Must-see sessions





Leaders’ Forum


Embracing industry-wide change
  • How can wealth managers thrive in a fast-evolving digital world?
  • From new technologies to new business models: exploring the opportunities ahead
  • The best of both worlds: how can the human touch be preserved in a digital era?
  • Evolving with the times: creating an innovative culture
  • Confronting the next intergenerational transfer of wealth: are organisations ready?
  • How real is the threat of Big Techs entering the wealth management industry?
  • What opportunities and challenges will new players bring with them?
  • A spotlight on open APIs: are marketplace models key to the future of digital wealth?

Dirk Klee, Chief Executive Officer, Savings, Investments and Wealth Management, Barclays
David Durlacher,
Chief Executive Officer, Julius Baer International
Toby Triebel,
Chief Executive Officer, Wealthsimple


Keynote address


Wealth reimagined: defining a new paradigm 

Having recently served as a Chief Executive Officer at Barclays Personal Banking of Barclaycard, Steven brings his deep experience in digital transformation to the wealth and private banking industry. Hear his unique perspective on how the industry is set to evolve. 

Steven Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, C. Hoare & Co


Panel Discussion


The march of the WealthTechs: competitors or partners?

• Identifying emerging competition in wealth management
• From FinTechs to emerging technologies: what are the key drivers of digital disruption?
• Combining brand strength with FinTech innovation: navigating new partnerships
• What are the challenges of marrying two distinct corporate cultures?
• Build, buy or partner: remaining competitive in an ever-changing landscape
• How is the emergence of robo technology opening doors to out-of-industry players?
• Big Techs: is this the new threat on the horizon?

James Rainbow, Chief Executive Officer, Schroders Personal Wealth
Shirley Crystal Chua, Group Chief Executive Officer, Golden Equator Wealth
Joe Parkin, Head of iShares and Digital Wealth UK, Blackrock
Martin Stead, Chief Executive Officer, Nutmeg


Lessons from Asia | Golden Equator Wealth


One step ahead of the curve

In Asia, uptake of digital platforms through which consumers run their entire lives is a thing of the present, with Tencent and Ant Financial having already rolled out wealth and asset management offerings. Amid these pressures, Shirley will uncover how these developments have affected the Asian wealth management market and the steps wealth managers have had to take to adapt.

Shirley Crystal Chua, Group Chief Executive Officer, Golden Equator Wealth


Case Study | Coutts & Co


Riding the open banking wave: placing APIs at the heart of your engagement strategy

Open APIs have proven to be a powerful force for innovation in the retail banking sector creating a bridge for financial institutions and third-party providers to share services, all with the client’s consent and the regulator’s oversight. In the UK, Coutts & Co had pioneered the adoption of open APIs in private banking, providing clients with a single view of their wealth. Jonathan and Konan will share the how open APIs have created a vast array of opportunities allowing the firm to connect with clients in ways unimagined before.