E-Commerce event bringing together leading retailers, logistics and postal operators

Previously The Future of E-Commerce Delivery

26 June 2018

Radisson Blu Portman, London

About E-Commerce Delivery 2018

Leaders in Logistics: E-Commerce Delivery is the future facing e-commerce conference exploring the most innovative approaches to delivery operations and customer excellence.

This year key decision makers from leading retailers, logistics operators and national posts met for a day of partnership building and strategic discussion addressing the future of the industry.

Retail & Logistics

20+ senior experts across retail and logistics spoke, including the CEO of CitySprint, the COO of Navabi, the Head of Delivery Experience at eBay and the CTO of Doddle.

Tailor Your Agenda

There were two sessions on long distance cross-border and last mile urban delivery. Attendees discovered more about John Lewis, Asda, the IPC and Ecommerce Europe and their experiences.

Focus on Sustainability

We hosted a focus session on sustainability: how the industry is approaching the growing consumer demand for a green offering.  Both the retail and logistics perspectives were presented in a fireside chat.

Have Your Say

People voiced their opinions with mobile voting. People started conversations in the workshops. People built relationships at the drinks reception.

Who did you meet this year?

2018 Speakers

Matthieu Paulssen, Navabi | Leaders in Logistics

Matthieu Paulssen

Chief Operating Officer, Navabi

Jon Ford - eBay | Leaders in Logistics

Jon Ford

Head of Delivery Experience, eBay

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Patrick Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer, CitySprint

Paul Anastasiou photo

Paul Anastasiou

Senior Director Development – Asda Logistics Services, Asda Group

Gary-O'Connor, Doddle, Leaders in Logistics Speaker

Gary O'Connor

Chief Technology Officer, Doddle

Colin Turner, John Lewis photo

Colin Turner

Senior Strategy Manager - Supply Chain, John Lewis Partnership

Gilles Ferandez, An Post, Leaders in Logistics Conference

Gilles Ferrandez

Sales Director, An Post

Elena Cinquegrana photo

Elena Cinquegrana

Group Product Director, Photobox

More Speakers

John Lewis Partnership Logo

“A really meaningful event attended by Industry heavy hitters. It was an intensely valuable experience covering topics that are vitally important in today’s and tomorrow’s markets.”

General Manager, Central Planning, Operations
John Lewis

Stuart | Leaders in Logistics Partner“An event built for successful interactions and informative talks – one of our staple events for the logistics industry.”

Commercial Director

Quiqup Logo

“A great conference covering a topic that is becoming more relevant to the future of commerce and logistics”

Co-Founder and CEO

2018 Agenda

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E-Commerce Delivery 2018 Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Welcome Address - David Saunders, Managing Director, Marketforce


Chair's opening remarks - Georgina Emsley, Senior National Account Manager, Coty UK

Session 1

Navigating a new world of business models

Keynote address

Adjusting to change: staying ahead of the curve

Matthieu Paulssen, Navabi | Leaders in Logistics
Matthieu Paulssen

Chief Operating Officer , Navabi

Keynote address

Are you embracing or just surviving the digital age?

As shoppers move from bricks to clicks the high street must be re-imagined if physical stores are to continue to thrive. Patrick will explore the threats and opportunities for retailers within the new digital age and how a seamless delivery experience can connect your physical and digital presence.

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Patrick Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer , CitySprint

Leaders’ forum

Spoilt for choice? Assessing the merits of emerging delivery options

In this opening debate, our panellists will discuss the rise and respective merits of new delivery models including: direct-to-customer, customer-to-other, shops as fulfilment, crowd-sourced delivery, click and collect, access points and lockers.

  • Are existing delivery models fit for purpose?
  • How are customer expectations stimulating the growth of new models?
  • How are incumbent postal and logistics operators responding to agile challengers?
  • To what extent are retailers working to meet demand?
  • What are the opportunities for innovative start-ups?
  • How might new models affect the retailer – carrier relationship?
  • Which new model has the most potential?
  • What other innovations might bring about a step-change?

Delegates will be encouraged to participate throughout via questions and mobile voting.

Matthieu Paulssen, Navabi | Leaders in Logistics
Matthieu Paulssen

Chief Operating Officer , Navabi

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Patrick Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer , CitySprint

Jon Ford - eBay | Leaders in Logistics
Jon Ford

Head of Delivery Experience , eBay



Session 2

Strategic implications of digital innovation

Case study | Parcelly

Digital innovation plays a key role in the bid to elevate the consumer experience of delivery and foster long term loyalty. Carriers must be as creative as retailers in remaining one step ahead of customer expectations. Sebastian will share insight on Parcelly’s in-house technology developments and how they are leveraging these to remain competitive.

Sebastian Steinhauser Parcelly photo
Sebastian Steinhauser

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Parcelly

Last metre accuracy and customer experience
  • Meeting last mile delivery challenges in both urban and rural areas
  • Drawing on research to challenge the way we talk about addresses
  • Transform your customers’ experience: delivering to the right place, every time, everywhere

Pierre Francois

Senior Partnerships Manager - Logistics , what3words

Panel discussion

Maximising the opportunities of technology: seeing past the hype

  • How are new technologies transforming delivery networks?
  • Harnessing the potential of machine learning and AI in both retail and logistics
  • An explosion in last-mile delivery solutions: assessing value added
  • How can the industry successfully engage with disruptive new players?
  • Are retailers keeping pace with carriers in terms of investment in digital?
  • From declining post to expanding parcel
  • How can technology facilitate a deeper customer connection?
  • Which new technologies can deliver the consumer expectations of tomorrow?

Elena Cinquegrana photo
Elena Cinquegrana

Group Product Director , Photobox

Sebastian Steinhauser Parcelly photo
Sebastian Steinhauser

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Parcelly

Pierre Francois

Senior Partnerships Manager - Logistics , what3words

Mark Ransby

Chief Architect , Doddle



Session 3

Last mile delivery

Case study | John Lewis

Adopting emerging technologies as a large omni-channel retailer

Retailers must endeavour to keep up with the rapid pace of change which has taken place in the last decade, altering how they reach and engage with customers. Colin will assess the megatrends impacting the retail industry and share lessons from John Lewis’ journey.

Colin Turner, John Lewis photo
Colin Turner

Senior Strategy Manager - Supply Chain , John Lewis Partnership

Case study | Stuart

Exceeding customer expectations through partnership: a Nike case study

Retailers invest in their customer journey by seeking to offer the best service possible. Nicole will explain how Stuart helped Nike to delight their in-store customers whilst discovering a key data point for future offerings.

Nicole Mazza

Commercial Director , Stuart

Case study | toyou at Asda

Asda’s innovative new service caters to the modern busy customer with increasingly high expectations by easing their delivery experience. Capitalising on their network of stores with extended opening hours and available parking space, Asda has partnered with a multitude of retailers to offer both parcel collection and returns through click and collect. Paul will introduce the new service offering, and discuss how this model impacts on both customer experience and the delivery network.

Paul Anastasiou photo
Paul Anastasiou

Senior Director Development – Asda Logistics Services , Asda Group


Discussion | Quiqup

Growing alongside Amazon: delivering sustainable growth in the digital age

Retailers’ response to evolving customer delivery expectations often entails handing over their e-commerce needs to big tech, as they reshape their businesses. Control of the retailers’ brand, customer, data and movement of their goods is frequently tied up with this transfer. Learn from Quiqup how retailers can satisfy consumer demand for products today without surrendering their customer and data. Michel will reveal how businesses can create future-proof models that drive sustainable growth in a city on the go.

Michel Kaloustian, Quiqup, Leaders in Logistics Conference Speaker
Michel Kaloustian

Vice President , Quiqup

Session 4

Long distance cross border delivery: Chaired by Gilles Ferrandez, Commercial Director - Parcels, An Post

Cross-border shoppers: understanding consumer needs in a changing world
  • What do consumers value when shopping online?
  • How can e-retailers support consumers to shop online
  • Brexit: what are the potential risks for consumers shopping online across borders?

Thomas Brooks

Principal Policy Manager , Citizens Advice

Supporting customers’ cross-border delivery experience: excellence in logistics and returns
  • How can logistics provide customers with the certainty and convenience they expect?
  • Allaying concern: ensuring a smooth cross-border returns process
  • How to keep your customers happy
  • Looking ahead: how to sustain UK consumer willingness to purchase cross-border items

Luke Lloyd

Manager Market Research , International Post Corporation


Spotlight on Asia

Catering to the cross-border luxury market
  • Meeting the growing Asian demand for Western goods purchased online
  • Improving the cost ratio per item shipped: the use of 3rd party warehouses
  • How to ensure a consistently high consumer delivery experience
  • Opportunities of tomorrow: innovating beyond core postal services

Michael McNally, Jersey Post, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Michael McNally

Head of International Development , Jersey Post




Brexit: coping with e-commerce delivery’s biggest new border
  • What is the potential impact of the various possible outcomes of the Brexit process?
  • How might a transition period work?
  • What can the industry do to best prepare?
  • What new opportunities might be created elsewhere in the EU as a result?
  • The EC’s Digital Single Market Strategy: assessing its influence
  • Understanding the cost base to ensure profitable cross-border transactions

Walter Trezek UPU photo
Walter Trezek

Co-chair of the e-logistics Working Group , Ecommerce Europe



Session 5

Working collaboratively to stay one step ahead of the customer: Chaired by Georgina Emsley, Senior National Account Manager, Coty UK

Fireside chat

The retail and carrier ecosystem: providing an aligned and consistent delivery service

Customers often conflate their e-commerce retail and logistics experiences, anticipating a coherent and seamless brand interaction as well as always-on communication channels.

  • How best can the industry respond to these demands?
  • How can retailers and carriers forge a closer partnership?
  • To what extent do international approaches currently differ?
  • What role does technology integration play?
  • Should carriers become more white-label, their identity subsumed by the retailer?
  • Alternatively, should carriers strengthen their own brand to become logistics operator of choice for customers?

Sarah Garvin Amara Leaders in Logistics
Sarah Garvin

Fulfilment & Logistics Manager , Amara

Sebastian Steinhauser Parcelly photo
Sebastian Steinhauser

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Parcelly

Focus session


In a highly fractured and competitive market, it has become increasingly important to differentiate your offering so as to increase revenue. A critical way to bolster customer loyalty and reduce costs in the long term, applicable to both retailers and logistics, is to implement sustainable business principles. Our speakers will each give a 10 minute presentation on how their respective companies are attempting this, followed by a discussion with questions from delegates.


Going green: a retail perspective

Younger consumers in particular increasingly search for brands which align with their global and eco-friendly values – retailers must enable customers to feel good about their purchase decisions. In what innovative ways can retailers develop their brand so as to build customer loyalty? What is the best long term strategy to build a strong reputation as a socially responsible retailer?

Paul Edwick photo
Paul Edwick

Chief Executive Officer , Lucy Locket

Going green: a logistics perspective

Carriers face growing costs as charges are levied, particularly in cities, in a bid to reduce pollution and congestion. Retailers face growing pressure from customers to demonstrate quantifiable carbon savings. In what innovative ways can retailers and carriers alike meet the pressure for decreased emissions whilst maintaining a profitable and sustainable operating model? How can we meet the challenge of delivering in high density areas?

Sam Clarke, Gnewt Cargo, Leaders in Logistics Speaker
Sam Clarke

Founder , Gnewt Cargo (Menzies Distribution)


Chair's closing remarks and drinks reception

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Radisson Blu Portman, London

Radisson Blu Portman, London

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