The CX revolution: delighting customers and delivering profit

Putting customers at the heart of business strategy to boost retention, gain competitive advantage and deliver growth

In this webinar five leading insurance experts draw on case-study examples to discuss how brilliant CX not only has the potential to delight customers, but also deliver competitive advantage and increased profit margins.

The panel discusses:

  • Personalised, frictionless, seamless: what does excellent CX look like?
  • Striking the right balance: delivering the appropriate technology, service and experience for different demographics
  • Unpacking the insurers’ toolkit: from virtual assistants and chatbots, to sentiment analysis and empowered agents
  • How important is transparency – during pricing, renewals and claims – for building customer loyalty and relationships?
  • Going above and beyond: how can insurers anticipate customer needs and add-value to the current proposition?
  • How will the role of call centre agents change?
  • Behind the scenes: how important are agile operations, innovation and a growth mindset when delivering for customer needs?
  • Excellent CX as the differentiator: how can prioritising the customer lead to profitable growth and competitive advantage

Hear from the expert panel:

Ian Thompson, Group Chief Claims Officer, Zurich

Dave Anderson, Director of Technology, Liberty Mutual

Jørgen Taalesen, Senior Vice President, Gjensidige Forsikring

Richard Beaven, Chief Operating Officer, Brightside Insurance Group

Scott Paton, Senior Partner, Financial Services, PA Consulting

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