Embracing the embedded finance boom

A three-part webinar series

27th January – 10th February | Every Thursday | 3pm GMT

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Adding value in an era of embedded finance

  • Lessons from NatWest on working at the cutting edge of Open Banking
  • The innovations needed to ensure financial services companies remain relevant to customers
  • How to navigate a fragmented and fast-moving marketplace from Generali’s Chief Information Officer
Daniel Globerson, Natwest | Insurance Innovators

Daniel Globerson

Head of Open Banking

Louise Karlander, Salesforce | Insurance Innovators

Louisa Karlander

Financial Services Industry advisor

Yanna Winter, Generali UK | MoneyLIVE

Yanna Winter

Chief Information Officer
Generali UK 

Evangelos Avramakis, Swiss Re | Insurance Innovators

Evangelos Avramakis

Head of Digital Ecosystems
Swiss Re

Ryan Joyce, Salesforce | Insurance Innovators

Ryan Joyce

Head of FinTech UK&I


3 February 2022

Adding value in an era of embedded finance

Overcoming the disintermediation threat: the changing role of financial services companies



Our experts set the scene for the forthcoming discussions

Lindley Gooden, Presenter
Louisa Karlander, Financial Services Industry advisor, Salesforce



NatWest at the cutting edge of open banking

Open Banking is crucial to underpinning the embedded finance revolution, driving change for how banks operate and the ways in which customers experience financial services. In this exclusive interview, Daniel Globerson will talk about the pioneering work that NatWest has been leading in this space and how banks can stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing world.

Daniel Globerson, Head of Open Banking, NatWest


Pundit commentary

Louisa Karlander, Financial Services Industry advisor, Salesforce


Expert panel

Addressing the disintermediation risk: the experts’ top tips

  • Does disintermediation mean commercial losses and should providers be concerned?
  • Access to data: how can FS providers combat the threat of losing ownership of the customer relationship? 
  • Beyond banking-as-a-service: how to innovate to avoid becoming “the dumb pipes”? 
  • From advanced PFM to AI-driven aggregator: what role could traditional players play in an increasingly fragmented and complex market?
  • As FS becomes embedded in non-financial contexts, what does this mean for the customer experience?
  • What role can personalisation play in responding to the disintermediation threat? 
  • How important will third-party data be in delivering an excellent customer experience?

Petter Lee-Johannessen, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships, DNB
Yanna Winter, Chief Information Officer, Generali UK
Evangelos Avramakis, Head of Digital Ecosystems, Swiss Re


Pundit commentary

Louisa Karlander, Financial Services Industry advisor, Salesforce


End of session

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From tech to people: building in the right capabilities




Understanding the impact of changing market realities for customers and industry

  • Hear from the leader of Deutsche Bank’s API programme
  • Get practical ideas from CoverGenius on turning the magic of embedded into reality
  • Discover how to unlock the power of new technologies and capabilities
  • Case studies from Railsbank and Qover, digital challengers in banking and insurance
  • Reflections on what embedded finance means for incumbent players
  • Tools for staying ahead of the competition in a fast-changing landscape

The evolution of embedded finance: towards AI-driven product selection

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