Empowering agents to deliver great customer experience in the current climate

Capitalizing on digital agility and next-gen tech to overcome disruption and better serve customers.

Join four industry experts as they explore the role of digital technology, automation and agility in helping carriers to successfully adjust,  and ultimately empower their agents, brokers and customers through their communications.

The panel discusses:

  • What are the most common issues across the customer and agent communities right now?
  • Exploring new initiatives: how have carriers addressed the needs of customers and agents in the current climate?
  • To what extent are new regulatory demands affecting carriers right now? How can this be addressed?
  • Harnessing new technology to increase market share: where are the biggest opportunities?
  • How will technology investments help carriers to build and sustain customer relationships?
  • Overhauling customer conversations: how can communication become ‘smarter’?
  • From efficiency to empowerment: how will automation change the role of agents?
  • Human + digital: how can carriers and agents seamlessly combine technology with the human workforce?
  • Agile, scalable, flexible: practical lessons in enhancing digital capabilities to deliver for all

Hear from the expert panel:

Kasey Ketcham, AVP, Commercial Product & Underwriting Enablement, Nationwide

Amir Farid, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Business Transformation Officer, Westfield Insurance

David Edgerton, VP of Personal Lines Technology, Erie Insurance

Neal Keene, Field Chief Technology Officer, Smart Communications

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