Network from home

Access 1,000+ national posts and couriers

Going online doesn’t mean compromised networking opportunities. Our market-leading networking platform gives you the opportunity to make valuable connections, and its AI-driven matchmaking software means you meet exactly who you want to.

View company and exhibitor profiles, arrange video meetings and turn your business ideas into reality.




Meet with other attendees

Send out a meeting request to any attendee and start chatting with the most senior decision-makers and buyers in the banking industry.




Access 1-2-1 video meetings

Arrange, schedule and hold 20-minute 1-2-1 video meetings with the attendees you’re most interested in.





Organise your schedule

Keep track of all your upcoming meetings, plan your day and optimise your virtual time. 

Intelligent learning algorithm

AI-powered networking keeps learning about your interests to present you with the best matches, so that you get the most return on time as possible.

Raise your profile

Along with your professional information such as job title and employer, add a summary or a YouTube video about your company.

See who is interested in you

You don’t have to do all the work! Gain access to a list of fellow attendees who have shown interest in you. You decide if you want to take it further.

Peronsalised recommendations

Based on your profile and behaviour, the intelligence algorithm connects you with content session and visitors that matches your interests.

Get your ticket

Whether you work for a logistics carrier, postal operator, courier, solution provider or consultancy, your ticket gives you access to everything. Listen to all the content available, join in with the live Q&As, chat with any of the attendees and experience all that our market leading networking and matchmaking platform has to offer.