Building an insurer fit

for the digital age

Connecting the insurance value chain and driving competitive advantage through a holistic approach to digital transformation

Join four industry experts as they explore how to connect the insurance value chain and deliver holistic approaches to digital transformation.

The panel discusses:

  • Keeping apace of digital proliferation: how can incumbents adapt and capitalise on the opportunities of the current landscape?
  • What areas of the insurance value chain are most ripe for further digital innovation?
  • Exploring the key pain points and bottlenecks in the customer journey: how can these be overcome?
  • Seamless, frictionless and personalised customer interactions: is an end-to-end digitized and automated customer journey ever possible? Should this be the end goal?
  • From chatbots to AI: how can the use of new technologies be optimised to provide smooth onboarding experience for customers new and old?
  • Is ML and analytics the key to improving customer experience and retention rates?
  • Connecting the back-office to the front-end: how can insurers create a joined-up company-wide approach to digital transformation?
  • What are the benefits and commercial drivers of approaching digital transformation holistically?
  • Is getting the culture right the key to successful and effective transformation?
  • Riding the wave of success: how can insurers reinvest gains achieved through transformation to add greater benefit to the customer and organisation?

Hear from the expert panel:

Dan Moore, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Claims Officer, QBE North America

Monika Schulze, Head of Innovation and Market Management, Zurich

Jeremy Trott, Claims Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

Chris Wood, Global Offer Lead – Financial Services & Insurance, Xerox

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