Fleur Dujardin’s top tips for insurtech start-ups

“Partner up and stay true to yourself

Fleur Dujardin, Chief Executive Officer at InShared

Fleur Dujardin gave an exclusive interview to us on the digital revolution and its impact on insurers, how insurers will need to adapt in order to stay relevant and her advice to insurtechs beginning their journey into the industry.

How do you expect the next wave of the digital revolution to unfold and what will be the impact on insurers?

F.D. The world is changing rapidly and all this has and will have serious implications on our industry. In my opinion it all comes down to truly understanding customer needs and innovating to make their lives easier. This highlights the need to be on top of consumer and technological developments.

The first wave was driven by internet and was all about digitising processes and adapting products to meet changing customer needs and of course cut costs. The second wave is arriving right now and, for me, is driven by the Internet of Things. In my view this will aggregate and leverage collective intelligence as it continually gathers data to produce high quality information. This information and knowledge (if well used) has the potential to reshape industries and redefine the customer needs and expectations.

For insurers the name of the game remains the same but there is access to new sources of intelligence and new potential partners to come up with the right customer solution to new customer needs. It is up to us to embrace this change and new way of working.

With what kind of customers does InShared commitment to refund surplus profits achieve the greatest resonance and why?

F.D. We launched in 2009 and build our brand InShared from scratch on two pillars: 1. 100% online (selfservice) and 2. the promise “we all benefit”. With the first we attract digital savvy customers that long for good online service and ease of use to “self-service”.  With the latter we attract customers that long for a unique transparent and fair value proposition without a hierarchy between customer and insurer. In short we focus on the online generation in need of a fair proposition. This generation is -in my opinion- not related to age as opposed to the general perception. Our customer base represents the market quite well and we cover all generations.

How are large traditional insurers likely to adapt their strategies to stay relevant in the next 5 years?

F.D. I guess every insurer is investing in tech and digital. And there is still a lot to do for traditional players, having legacy in the broad sense of the word. Investments in digitizing processes, people and data. Apart from these investments new risks are also formed by innovations like cyberspace, autonomous vehicles and drones that need to be addressed. Insurers also look intensively into new business models, ways to add alternative services and new partnership to stay relevant in the customer’s lives.

What three pieces of advice would you give to insurtechs starting their journey now?


  1. Start with the customer. Bring something new to the world with a concrete customer benefit as a starting point.
  2. Market-get-in. Start with a small team of talented and entrepreneurial people that think cross-discipline and enter the market as soon as possible. Accepting that 70% is a good starting point and continuously challenge and improve.
  3. Partner up & stay true to yourself. If you partner with an financial service company, make sure there is top-level commitment and enough degrees of freedom to ensure own culture, fast decision making and entrepreneurial can-do mentality.

And last but not least … Enjoy the ride & make sure it is bumpy!