Innovation and transformation in the final stage of e-commerce fulfilment

27 June 2019

Stamford Bridge, London

Introducing Leaders in Logistics: Last Mile Delivery, a brand new one day event dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing landscape of last mile, with an emphasis on technology and innovation.

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Join us on 27 June 2019 at Stamford Bridge, London, where we are bringing together key industry stakeholders: innovative logistics and postal operators, exciting delivery start-ups, solutions providers and retailers.

Why take a day out of the office?

A model that delivers

Join retailers and logistic operators including DPD, DHL, Doddle, Bpost, Avon, Waitrose and eBay to determine how you can build dynamic control over your last mile, to ensure consumer retention and a streamlined process.

Leaders in Logistics Conference

Concrete Lessons

Hear from Transport for London, Hermes, Stuart, Quiqup, PostNord and many others. Discover detailed examples of innovation in the last mile and learn how you can adapt these solutions to revolutionise the final leg of your distribution process.

Leaders in Logistics Conference

The Big-3 Challenge

Learn how Amazon works from a former Amazon insider, engage in discussions on how to compete with the most successful e-commerce players with CitySprint and Swiss Post and discover if emulation can boost your last mile.

Leaders in Logistics Conference

The Drive To Collaborate

Parcelly has driven collaboration to survive in the modern world of logistics. Determine how collaboration provides the opportunities for growth, whilst easing pressure on profit margins, and learn how to adapt to cities that are ever-more concerned about the environmental impact of delivery vehicles.

Leaders in Logistics Conference


With dedicated discussions on how technology can offer new solutions, hear real-life examples from Whistl, Omniva, Posten Norge, XPO Logistics and UPS on how autonomous robots, proactive tracking, voice technology and warehousing can revolutionise your service.

Leaders in Logistics Conference


With roundtables, panel discussions, interactive seminars and an innovation hub, there are untold opportunities to engage with peers and discover how you can develop your own delivery solutions.

Leaders in Logistics Conference


Clemens Beckmann, Deutsche Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Dr Clemens Beckmann

Head of Smart Cities and Last Mile Solutions, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Richard Blown, Hermes, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Richard Blown

Head of Innovation, Hermes

Nick Basford, UPS, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Nick Basford

Vice President of Global Retail and E-commerce Strategy, UPS

Natalie Frow, DHL Supply Chain, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Natalie Frow

Vice President: Home Delivery, DHL Supply Chain

Dieter Bambauer, Swiss Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Dr Dieter Bambauer

Chief Executive Officer: Post Logistics, Swiss Post

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Patrick Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer, CitySprint Group

Elaine Kerr, DPD, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker

Elaine Kerr

Director of Sales and CRM, DPD

Neil McLauchlan

Neil McLauchlan

Director of UK Seller Delivery Experience, eBay Marketplaces

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Last Mile Delivery Thursday, 27 June 2019

Chair's opening remarks - Neil Ashworth, Chief Executive Officer, Collect+ and Chief Strategy Officer, Yodel

Session 1

Improving the business model through new technologies | 09.00 - 11.05

Keynote opening address

Keeping pace with an ever-changing technological landscape

Clemens Beckmann, Deutsche Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Dr Clemens Beckmann

Head of Smart Cities and Last Mile Solutions , DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

In conversation

Learning from each other: assessing approaches to implementing new tech

Incumbent operators and start-ups each have their own strengths, which shape their respective capability to develop and implement new technologies. Here, our speakers reflect on the shape and significance of this difference, and debate what each side can learn from the other.

Discussion points:

  • Friend or foe? Assessing the interplay between incumbents and new start-ups
  • A running start: leveraging the incumbent established reputation and secured market-share
  • The need for agility: identifying and responding to market trends
  • How can start-ups scale up to achieve nationwide success?
  • How can an innovation mindset be embedded across the company?
  • How critical is new technology to the survival of both start-ups and incumbents in last mile?

Delegates are encouraged to participate via Slido.

Richard Blown, Hermes, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Richard Blown

Head of Innovation , Hermes

David Saenz, Stuart, e-commerce
David Saenz

Chief Operating Officer , Stuart

Series of case studies

Increasing efficiency and speed: showcasing best-in-class delivery offerings

Here, five industry-leading companies share a specific example of how they have incorporated cutting-edge technology to reduce costs as well as enhance flexibility and speed of delivery for the customer. 

Proactive tracking | Whistl

Parcelhub Ltd, acquired by Whistl in 2018, offers an innovative tracking solution, which, with the aid of technology, proactively responds to abnormalities in the delivery process to ensure shippers’ delivery promises are met.

Mark Rosenberg, Whistl, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Mark Rosenberg

Founder and Managing Director , Parcelhub – Part of the Whistl Group

Delivery robots | Omniva

Omniva successfully deployed (on a trial basis) an innovative parcel delivery robot on the streets of Tallinn, using actual customer parcels, which otherwise would have been sent to post offices. Their award winning solution, Robovan, combines the practicalities of a van with the advantages of autonomous delivery.

Andre Veskimeister, Omniva, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Andre Veskimeister

Head of Parcel Business , Omniva

Automate | Posten Norge

Posten Norge is looking for solutions to cope with declining letter volumes and increasing B2C parcel deliveries – autonomous technologies could be part of the answer.

Gunnar Inderberg, Posten Norge, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Gunnar Inderberg

Head of Value Chain Development , Posten Norge

Voice | XPO Logistics

XPO has launched voice-enabled delivery tracking, allowing customers to ask questions about their delivery and reschedule delivery slots.

Arron Kendall, XPO Logistics, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Arron Kendall

Commercial Director , XPO Logistics

Warehousing | UPS

There is a clear market for warehousing and fulfilment optimisation considering the lack of readily available land in key areas, and the need to get closer to the customer – UPS has launched Ware2Go, which establishes a network of vetted fulfilment partners merchants can access.

Nick Basford, UPS, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Nick Basford

Vice President of Global Retail and E-commerce Strategy , UPS

Session 2

Boosting brand loyalty: differentiating through customer experience | 11.35 - 13.10

Boosting brand loyalty: differentiating through customer experience

Putting the customer at the heart of last mile delivery

  • Who owns the customer? Assessing retailers and delivery operators’ relationship
  • The key to success: building and maintaining a strong brand presence
  • Weighing up the importance of customer experience against price of delivery
  • What are some of the promising new offerings focused on customer experience in the last mile?

Michel Kaloustian, Quiqup, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
Michel Kaloustian

Vice President , Quiqup

Case study | PostNord

Taking the next step: from a physical product to commercialising on digital

PostNord is updating its highly popular app, utilising the vast amounts of customer data at its disposal, to give customers increased control of their deliveries. Isabelle will share how PostNord is incorporating exciting technologies such as augmented reality and machine learning, and explore how such a service can be monetised.

Isabelle Bauman, PostNord, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Isabelle Baumann

Head of Business Development , PostNord


Capitalising on technology to reach the customer in new ways

In this session, Elaine will share how DPD has turned its delivery operatives into skilled mobile workers, and outline the benefits for both customer and business. Delegates will then have the chance to brainstorm further possible innovations, which serve to redefine the delivery-service proposition.

Elaine Kerr, DPD, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
Elaine Kerr

Director of Sales and CRM , DPD

Session 3

Offering ultimate dynamic control over delivery | Amazonian thinking to ensure business success | 14.25 - 15.50

Offering ultimate dynamic control over delivery
Amazonian thinking to ensure business success
Panel discussion

Serving today’s customer with a choice of delivery models

  • Assessing the pros and cons of modern delivery models: how do they work in practice?
  • Harnessing customer data to offer a personalised journey
  • To what extent does technology create memorable experiences?
  • Assessing trends in customer behaviour: the impact of demographic change
  • What is the impact of varying delivery models on the bottom line?
  • To what extent do green values influence customer’s decision-making?
  • How successful are lock-in subscription models beyond grocery?
  • Offering utmost convenience for the customer: what’s coming next?

Neil McLauchlan
Neil McLauchlan

Director of UK Seller Delivery Experience , eBay Marketplaces

Natalie Frow, DHL Supply Chain, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Natalie Frow

Vice President: Home Delivery , DHL Supply Chain

Graeme Carter, Avon, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Graeme Carter

Group Vice President: Order Fulfilment and Distribution , Avon


Staying one step ahead of the ever-increasing baseline of delivery

In this session four exciting delivery models will be showcased followed by discussion. Delegates can sign-up in advance to attend any of the roundtables, which will run simultaneously.

Pick & Ship | Doddle

Doddle’s ship and pick from store is an increasingly popular choice for customers, providing a secure and flexible delivery option – impacting carriers and customer engagement with the delivery process.

Rene Schrama, Doddle, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
René Schrama

Managing Director , Doddle

In-fridge | Waitrose 

In late 2018, Waitrose & Partners began the first UK trial of in-home delivery using connected smart locks, recorded for the customer to view.

Andy Roddy, John Lewis Partnership, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Andy Roddy

Operations Lead - JLP Ventures , John Lewis Partnership

Crowd-sourced | bpost

Across Belgium, customers can make use of Parcify, owned by bpost, which offers a crowdsourced delivery platform connecting senders and drivers through an app.

Patrick Leysen, bpost, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Patrick Leysen

VP Future Lab, Head of Innovation Parcels & Logistics Europe , bpost

Urban micro-depots | DPD

Starting in October 2018, DPD UK began rolling out the first all-electric urban delivery network throughout London, featuring eight micro-depots.

Rob Fowler, DPD UK, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Rob Fowler

General Manager - CSR and Technical Planning , DPD UK

The above roundtables repeat giving delegates the chance to join another of the four on offer.

Interactive seminar

Understanding Amazon equals winning the last mile

Is Amazon keeping you up at night? Are you trying to work out if Amazon is a threat or the biggest thing that could happen to your parcel network or business? In this interactive workshop, Marek teams up with Ian and draws upon his experience at Amazon VP Logistics Europe to help postal and parcel executives understand Amazon. Learn how Amazonian thinking can help your business work – or compete – with the world’s most successful e-commerce player.

Ian Kerr, Postal Hub Podcast, Leaders in Logistics Conference
Ian Kerr

Founder , The Postal Hub

Marek Różycki, Last Mile Experts, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Marek Różycki

Managing Partner , Last Mile Experts

Session 4

Collaboration in the last mile | 16.20 - 17.50

Making the case for collaboration: improving price, availability and efficiency

  • Reaching capacity: allowing for a growth in volume of deliveries whilst easing pressure on margins
  • What is the impact on delivery operators of major European cities going green?
  • How does the development of new software facilitate partnerships?
  • How resistant are competing delivery companies to opening up their operations to others?

Sebastian Steinhauser Parcelly photo
Sebastian Steinhauser

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Parcelly

Case study | Transport for London

Adapting to modern urban delivery: learning from last-mile partnership in action

In late 2018, Transport for London launched a research initiative to explore how last mile delivery could be improved for customers – becoming more sustainable and efficient through collaboration. Alan will reveal their findings thus far, and outline the resulting planned concepts to be piloted in urban environments.

Alan Barrie, TFL, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Alan Barrie

Senior Advisor - ecommerce & Logistics , Transport for London

Strategic discussion

Countering the threat of Amazon, Alibaba and eBay: cooperating as a means of survival

  • Getting a piece of the pie: how can delivery operators challenge the Big 3’s market share?
  • To what extent can others compete with the Big 3’s logistics backbone and IT integration?
  • To what extent should operators emulate the Big 3’s delivery models?
  • More than just ‘free delivery’: how can operators differentiate?
  • How can customer loyalty be strengthened to secure future business success?
  • Seeing the positives: how does extreme competition drive innovation and collaboration?

Delegates are encouraged to participate via Slido.

Dieter Bambauer, Swiss Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Dr Dieter Bambauer

Chief Executive Officer: Post Logistics , Swiss Post

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Patrick Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer , CitySprint Group

Chair's closing remarks followed by drinks reception

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