Pre-conference WealthTech Evening


6pm, 11 March 2020

Hilton Tower Bridge, London

WealthTech Evening

11 March | 18.30 – 20.15

The wealth industry runs the risk of lagging behind and becoming seriously disrupted by digitally-savvy challengers. Do you know who you should be keeping an eye out for or who you should be partnering with? This evening is dedicated to exploring the most exciting start-ups working in the wealth industry. Network with your peers over drinks and canapes and sit back and listen to start-ups pitch to you. This year, we present:

Gustavo Silva, Investment Innovators: Wealth Summit, Rosecut

Showcase 1 | Rosecut

Gustavo Silva
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Rosecut provides impartial digital wealth management allowing clients to access and monitor their investment portfolio and financial plan anytime, anywhere.

Cyrus Fazel, Swissborg

Showcase 2 | Swissborg

Cyrus Fazel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


The SwissBorg project uses robo advisors and deep learning algorithms to enable community members to optimise their cryptocurrency holdings.

David Newman, Investment Innovators: Wealth Summit
Showcase 3 | Impact Agora

David Newman
Co – Founder


Impact Agora is an industry initiative, sponsored by Barclays and powered by Delio, to convene an institutional marketplace for impact investing. Accelerators, venture funds, corporates, wealth managers, and family offices will use the platform to share and find impact deals and funds.

Robert Slater, Investment Innovators: Wealth Summit
Showcase 4 | Cognitive Credit

Robert Slater
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Cognitive Credit

Cognitive Credit pairs expertise in technology and finance to develop scalable solutions for institutional credit investors. Using innovative, data-driven software that gathers real-time market data, Cognitive Credit provides investors with the edge they need.



ELISABETH DANA, Investment Innvoators: Wealth Summit
Showcase 5 | Infinity Circle

Elisabeth Dana
Chief Executive Officer
Infinity Circle

Infinity Circle is building a trusted global digital platform to serve the growing needs of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) for efficient, always-available, and custom-tailored financial services.