The evolution of distribution

Exploring the next frontier of insurance distribution – from direct models and empowering agents, to changing customer behaviours and new digital offerings

Join industry experts as they explore how the role of agents is evolving and whether the traditional carrier-agent relationship is at its end. 

The panel discusses:

  • 2020 and the impact on insurance distribution: exploring shifts in consumer behaviour and the effects on buying habits
  • How is the role of agents evolving? What is causing change?
  • Has the digital acceleration in the insurance market resulted in a move towards D2C models?
  • Is the future for agents one of value-added distribution?
  • Overcoming digital deficits: empowering agents to offer the best service possible and deliver more to customers at the point of sale
  • What new technologies can be leveraged to create flawless multi-channel customer experiences?
  • Strategies for acquiring and retaining customers: how are carriers driving optimal value from the customer relationship?
  • Exploring the platform economy: what must insurers do to prepare and capitalise on new opportunities?
  • How might platforms impact the way insurance is distributed: is this the end of the traditional carrier-agent relationship?

Hear from the expert panel:

Matthew Kirk, Senior Vice President , Chief Sales & Distribution Officer, Small Commercial, The Hartford

Marcus Oberholzer, Head of Growth & Strategy, Spire Nationwide

Graham Haigh, VP Broker Distribution, Wawanesa

Neil Betteridge, VP Strategy, Guidewire



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