathering together the key people you need to meet, the event attracts national posts and logistics operators, along with exciting start-ups, retailers and the supply chain from across EMEA.

We are planning some really exciting things for the 2020 event, and will be expanding the event to include four stages:

Digital Transformation

Last Mile Delivery

Innovation in Fulfilment

Post & Parcel Strategy

Expanding our focus to everything from the integration of new technologies to returns, sustainable deliveries to regulation, last mile to service customers and urban warehousing to letters, this is the event that will help you transform your complete business strategy and revolutionise your delivery offerings.

What our audience says

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“An influential conference on subjects that are critically important to the profitability of the industry.”

Member of the Executive Committee, PostNL

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“An excellent event where the European postal industry converges to discuss key issues and possibilities for future products and services where e-commerce is a substantial driver.”

Chief Information Officer, PostNord

Canada Post

“An excellent event with relevant and informative content, great speakers and an orientation on the future of the industry.”

Chief Operating Officer, Canada Post

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“An excellent event where the European postal industry converges to discuss key issues and draw the blueprints for the evolution of the industry.”

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Deutsche Post


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Networking opportunities

Alongside our highly anticipated drinks receptions (in 2019 we took delegates to the world-famous Bernabéu Stadium)! we are also excited to announce the award-winning networking app we will be introducing in 2020 – Brella.

Using this app, you can choose your skills and what you’re looking for, and get relevant matches based on your choices. By matchmaking interests that fit your profile, easy meeting booking technology, and options to host face-to-face meetings with ease, this is going to help you build the relationships you need across the sector, so you are taking home more than just content from the conference!

2019 Speakers

Mary Traversy, Canada Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Mary Traversy

Chief Operating Officer, Canada Post

Julio Gonzalez Garcia, Grupo Correos,Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker

Julio González García

Secretary General, Grupo Correos

Björn Ekstedt, PostNord, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Björn Ekstedt

Chief Information Officer, PostNord

Asta Sungailiene, Lietuvos Pastas, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Asta Sungailiené

Chief Executive Officer, Lietuvos Pastas

Nicolas Mouze, DHL Express Spain, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker

Nicolas Mouze

Managing Director, Marketing and Sales, DHL Express Spain

Peter Umundum, Austria Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Peter Umundum

Board Member – Parcels & Logistics Division, Österreichische Post

Liesbeth Kaashoek, PostNL, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Liesbeth Kaashoek

Executive Committee – Parcels & Logistics, PostNL

Carl Asmus, FedEx Cross Border, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Carl Asmus

President & Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Cross Border

More Speakers

The questions you need answering

Check out our exclusive interviews from this year’s Leaders in Logistics: Post & Parcel conference. With insights from featured speakers at Deutsche Post, Canada Post, Österreichische Post, Jersey Post, L’Oréal, The White Company, International Post Corporation, World Customs Organisation, Accenture and more – find out what the experts are saying about e-commerce delivery, customer experience and technology.

2019 Agenda

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Innovation in Operations Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Post & Parcel Europe Summit - Day One Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Post & Parcel Europe Summit - Day Two Thursday, 28 March 2019


Welcome Address


Chair's opening remarks - Thomas Baldry, Senior Vice President - International Mail & International Relations, Deutsche Post

Session 1 - Harnessing technology to implement change

Keynote opening address

A new age: assessing the strategic implications of innovation

Björn Ekstedt, PostNord, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Björn Ekstedt

Chief Information Officer , PostNord


Embracing rather than surviving the digital age

  • Looking ahead: how will technology shape the industry’s future?
  • Humans vs. technology: will AI replace humans?
  • Who bears the social costs?
  • Data sharing: redefining how we interact with technology and each other
  • Who is responsible when code adapts itself?

Eva Savelsberg, INFORM, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Dr. Eva Savelsberg

Senior Vice President – Logistics Division , INFORM

Panel discussion

Maximising opportunities of technological disruption

  • Which new technologies are truly transforming the post and parcel industry?
  • Can new technology be used to bridge the divide between post and e-commerce?
  • How to alleviate the risk of new technology alienating customers and damaging reputation
  • Leading vs. following new advances: the merits of investing in an in-house innovation centre
  • What is blockchain’s potential across the supply chain?
  • Will autonomous vehicles become a reliable delivery method?
  • How realistic is the mass rollout of drones and droids in urban areas?
  • What can Europe learn from the development of technology in other geographical regions?

Björn Ekstedt, PostNord, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Björn Ekstedt

Chief Information Officer , PostNord

Eva Savelsberg, INFORM, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Dr. Eva Savelsberg

Senior Vice President – Logistics Division , INFORM

Darja Ljubec, Posta Slovenije, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Darja Ljubec

Director of Technology & Global Logistics Division , Posta Slovenije

In conversation

Bridging borders with blockchain: opportunities for logistics

By facilitating autonomous verification, recording and coordination of transactions, blockchain holds the promise of removing third parties within logistics whilst increasing customer trust thanks to its key characteristics – distributed, consensus-based and security. Here our speakers discuss the wide-ranging potential for the technology to transform the logistics industry for the better.

Alain Roset, La Poste, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Alain Roset

Innovative Technologies Explorer , La Poste

Frank Hopkins, Accenture, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Frank Hopkins

Technology Delivery Senior Manager , Accenture



Session 2 - Liberation through automation: a new business model


Cracking postal data: operational analytics as a key driver for constant improvement

  • How will data analytics shape the future of successful postal operators?
  • Building your blueprints: leveraging data for postal network design
  • Cross-border delivery data: driving performance of postal partners via regular reporting
  • Operational analytics: what new tools are on the horizon and what benefits are expected?

Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, Ukrposhta - Post & Parcel Conference
Oleksandr Pertsovskyi

Chief Operating Officer , Ukrposhta


Keeping pace: the postal approach to adopting automation

  • Driving down costs: automation as the saviour of traditional postal revenue streams
  • How does the uptake and impact of automation differ between postal operators and couriers?
  • Maintaining the customer relationship: rolling out new customer oriented services and solutions

Andreas Gregoriou, Cyprus Postal Services, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Andreas Gregoriou

Chief Executive Officer , Cyprus Postal Services

International spotlight | PTT Post

Learning lessons from Turkey: pushing the boundaries of technological capability

Technology is the key component to the development of mass intelligent logistics networks, and therefore central to continued growth. Ismail will share how PTT Post uses new technology, their plans for the near future and lessons learnt so far.

Ismail Kose, Turkish Post, Leaders in Lo
Ismail Köse

Member of Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Technology , PTT Post





Session 3 - Responding to market changes in delivery services

Case study | An Post Retail

Delivering a radically modernised vision of the post office network

An Post Retail was tasked in 2018 with overseeing the significant investment in growing the branch network by expanding reach to meet changing customer needs and shopping patterns. Debbie will explain its strategy, which includes strengthening accessibility to government and community financial services, and cementing post as the backbone of e-commerce; and reflect on the success of the project thus far.

Debbie Byrne, An Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Debbie Byrne

Managing Director – An Post Retail , An Post


Adopting technology to efficiently manage the ever-changing last mile

When it comes to the last mile, logistics operators face many unpredictable obstacles such as the customer changing delivery address or calling customer care regarding delivery status, traffic jams etc. How can technology help smooth the process? Mikael will share how ALK and PocketMobile assist operators to instantly manage change through routing optimisation tools, ETA notifications and more.

Mikael Wallstedt, ALK and PocketMobile, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Mikael Wällstedt

Senior Business Development Manager , ALK and PocketMobile





Session 4 - The innovation hub: preparing for the future

Chaired by Karlijn Krol, Startup Scout, PostNL

Lightning pitches

The appearance of a vast array of agile new start-ups poses both an immediate opportunity and a longer-term potential threat to incumbent postal and logistics operators.

In this session, delegates will hear from a selection of exciting pioneers seeking to enhance the post and parcel industry through their innovative offerings.

Pitch #1: Smart Mile

The SMARTMILE platform is an innovative operating system which enables more efficient, convenient and sustainable deliveries in cities. SMARTMILE creates a unique, open and shared urban delivery infrastructure through its cloud-based software which connects automated parcel terminals to all online buyers, couriers and retailers.

Aku Happo, Smartmile, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Aku Happo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Smart Mile

Pitch #2: PimPamPost

PimPamPost is a sustainable service of international parcels deliveries for European SMEs specializing in e-commerce. It leverages technology and the sharing economy concept to revolutionize the traditional way of sending parcels cross-border in Europe.

Benjamin Chartoire, PimPamPost, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Benjamin Chartoire

Chief Executive Officer , PimPamPost

Pitch #3: ZigZag Global

ZigZag’s mission is to help retailers become more sustainable whilst cutting costs and improving the speed of customer refunds. Its platform connects major retailers to a global network of warehouses, drawing on predictive analytics to work out if a retailer should hold and resell returned products in local markets or bring them back via consolidation.

Al Gerrie, ZigZag Global, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Al Gerrie

Founder & Chief Executive Officer , ZigZag Global

Pitch #4: Fit Things

Slimbox, Fit Things’ first product, helps you reduce costs, have fewer broken goods, and help the environment. With a click of a button, you can make perfectly fitted packaging for the goods you wish to send, avoiding polluting filling materials and high shipping costs. A Slimbox gives you the freedom to have any size or type of box at any given moment.

Filip Roose, Fit Things, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Filip Roose

Chief Executive Officer , Fit Things


Video intelligence: combining video analytics, artificial intelligence and data to increase performance in logistics

Video Surveillance was yesterday. Say Hello to Optics-based Performance Improvement.

Geutebrück will explain how its 50 years’ experience in video surveillance combined with artificial intelligence will increase the performance and transparency of logistics operations. Postal and express operators in particular can look forward to an efficient and yield-increasing entry into digital transformation.

Katharine Geutebruck, Geutebruck GmbH, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Katharina Geutebrück

Executive Director , Geutebrück GmbH

Case study | the Future Lab at bpost

Investing today to enhance service tomorrow: nurturing new talent and ideas

The Future Lab is a brand-new department within bpost, tasked with breakthrough innovation on limited budgets and under challenging timelines. By breaking away from the larger organisation it is better able to investigate customer needs and build solutions for them. Patrick will share recent exciting projects which have emerged from the Future Lab and outline challenges the team will be addressing next.

Patrick Leysen, bpost, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Patrick Leysen

VP Future Lab, Head of Innovation Parcels & Logistics Europe , bpost

Panel discussion

Staying ahead of the curve: selecting the best new ideas and technologies

  • Reflecting on the last five years: how has innovation shaped the delivery industry?
  • From ideas to development: creating a supportive environment
  • How can the culture change necessary to allow for innovation be implemented?
  • The role of marketing: successfully communicating exciting changes to support uptake
  • Addressing the elephant in the room: how to manage market disruption as well as innovation
  • What lessons can be drawn from the experience of other countries?
  • Following the path of investment: predicting the next big thing

Patrick Leysen, bpost, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Patrick Leysen

VP Future Lab, Head of Innovation Parcels & Logistics Europe , bpost

Pedro Nabais, CTT- Correios de Portugal
Pedro Nabais

Innovation & Engineering Manager , CTT – Correios de Portugal

Katharine Geutebruck, Geutebruck GmbH, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Katharina Geutebrück

Executive Director , Geutebrück GmbH


Chair's closing remarks followed by drinks reception at La Tahona - Asador de Aranda


Welcome address


Chair's opening remarks

Session 1

Engaging with the explosion of e-commerce

Keynote addresses

The evolving shape of delivery: the experts’ view on the impact of e-commerce

The post and parcel industry is undergoing a transformative period of change driven largely by the rapid and extensive uptake of e-commerce globally. How can established players successfully adapt their operating model to thrive in this new environment? Here we present a series of short keynotes from major industry leaders to hear how their respective organisations are engaging with e-commerce and their plans for the years ahead.


Peter Umundum, Austria Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Peter Umundum

Board Member – Parcels & Logistics Division , Österreichische Post


Liesbeth Kaashoek, PostNL, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Liesbeth Kaashoek

Executive Committee – Parcels & Logistics , PostNL


Nicolas Mouze, DHL Express Spain, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
Nicolas Mouze

Managing Director, Marketing and Sales , DHL Express Spain


Katie Townsley
Katie Townsley

Director, Marketing Strategy , Accenture Interactive

Leaders’ forum

Making the most of e-commerce: rewards and opportunities

  • The new reality: what is the impact of consumer uptake of e-commerce across Europe?
  • How are retailer demands driving the requirements of the logistics industry?
  • How can delivery operators become flexibly integrated with retailers?
  • Assessing the importance of pricing: being attractive whilst remaining profitable
  • Meeting the challenge of tech giants: retaining full control over your network and customer data
  • Facilitating international collaboration: growing your network to meet e-commerce demands
  • Cementing market presence: responding to the rise of start-ups specialising in last mile
  • Where next for e-commerce delivery?

Peter Umundum, Austria Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Peter Umundum

Board Member – Parcels & Logistics Division , Österreichische Post

Liesbeth Kaashoek, PostNL, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Liesbeth Kaashoek

Executive Committee – Parcels & Logistics , PostNL

Brody Buhler Accenture
Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director, Post and Parcel Industry , Accenture

Nicolas Mouze, DHL Express Spain, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
Nicolas Mouze

Managing Director, Marketing and Sales , DHL Express Spain



Session 2

Learning lessons from around the world


Drawing inspiration from the North American experience

  • What logistics insight can be taken from a postal operator responsible for a vast geography?
  • Catering to a disparate customer base: ensuring parity of service
  • Pivoting focus: reaping the rewards of e-commerce
  • Connecting Canadians to each other and the world: establishing strong global partnerships

Mary Traversy, Canada Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Mary Traversy

Chief Operating Officer , Canada Post


Implementing price optimisation to survive in the digital age

  • How is market digitalisation impacting parcel network pricing?
  • Laying the groundworks: how can organisations begin to start a price optimisation initiative?
  • Outlining the benefits and proving ROI: an assessment of the method
  • Benchmarking progress: case studies and examples

Daniel Rueda, Open Pricer, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Daniel Rueda

Chief Executive Officer , Open Pricer


The European outlook: adapting to a changing industry

  • What logistics insight can be taken from a national post of a smaller country?
  • Working as part of a larger bloc: implications of the EU for post
  • Remaining agile and nimble: rapidly rolling out innovation
  • Predicting the next big thing: where should the industry be investing?

Asta Sungailiene, Lietuvos Pastas, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Asta Sungailiené

Chief Executive Officer , Lietuvos Pastas




Lunch hosted by Accenture

Session 3

Teal Stage | Turquoise Stage

Teal Stage | Breaking down frontiers: cross-border delivery
Turquoise Stage | Recognising mail as the heart of the postal business

Chaired by Ana Hinojosa, Director – Compliance and Facilitation Directorate, World Customs Organisation


Catering to the evolving e-commerce market globally: excellence in both pre-click and post-click experiences

  • Encouraging growth: establishing worldwide delivery alliances
  • What solutions can help e-tailers navigate cross border selling challenges?
  • How can the delivery industry encourage willingness to purchase cross-border items?

Carl Asmus, FedEx Cross Border, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Carl Asmus

President & Chief Executive Officer , FedEx Cross Border


Facilitating cross-border e-commerce: creating a post-to-post network

  • Responding to demands for seamless cross-border delivery
  • Improving the speed of delivery through measurement and monitoring
  • The importance of data: knowledge of the customer underpins better service
  • The consumer benefit: the advantages of a courier service at postal prices

Mark Harrison, International Post Corporation, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Mark Harrison

Head of Markets , International Post Corporation

Case study |  Österreichische Post

Looking to Asia for continued growth and new opportunities

Strong cross-border capabilities are critical in response to evolving customer purchase desires and demands. Martina will share how  Österreichische Post are extending their network through Asia, and reflect on the implications of this focus.

Martina Supper, Österreichische Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Martina Supper

Senior Vice President, International Networks , Österreichische Post



Panel Discussion

Meeting the deadline: responding to the implications of Brexit

  • How much clarity has the industry gained now that the deadline has arrived?
  • Does the rest of Europe care? Examining the impact on bilateral trade
  • Is a soft border in Ireland really achieveable?
  • How will Brexit impede the current haulage network?
  • How will a potentially drawn out process affect the continued growth of e-commerce in the UK?
  • To what extent will UK-based logistics companies move to Europe?
  • What new opportunities may be created elsewhere as a result?
  • Impact on delivery: threats or opportunities?

Gilles Ferrandez, An Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Gilles Ferrandez

Commercial Director - Parcels , An Post

Michael McNally, Jersey Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Michael McNally

Head of International Development , Jersey Post

Jean-Paul Forceville, La Poste Group, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Jean-Paul Forceville

Chairman of the Management Board , PostEurop

Chaired by Derek Osborn, International Postal Coaching, Whatnext4u


Great things come in small packages: a bright future for letters

  • Allaying concern about decline: letters as the main revenue stream for national posts
  • Innovation to enhance letter mail: experience of Romanian Post
  • Where is the journey for mail heading?

Simona Tarabasanu, Posta Romana, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Simona Tarabasanu

Head of International Mail Department , Poşta Română

Case study |  Royal Mail

Digitising the core business: innovation in letters

In the context of a structural decline in mail volumes, a key target for postal operators is to increase efficiency whilst enhancing the service offering for customers. Stephen will describe Royal Mail’s journey which uses technology to achieve this aim.

Stephen Agar, Royal Mail Group, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Stephen Agar

Managing Director - Consumer & Network Access , Royal Mail Group


How sustainable is the present postal model? A counter-argument

  • Is the dominant position of letter mail still tenable in the modern postal age?
  • Addressing the financial burden of the USO
  • Remaining competitive against global operators: the postal approach

Ingimundur Sigurpalsson, Iceland Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Ingimundur Sigurpálsson

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer , Iceland Post



Fireside chat

Supporting the core business: comparing approaches to letter decline

  • Explaining the difference in letter volume decline across Europe
  • Expanding reach: proactively investing in new services to bolster letter mail
  • How can the USO be used to drive forward a focus on growing letters?
  • Looking elsewhere: building new business verticals to offset and manage letter decline
  • What lessons can be drawn from these two approaches?

Peter Kjaer Jensen, PostNord, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Peter Kjaer Jensen

Head of PostNord Denmark , PostNord

Thomas Baldry, Deutsche Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Thomas Baldry

Senior Vice President, International Mail & International Relations , Deutsche Post DHL Group

Session 4

Understanding your retail customer

Chaired by John Callan, Chairman, Postal Vision 2020

Meet and greet

Getting to grips with different markets: connect with the experts

Retailers are an important and growing customer base for both postal and logistics operators, arguably the new decision-makers in the modern world of e-commerce. In this session retail speakers will simultaneously share what their respective companies are looking for in their logistics partners, outlining lessons learnt so far; they will explain how delivery supports their companies’ wider growth and improvement aims. With the intention of strengthening the retail-delivery operator relationship, delegates will then have the opportunity to directly and informally engage in conversation with their chosen retail speaker.

Jose David Manrique, L'Oreal, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
José David Manrique

Omnichannel Supply Chain Innovation , L’Oréal

Yasmeen Alsalti, Westt, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Yasmeen Alsalti

Chief Operations Officer , Westt

Kieran Donovan, White Company, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Kieran Donovan

Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics , The White Company


Building fruitful partnerships: the postal-retailer relationship

  • Tapping into the e-commerce market
  • How can consumers be encouraged to make their purchases through the postal network?
  • Integrating services with e-tail partners: happy customers equals increased revenue
  • Long-term strategy for retail relations

Oyvind Hogset, Norway Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Øyvind Høgset

Senior Vice President E-commerce Services , Norway Post



Closing keynote address


Assessing the future shape of the industry: claiming new markets and opportunities

Julio Gonzalez Garcia, Grupo Correos,Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
Julio González García

Secretary General , Grupo Correos


Chair's closing remarks followed by drinks reception at the Bernabéu Stadium


Chair's opening remarks - Botond Szebeny, Secretary General, PostEurop

Session 5

Anticipating and exceeding customer expectations

Opening address

Improving recipient engagement: the importance of good service

Todd Hooper, Grupo Correos, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Todd Hooper

Vice President, Operations , Grupo Correos


Re-branding post for the modern age: promoting trust amongst customers

  • More than just letter and parcel delivery: post’s pivotal role within the community
  • Putting forward an experiential attitude towards the development of customer channels
  • Which types of additional offerings can be incorporated to the existing service network?
  • How does digitalisation enhance customer experience?

Kaisa Ilola, Posti, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Kaisa Ilola

Vice President, Head of Customer Channels , Posti



Session 6

Assessing the current state of the USPS and its long-term role in the UPU

Fireside chat

Navigating rough terrain: what does the future hold for USPS?

The change in administration in the United States brought increased scrutiny of the USPS’ finances and structure in the shape of a task-force report, following President Trump’s claim that the national postal operator makes a loss on every package delivered for Amazon. Threats of a US withdrawal from the UPU soon followed. Here, our speakers discuss how these changes will shape the postal service as well as implications for the global market at a time of tumultuous change.

John Callan, PostalVision 2020, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
John Callan

Founder / Chairman , Postal Vision 2020

Kate Muth, International Mailers Advisory Board, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Kate Muth

Executive Director , International Mailers Advisory Group

Session 7

Growing the workforce of tomorrow


How can the post and parcel industry attract and retain new talent?

The stability and security of the post and parcel industry workforce is in doubt due to a combination of critical market trends including a labour shortage and the lack of perceived attractiveness of the sector. As large employers, how can postal operators and couriers alike ensure they are addressing the concerns of the younger generation, whilst promoting values of inclusivity and diversity?

Delegates are encouraged to participate throughout using mobile voting.

Silje Skogstad, Deutsche Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Silje Skogstad

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy , Deutsche Post DHL Group



Session 8

Teal Stage | Turquoise Stage

Teal stage | Demystifying regulation in the new world of e-commerce
Turquoise Stage | Meeting customer demands for eco-friendly values

Chaired by Peter Dunn, Director of Client Services, Cullen International


Trying to hit a moving target: a regulatory view on the B2C market

Stefano Gori, Poste Italiane, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Stefano Gori

Head of International European Relations , Poste Italiane


Regulatory evolution: assessing opportunities and risks for letter and parcel delivery

Bruno Basalisco
Bruno Basalisco

Managing Economist , Copenhagen Economics


Levelling the playing field: contractual relations between platforms and their business clients

  • The EC perspective: how should digital platforms be regulated?
  • Delving into the terms & conditions: redressing the power imbalance
  • Enforcing decent industry practice: standardisation for the greater good
  • What’s next on the horizon for regulation of e-commerce?

Werner Stengg, European Commission, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Werner Stengg

Head of Unit E-Commerce & Online Platforms – DG Connect , European Commission



Chaired by Botond Szebeny, Secretary General, PostEurop


Assessing a changing industry: where are green initiatives taking us next?

  • Let’s talk strategy: aspiring to be the nation’s most sustainable brand
  • How is company activity as a whole shaped by environmental policy?
  • Beyond last mile electric vehicles: evaluating green possibilities across the entire supply chain
  • Are big dreams within reach? Sustainability plans in the medium-term

Colin Campbell, Norway Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Colin Campbell

Senior Vice President, HSE & CSR , Norway Post


Unlocking the power of technology to enable sustainable business models

  • How can smart logistics planning make business models environmentally and financially sustainable?
  • Finger on the pulse: adapting to the next-generation of customers, regulation and policies
  • Creating business models that mimic the natural world to advance sustainability
  • Logistics providers as ‘the glue’ to make sustainable models stick

Lucas Florez, Dassault Systemes, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Lucas Florez

Program Manager - Sustainable Value Networks , Dassault Systèmes & DELMIA

Case study | Gnewt Cargo

A collaborative approach: working with the municipality

Delivery operators’ efforts to go green are being propelled forwards by the municipal authority’s own sustainability drive to reduce pollution and congestion. In 2018, Gnewt Cargo partnered with the Greater London Authority to run a low emissions and logistics trial, funded by Innovate UK. Sam will reflect on how this partnership has impacted their respective projects, and the lessons learnt from the process.

Sam Clarke, Gnewt Cargo, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Sam Clarke

Founder , Gnewt Cargo (Menzies Distribution)





Session 9

Using technology to bolster customer engagement

Chaired by Botond Szebeny, Secretary General, PostEurop

Case study | Omniva                                      

Automation in last mile delivery

Constantly increasing labour costs have made automation in the last mile even more pressing. Ansi will share Estonia’s experience and future project plans for automation within the last mile, as well as introduce different innovative solutions which support customer satisfaction.

Ansi Arumeel, OMniva, Leaders in Logistics speaker
Ansi Arumeel

Member of Management Board , Omniva

Case study | Croatian Post

Technology in operations to meet customer expectations

Digital solutions are having a positive impact on operational processes but how does the customer gain? Data collection to aid decision-making has little long-lasting impact on customer demands, as the last best experience rapidly becomes the new minimum expectation. Mladen will highlight the importance of retaining human contact as the enabler of AI and new technologies.

Mladen Puzak, Hrvatska Posta, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Mladen Puzak

Executive Director, Express Division , Croatian Post

Case study | Doddle

Driving footfall through great digital experiences    

Traditional retail and carriers are being disrupted by the shift to digital, driven by the worldwide growth of e-commerce. The delivery industry must contend with this change whilst meeting increasingly demanding customer expectations. Mike will share how Doddle deliver great digital experiences as a means of engaging with its customers, whilst also maximising the return on investment of physical assets.

Mike Richmond, Doddle, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Mike Richmond

Chief Commercial Officer , Doddle




Chair's closing remarks and end of conference


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Exclusive interview with Canada Post’s Chief Operating Officer

“In response to the growth of e-commerce, Canada Post has shifted from a mail-centric to a parcel-centric operation…”

Mary Traversy responds to the industry’s prevailing questions, including how the continuing growth of e-commerce is shaping operations at Canada Post, and how the UPU’s pricing structures have affected national postal operators.

Mary Traversy, Canada Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

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