Insuring customers, ensuring growth

See the life, not just the policy

How analytics can empower insurers to protect policyholders and drive growth amid changing risks.


The insurance industry has been operating in difficult conditions for several years, as historically low interest rates have reduced income from investments. As the current market volatility sees the value of assets fall, the strength of insurers’ capital reserves is ebbing away, and solvency buffers are becoming harder to maintain.


The COVID-19 crisis has pushed these issues into even sharper focus. For many lines of business, claims frequency and demand for new policies have fallen significantly— for example, the auto insurance market is stagnant as many policyholders have stopped using their cars to commute or travel.


In this paper, we explore how insurers can harness advanced analytics not only to respond effectively to the COVID-19 crisis and support their most vulnerable customers, but also to rebuild trust in the industry and nurture the green shoots of recovery and growth.

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