Why attend?




Future clients, future demands

The future is not only millennial. Find out how client profiles are becoming ever-more diverse in an ever-more digital age. Dive deeper into how women, HENRYs and the mass-affluent are currently being served and the challenges that lie ahead for these segments. Last but not least, explore how to strike the balance between the human and the digital. 

Capitalising on new technology

Whether it is RPA, AI, big data or blockchain, technology has the potential to transform every aspect of business, so how should it be approached? Discover where organisations should be placing their bets and why. 

Refreshing the client experience

From transforming the on-boarding process to creating hyper-personalised environments and hybrid robo-advisors, explore everything the traditional and digital players are up to. 

The evolving competitive landscape

WealthTechs and BigTechs: threats or opportunities? Share your views on how the wealth management space is set to change over the next decade, including an exclusive perspective straight from the globe’s fastest growing wealth region: Asia. 

Next-generation investments

Discover how to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies and the philanthropic land of impact investing as they march on towards the mainstream. Clients are ready for them, are you?

WealthTech Fireworks!

Meet the startups challenging the status quo at our brand new WealthTech Evening. Learn about the future of wealth and stay up to date with the latest in disruption.