Insurance as a Service

Exploring the Potential of Platform-Based Business Models

In this live broadcast, find out how insurers should aim to diversify their offering to fulfil a broader set of personalised needs for their customers.

The panel discusses:

  • Understanding the rise of the platform economy: the basics
  • To what extent are customers’ changing needs and expectations driving the growth of the platform economy?
  • Diversification and collaboration: how must insurers prepare for a world rife with platforms?
  • How will the rise of platforms impact the insurer-customer relationship?
  • What can be learnt from other industries and geographies?
  • Facilitating insurance as a service: what underpinning technology will require attention?
  • Achieving agility: what operational and cultural transformation will be necessary?
  • Becoming a platform versus integrating with a platform: imagining insurers’ future role in a wider ecosystem

Hear from our expert panel:

David Vanek, Co-Founder & CEO, Anorak

Evangelos Avramakis, Head of Digital Ecosystems R&D, Swiss Re

Scott Paton, Senior Partner, Financial Services, PA Consulting

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