Insurance Innovators Video Interviews

Watch the interviews from the Future of General Insurance 2017 (now known as Insurance Innovators Summit 2018) and find out what leading insurance CEOs have to say about which technologies that have the greatest scope to disrupt the industry, the greatest challenge facing insurers over the next 5 years, what the insurance industry will look like in 2027 and what steps insurers can take to stay relevant in the lives of their customers.

What will the insurance industry look like in 2027? RSA, Global Futures and Foresight, Luminance and Bought By Many give their predictions on what the insurance landscape is going to look like in the next decade.

Interview with RSA’s Group Chief Digital Officer: What does it mean for insurers to stay relevant? Steven Zuanella, Group Chief Digital Officer, RSA, tackles this critical question and touches on how insurers must adapt to prevent the loss of their customer base to another industry.

What’s the greatest challenge facing insurers over the next 5 years? RSA, AXA Assistance, Global Futures and Foresight, Bought By Many and answer what they think the greatest challenge insurers will face by 2022.

An Interview with Bought By Many’s CEO: Steven Mendel, CEO and Co-Founder, Bought By Many dives into what it means to generate better insurance; including everything from price, coverage and customer experience. At the heart of better insurance is the customer. It is critical for the industry must build a perspective that is rooted in consumer need if it is to remain relevant.

What steps can insurers take to stay relevant to their customers? RSA, AXA Assistance, Global Futures and Foresight, Bought By Many and share insight in how they stay relevant to their customers, especially in this increasingly competitive climate.

Interview with Global Futures and Foresight’s CEO: David A Smith, Futurologist and Chief Executive Officer, Global Futures and Foresight explores the significance of the Intelligent Age and the new technologies that will affect the scope and nature of everything we do; from how things are done, to who does them, to where they are done.

Interview with RSA’s CEO, Ireland on tackling change The insurance industry is undergoing a time of great change, but insurers must not lose sight of what it means to have a real impact on customers’ lives. Ken Norgrove, Chief Executive Officer, Ireland, RSA discusses how insurers can benefit both the customer and their employees by going back to basics.

Which technologies will cause the most disruption? RSA, Luminance, Bought By Many and discuss which technologies have the most potential to agitate the insurance industry.

Interview with’s Vice President: Matthew Slominski, Vice President – EMEA, questions what the future of customer engagement will look like. He believes that insurer’s need to take inspiration from outside of their organisation to ensure they stay relevant and competitive.

What innovation is really taking hold of the industry? RSA, The Floow, AXA Assistance, Global Futures and Foresight and Bought By Many provide food for thought on which innovation is pushing the insurance industry’s boundaries.

Interview with AXA Assistance’s Head of Innovation: Milan Sud, Head of Innovation, AXA Assistance speaks about how unprecedented levels of connectivity and the promise of new technology can combine to help the insurance industry become service-led and ultimately more relevant for the 21st Century customer.

Interview with Luminance’s Chief Executive Officer: Emily Foges, Chief Executive Officer, Luminance shares insight on how machine learning will flatten organisational hierarchies, provide opportunities for employees to utilise their skills in a more profitable manner and increase overall efficiency.

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