Formerly known as PostalVision 2020

23 – 24 June 2020

Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Washington DC

Leaders in Logistics: Post and Parcel North America (formerly known as PostalVision 2020) is the place where the most senior executives from the logistics industry come together.


Connect with industry giants and innovative trailblazers, be inspired by disruptors and gain insights from those changing the parcel delivery network as you know it. This event is a one-stop shop to build those all-important relationships and gather information on the latest trends and innovations.

What can you expect?

Unique insights

Leaders in Logistics has a proven track record of attracting expert speakers, including many CEOs, with a strong focus on current trends, developments and challenges in the market, plus innovative and ground-breaking technologies.

Experience Washington

We’ve got lots in store to make sure you can make the most out of your time in iconic Washington, including our highly-anticipated drinks reception! In March we took our European delegates to the famous Bernabéu Stadium – watch this space to find out where you’re headed…


This event is a one-stop-shop to make those all-important connections, with 150+ attendees on the day. Benefit from multiple networking opportunities, a packed exhibition, and the award-winning networking app Brella!

Cutting-edge content

From hearing about USPS’ strategy to UPS’ deployment in drone technology, we’ve got everything covered. Immerse yourself in presentations, pitches and keynotes.

45+ speakers

Keep up-to-date with the latest innovations, with insights from the most exciting, challenging and thought-provoking leaders.

Start-up innovation pitches

See who’s redefining parcel delivery with a dedicated session on some of the latest disruptors in the industry.

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Hot topics for 2020


Future global trends

Hear how global postal operators must adapt to the ever-changing market.

Future USPS strategy

How can USPS redefine their USO? Learn the future strategies for success for the American postal market.

Capitalizing on e-commerce

How can retailers be better served in a growing e-commerce parcel ecosystem?

Managing returns

What role can new technologies play in harmonizing the returns process?

New terminal due rates

What impact will the new UPU agreement have to the American market? Find out the predictions and forecasts in depth!

Innovative technology

From drones to in-home delivery, we’ve got everything covered. Discover how new tech is redefining parcel delivery.

Customer experience

What steps must delivery companies take to achieve the CX dream?


Explore examples from European Postal Operators as they showcase a practical guide to decreasing the environmental impact.

2019 Speakers

David Williams, USPS Board of Governors, Leaders in Logistics

Dave Williams

Vice Chairman, USPS Board of Governors

Brody Buhler Accenture

Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director, Post and Parcel Industry, Accenture

Robert Taub, Postal Regulatory Commission, Leaders in Logistics

Robert Taub

Chairman, Postal Regulatory Commission

John Hagel, Deloitte, Leaders in Logistics

John Hagel

Leader, Centre for the Edge, Deloitte

Kevin McAdams, USPS, Leaders in Logistics

Kevin McAdams

Vice President, Delivery Operations, United States Postal Service (USPS)

Wayne Haubner, Escher, Leaders in Logistics Conference

Wayne Haubner

Chief Technology Officer, Escher Group

Dave Allen, DHL International

Dave Allen, OBE

Honorary Chairman, DHL International

Pascal Clivaz, UPU, Leaders in Logistics

Pascal Clivaz

Deputy Director General, Universal Postal Union

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Conference Day One Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Conference Day Two Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Session 1

Future global trends under the new UPU environment

Opening keynote address

How does the UPU envisage the new terminal dues system working?

Consolidating the US’ role as the leading player in the global postal market

Leaders’ forum

The impact of the new rate regime: re-drawing the global delivery industry

  • What changes will the new self-declared rates bring about in the US market and beyond?
  • Finding your feet: at what rate should postal operators set their terminal dues in this new era?
  • Global self-declaration in 2021: to what extent will we see a shift in global delivery?
  • How will those organizations who already have a global delivery network benefit from the change?
  • What is the long-term future of the UPU and its role in global delivery networks?
  • How will relationships between the couriers and postal operators change over time?
  • Will the new system lead to a single global delivery network?

Session 2

Self-Declared Rates - assessing the American impact

‘Option V’ for victory: a new epoch for global parcel delivery

Grasping the opportunities of the new terminal dues system

  • How will the new terminal dues allow for more competition and expansion in the US market?
  • What challenges can we expect to see with the development of this new market?
  • What does the future hold for private companies following the changes to the rates?

Panel discussion

How will self-declaration change the American delivery market?

  • How much additional revenue is the USPS set to make?
  • To what extent will we see a rise in private companies doing cross-border deliveries?
  • What new opportunities will self-declaration create for private couriers in the US?
  • Will the new system increase the role of private companies for cross-border delivery?
  • How will ETOEs respond to the legislative changes?
  • Could an increase in X-border delivery costs threaten the parcel market that has already declined?

Session 3

Reinventing the last mile with innovative technology

Case study | Ontrac

Autonomous vehicles: transforming the last mile

Parcel logistics firm OnTrac has partnered with last-mile tech startup BoxBot to test the application of autonomous vehicles and mobile parcel lockers for last-mile delivery. To use the service, recipients schedule their delivery at a time of their choosing (including evenings). When the autonomous vehicle arrives, customers receive a text message alert with a unique code that they can use to retrieve their packages from the parcel lockers onboard the autonomous delivery vehicle.

Case study | Walmart

inHome grocery delivery app

Retail giant Walmart has recently launched its home delivery service ‘inHome’ in which drivers can deliver groceries directly to a customer’s refrigerator. Bart will explain how this new method of in-home delivery, including the use of smart locks and video technology, is proving to be a unique and customer-centric method to delivery products in a convenient way.

Panel discussion

The growth of technology in the last mile

  • Where to invest? Identifying the technology solutions right for you
  • Gimmick or game changers? Which technologies will drive real growth opportunities?
  • Preserving your user experience: developing a friendly interface
  • What common pain points are yet to be overcome in this space?
  • Electric or autonomous: where are the most exciting opportunities for vehicles in the last mile?
  • ‘Informed delivery’ and electronic signatures: what other innovations are shaping the US market?

Session 4

Capitalizing on the e-commerce revolution

Harnessing the e-commerce revolution: a technological blueprint

  • Surviving the growth of e-commerce and the dominance of marketplaces
  • Building stronger connections between customers and retailers during the delivery process
  • How can a strong tech platform attract more shippers and buyers to use your products?
  • Why digitize? Understanding the opportunities of digital services for customers

Case study | Shopify

Shopify’s movement into fulfilment: developments in technology

Qualifying merchants in the US can now deliver to their customers through Shopify’s new ‘Fulfilment Network’ – new way to get orders to customers easily and quickly. In this case study, Tobias will outline how smart inventory-allocation technology, powered by machine learning, predicts the closest fulfillment centers and optimal inventory quantities per location to ensure fast, low-cost delivery.

Collaboration is key: giving customers access to UPS’ online marketplace

  • Simplifying shipping for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Creating a multi-carrier shipping platform: what benefits will this bring about?
  • Taking advantage of UPS’ 38,000 access points: creating universal parcel delivery
  • How can retailers make returns more cost effective?

Closing keynote address

Understanding e-commerce: delivery solutions that surpass customer expectations

End of day 1 - followed by drinks reception

Session 5

Defining the USPS strategy for the future

Opening keynote address

Utilizing technology and innovation to improve the efficiency of the USPS

‘Redefining the USO’: optimizing the United States Postal Service

Panel discussion

The future of USPS in a rapidly changing market

  • To what extent is the current USO restricting USPS’ development?
  • From reducing 6-day delivery to closing post offices: what changes should be made?
  • How can USPS be given greater governance over their strategy?
  • Opening up the letter box monopoly: how might this benefit the postal service?
  • Partnering with private networks: can this better serve customers and save money?
  • What areas of USPS are ripe for technological disruption and why?

Session 6

Main Stage | Focus Sessions

Main Stage - Adapting to the needs of the customer: redefining parcels deliveries
Focus Sessions - Start Up Pitches

Putting customers first: a balance of convenience and trust

  • Achieving 21st Century last mile delivery: what do USPS still need to do?
  • What technological advancements are USPS investing in to increase customer satisfaction?
  • The role of cluster boxes: how can they improve CX and cut cost?
  • How important are face-to-face interactions with customers in an increasingly digital world?

Case study | FedEx

Meeting rural customers through collaboration

FedEx and Dollar General have recently announced a strategic partnership that will offer new, convenient access to FedEx drop-off and pickup services at over 8,000 Dollar General stores across the United States. In this presentation, Scott Harkins will outline FedEx’s plan to offer a convenient last mile delivery service to their customers in the growing e-commerce market, while also cutting down spiraling delivery costs.

Panel discussion

Future proofing the strategy for a successful last mile delivery

  • Exploring customer convenience: what do consumers want from their deliveries?
  • Flexibility vs efficiency: creating adaptable delivery models without impacting profits
  • Will the US follow Europe with their growing up-take of lockers and how can this strategy be best executed?
  • How can the gig economy be taken advantage of in urban areas and facilitate the best delivery service?
  • How can incumbent companies stay agile in a competitive and rapidly advancing technological world?
  • Growing awareness: how important is sustainability for logistics and retailers in the last mile?

Pitches to be confirmed.

Session 7

Main Stage | Focus Sessions

Main Stage - Adapting return models to serve the customer
Focus Sessions - Start Up Pitches

Managing the growing demand for returns

  • What is it that customers want when it comes to returns?
  • How can technology facilitate this shift?
  • Going paperless: how can this improve the returns process and increase customer satisfaction?
  • How can the network meet the increased level of returns?

Panel discussion

Reverse logistics and the circular economy

  • How are retailers responding to the growing number of returns and particularly the cross-border challenges?
  • What are the main pain points customers face and how can these be minimized?
  • How are instant refunds changing customer expectations in the returns market?
  • What role can new technologies play in harmonizing the returns process?
  • The circular economy: what new opportunities arise in an era of high returns?
  • How can retailers ensure that the cost of returns are kept under control?

Pitches to be confirmed.

Session 8

The future is green: creating a sustainable delivery network

Panel discussion

A holistic approach to sustainability

  • Growing customer awareness: how important is sustainability for logistics and retailers?
  • Comprehensive solutions: integrating sustainable solutions throughout the supply chain
  • Beyond delivery vehicles: finding sustainable energy sources for trucking and warehousing
  • The role of the retailer: how can they improve packaging?
  • Is a reduction in the amount of packaging compatible with warehouse efficiency?

A view from the EU: sustainability in practice

Closing keynote address

Amazon’s 5 sustainability goals: from conception to delivery

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