The Future of General Insurance Report

The future of insurance…

From challenging the norms of legacy to reinventing traditional customer journeys, insurance is changing. The forces that are causing this change, and overall consumer life, are a combination of AI, IoT and predictive analytics.

While there is a swell of new disruptors looking to cement their position in a changing landscape, insurance companies have a new chance to rethink, reinvest and reinvent their existing business models and create insurance products and proposals that fit the modern digital age and offer new levels of value for their customers.

The latest version of the Future of General Insurance Report has been constructed to depict this swell and better understand how it’ll continue to disrupt the industry – revealing crucial insights that cannot be ignored.

What you will learn:

  • How to cope, and compete, with the rise of new digital platforms
  • The implications of increased automatic switching services
  • The best way to form partnerships with digital platforms
  • How value-added services and IoT will reduce premium incomes, putting greater focus on monetisation
  • What the shift from product-focused innovation to business model innovation will mean for your business
  • The way AI is forever changing the insurance customer relationship

The window of opportunity for insurers is closing.

The time for action is now.

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