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October 29 – 30, 2020

Nashville Music City Center, USA

Novel Coronavirus Update.

New Date Announced for Insurance Innovators: USA 2020.

We recently made the difficult decision to postpone Insurance Innovators: USA, due to take place on March 30-31. We reached this decision in response to the concerns over the increasing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are now able to announce the new date for the conference. The event will take place on October 29-30, 2020, at the Nashville Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our primary focus continues to be creating opportunities for the insurance sector to come together to learn, spark ideas, and critically, do business. We are looking forward to being able to do just that with the rescheduled Insurance Innovators: USA event, which, with the extra time we will have to prepare, we hope will be stronger and more engaging than ever.

Be a part of the community building the future of

Insurance Innovators: USA is the place where America’s most senior executives from leading insurance carriers come together.

Connect with innovative trailblazers, be inspired by disruptors and gain insights from those changing insurance as we know it. This event is a one-stop shop to build those all-important relationships and gather information on the latest trends and innovations.

What to expect


Take a look at what you’ll get from attending Insurance Innovators: USA – a carrier-led conference experience with plenty of networking time.

The agenda at Insurance Innovators: USA will bring you the hottest topics in the industry. Take a look at what you will hear about.

Take advantage of special rates at three co-located hotels located within 150ft of the conference venue.


Scott Sanchez, Nationwide

Scott Sanchez

Chief Innovation Officer, Nationwide

Stefan Holzberger, AM Best

Stefan Holzberger

Chief Ratings Officer, AM Best

Rick McCatheron, Hippo

Rick McCathron

Chief Insurance Officer, Hippo

Tracey Steger, The Hartford

Tracey Steger

AVP, Data Science, The Hartford

Scott Walchek, Trōv

Scott Walchek

Chief Executive Officer, Trov

Speaker placeholder

Peter Settel

Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, American Family Insurance

Justin Gress, AXA XL

Justin Gress

Director of Strategic Operations, AXA XL

Wendy Callaghan, AIG

Wendy Callaghan

Chief Innovation Legal Officer and Associate General Counsel, AIG

More Speakers

Pre-event mixer

Start networking the night before the conference at the pre-event mixer, taking place in the 21 Floor bar at the HQ hotel on Wednesday, October 28th. All conference attendees are invited from 18:00 to 20:00 for drinks and canapes. Make sure you’re there to collect your badge, and beat the queue the following morning!


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Day One Thursday, 29 October 2020

Day Two Friday, 30 October 2020

Welcome address and chair's opening remarks | 09.10

Session 1

Succeeding in a new era of insurance | 09.15 - 10.55

Keynote address 

Scaling innovation at Nationwide: the next 100 years

Scott Sanchez, Nationwide
Scott Sanchez

Chief Innovation Officer , Nationwide

Keynote address 

Maintaining success in a competitive market: an insurtech perspective

Rick McCatheron, Hippo
Rick McCathron

Chief Insurance Officer , Hippo

Insights from the C-Suite: build your trust advantage

This session will highlight the insurance industry results from the 2019 Global C-Suite study, “Build Your Trust Advantage”, that was recently released by the IBM Institute of Business Value. Delegates will hear the key insights from the report, as well as the implications for insurance innovation and insurtech.

Nick Baldridge
Nick Baldridge

Vice President & Partner , IBM Global Business Services

Leaders’ forum

A view from the top: navigating the changing insurance landscape

  • Defining a cohesive innovation strategy: is this a priority for carriers in 2020/21?
  • Harnessing new technology to increase market share: where are the opportunities?
  • From chatbots to quantum computing: what’s set to have a major disruptive impact on the industry?
  • To what extent will the trend in mergers and acquisitions continue to impact the market?
  • Evolution versus revolution: is the distribution landscape set to drastically change? In what timeframe?
  • Where are carriers currently falling short when it comes to meeting customer expectations?
  • How will the role of the insurer change over the next 5 years?
  • What’s next for regulation in the insurance market?

Sudheendra Galgali, American Modern
Sudheendra Galgali

AVP, Innovation & Digital , American Modern

Scott Sanchez, Nationwide
Scott Sanchez

Chief Innovation Officer , Nationwide

Rick McCatheron, Hippo
Rick McCathron

Chief Insurance Officer , Hippo

Nick Baldridge
Nick Baldridge

Vice President & Partner , IBM Global Business Services

Session 2

Innovation scoring – a practical guide pt. 1 | Data, data, data | Breakout sessions | 11.25 - 13.05

Innovation scoring – a practical guide pt. 1
Data, data, data
Breakout sessions
Keynote address

Scoring and assessing innovation: a view from AM Best

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from AM Best regarding its new model for scoring and assessing innovation. Get insider knowledge on the model itself and find out how it will positively impact the industry. What should be prioritized? How can carriers maximize their score? This is a great chance to benefit from the very latest insights and to define your innovation strategy.

Stefan Holzberger, AM Best
Stefan Holzberger

Chief Ratings Officer , AM Best

Leading from the front: innovation at the heart of the corporate mission

  • Leadership as a critical component of innovation success
  • Defining the crucial qualities for an innovation leader
  • How can board buy-in be encouraged?
  • Filtering through the levels: how can all levels of management be inspired and empowered?

Debbie Brackee, CSAA Insurance Group
Debbie Brackeen

EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer , CSAA

7 Technology Mistakes You Might Be Making

Despite decades of experience and technological progress, insurance technology seems as much of a struggle as ever. Insurers, vendors, consultants: everyone is trying their best, and yet year after year tech projects blow their deadlines, blow their budgets, or just plain blow up. What is going on? What are the missteps many organizations keep making? This session explores seven key mistakes, how to identify if they’re happening in your organization, and what to do about them.

Michael DeGusta, ClarionDoor
Michael DeGusta

Chief Executive Officer , ClarionDoor

Creating an innovative culture

  • Combatting legacy culture: where to begin?
  • Integrating innovation into mainstream operations: what does this look like day-to-day?
  • Ownership and empowerment at all levels: strategies for success
  • What role does new talent play in creating an innovative culture?

Justin Gress, AXA XL
Justin Gress

Director of Strategic Operations , AXA XL

The real truth behind innovative change: exploring practical use cases

In this session, Colleen Wells, Sapiens’ VP of Product Strategy will review where the industry has seen innovative change and what has caused the greatest impacts to date. This is a great opportunity to uncover the truth on just how innovative the industry has become! Colleen will explore real-life use cases of innovation and which show how these can be applied more broadly across the industry.

Colleen Wells, Sapiens
Colleen Wells

Vice President of Product Strategy , Sapiens

Chaired by Bob Frady, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hazard Hub

New data, new insights: assessing the potential

  • Which new sources of data have the greatest potential to add value?
  • Getting to grips with unstructured data sources: images, voice, audio and beyond
  • Ensuring data excellence: practical steps to deal with an onslaught of new information
  • Integrating new an old: overcoming data siloes

Kyle Beatty. American Family Insurance
Kyle Beatty

Principal , American Family Ventures

Analytics in action

  • Exploring current examples of analytics in the industry: where can real gains be made?
  • Knowing where to start: developing a step-by-step analytics strategy
  • What must carriers do to ensure that data and analytics strategies deliver actionable insights?
  • Using real-time data for real-time impact: what does this look like?

Matt Poll, Neos
Matt Poll

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Neos

The rise of the data scientist

  • How is the role of the data scientist in the insurance industry evolving?
  • What skills are most in demand?
  • To what extent will the human resources make-up of the industry begin to shift in favour of data departments?
  • How can a data-first mindset be deployed more widely across the business?

Tracey Steger, The Hartford
Tracey Steger

AVP, Data Science , The Hartford

Changing mobility trends: assessing impact and leveraging data to move through them

Mobility is changing. Macroeconomic shifts have led to an onslaught of rapid change in preferences and risk, which is having a major impact on the insurance industry. These changes in mobility are demanding changes in strategy to better understand consumers and their risk needs. In this session, delegates will find out how best to understand consumers’ needs by leveraging the data they have at their fingertips. Find out how the industry must evolve by staying ahead of these economic turns, whilst also maintaining credibility in assessing risk and serving customers through their data.

Katie DeGraaf
Katie DeGraaf

Director of Product - Insurance Solutions , Arity

Deep dive

From conceptualization to implementation: AI in insurance

AI is already making waves in the insurance industry, but it’s full potential is far from being realized. This session will look at how AI can be fully capitalized on by the industry. How can carriers fully leverage the next phase of AI? How can initial projects be rolled out at scale? How can AI integrate with other technologies? What are the greatest barriers to widescale implementation of AI and how can these be overcome?

Jeff Briglia, Metromile
Jeff Briglia

Chief Operating Officer , Metromile

Ask the experts

Taking insurtech to the next level 

  • Moving from POC to implementation: how can insurtechs embark on the next phase?
  • Funding, expertize and partnerships: how can insurtechs build their capacity?
  • Advice for securing funding: what, when, how?
  • What obstacles stand in the way of start-ups succeeding?
  • From sandboxes to greater transparency: how can regulators encourage rather than inhibit insurtech success?
  • Lessons in achieving scale: what steps should start-ups take to grow their customer base?


Stacey Brown - InsurTech Hartford
Stacey Brown

Founder , InsurTech Hartford

Dan Peate, Avinew
Dan Peate

Founder , Avinew

Bruce Murdock, Lockton Capital Markets
Bruce Murdock

Managing Director , Lockton Capital Markets


Christopher Frankland, Insurtech360
Christopher Frankland

Founder , Insurtech360

Session 3

Innovation scoring – a practical guide pt. 2 | Digital transformation 101 | Breakout sessions | 14.02 - 15.55

Innovation scoring – a practical guide pt. 2
Digital transformation 101
Breakout sessions
Fireside chat

Innovation resource, process and structure: a practical perspective

  • Technical, creative, financial: understanding the types of resources at the disposal of carriers and where they can have the greatest impact
  • Defining appropriate allocation of resources: too much vs. too little
  • Implementing an effective resource management strategy: how can carriers ensure resources are used efficiently?
  • How can carriers avoid innovation siloes?
  • What does innovation governance look like?
  • Data management as a building block of successful innovation: what does this mean in practice?
  • How can carriers align innovation efforts with regulatory requirements?

Wendi Bukowitz, Cincinnati
Wendi Bukowitz

Director of Strategic Innovation , Cincinnati Financial Corporation

John Kelsh, Allstate
John Kelsh

Director of Claims , Allstate

Case study | Vouch Insurance

From incumbent to insurtech: exploring innovation across the industry

In this session, delegates will have the chance to explore innovation for all angles, with insights from the Chief Insurance Officer at insurtech disruptor, Vouch Insurance. John will discuss his experiences of transitioning from working in traditional insurance into the world of insurtech and will explore the differences, similarities and lessons learnt when it comes to innovation within various organizations.

John Wallace
John Wallace

Chief Insurance Officer , Vouch Insurance

Panel discussion

Beyond just smoke and mirrors: measuring innovation output

  • Deriving tangible benefit: how can you ensure ROI?
  • From increased revenue to higher customer retention: what does success look like?
  • Achieving a high level of transformation: how to create value across the business and beyond
  • How can carriers practically keep track of its innovation output?
  • What is the regulatory impact in innovation?
  • What other innovative industries should insurance look to for guidance and inspiration?

Wendy Callaghan, AIG
Wendy Callaghan

Chief Innovation Legal Officer and Associate General Counsel , AIG

Carolyn Wald, Farmers Insurance
Carolyn Wald

Head of Product Innovation Integration , Farmers Insurance

Fireside chat

Creating a holistic digital transformation strategy

  • The importance of prioritization: where to start on a digital transformation journey?
  • Incremental change versus a complete overhaul: what’s best?
  • Creating a network of partners: how can this enhance a holistic digital transformation process?
  • What stands in the way of successful transformation?
  • Aligning business interests with IT: practical steps to get different groups on the same page

David Edgerton, Erie Insurance
David Edgerton

VP of Personal Lines Technology , Erie Insurance

Jerry Gupta, Swiss Re
Jerry Gupta

Analytics Lead, SVP, Digital Analyst Catalyst , Swiss Re

Upskilling and reskilling: ensuring the workforce is ready to transform

  • What new skills are most in demand in the digital age?
  • Fact of fiction: are job losses likely?
  • Hiring new talent versus reskilling current employees: what are the pros and cons?
  • What can carriers do now to futureproof the workforce?

Amir Farid, Westfield
Amir Farid

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business Transformation Officer – Small Business , Westfield Insurance

Panel discussion

Building the insurer of tomorrow

  • How can insurers become truly agile?
  • Understanding the leadership role within the digital transformation journey
  • How can relevant stakeholders be effectively engaged and brought onside during the digital transformation process?
  • To what extent are large insurers in a position to incorporate new solutions and technologies given current infrastructure limitations?
  • What steps can be taken to overcome legacy limitations?
  • Furthering agility through the cloud: what steps must be taken for carriers to fully adopt this technology?
  • Cloud, AI, blockchain, IoT, RPA: how will new technologies converge to deliver ultimate digital transformation?

Thomas Sowinski, Berkshire Hathaway
Thomas Sowinski

AVP Business Applications , Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Dan Moore, QBE
Dan Moore

SVP, Head of Operations , QBE

Brian Wood, IVANS
Brian Wood

VP Data Products Group , IVANS

Speaker placeholder
Peter Settel

Enterprise Chief Technology Officer , American Family Insurance


Next-level decision making: exploring neural networks and the power of NeuroDecisionTM

One of the biggest challenges facings carriers currently is how to effectively use data to innovate and turn it into actionable insights, whilst also remaining compliant with relevant regulations. Neural networks offer a solution in as far as they allow organizations to capture finer distinctions within data and, as a result, make more informed decisions. In the past, neural networks have been criticized or rejected because of their inability to explain particular modeling outcomes. This was the greatest hurdle to regulatory compliance. A NeuroDecision neural network provides improved prediction and is fully transparent to the user and the consumer. It fully complies with relevant regulations governing risk models. These models allow the carrier to understand every data element in the model and how each affects a consumer’s score and it allows the consumer to understand what needs to be done to improve his or her score. This workshop will allow delegates to understand how NeuroDecision works, how it can improve risk assessments while remaining fully transparent, and how it produces logical and actionable information for the user and consumer that will assist in improving the consumer risk profile.

Michael McBurnett, Equifax
Michael McBurnett

Distinguished Scientist , Equifax

Roundtable discussion

Extreme weather and wildfires: a problem of capacity and underinsurance

  • Assessing the state of play: where are the current concerns around extreme weather and wildfires?
  • How can the lack of capacity be combatted?
  • Should governmental bodies take more of an active role in helping with the problem of underinsurance?
  • Are new sources of capital likely to enter the market?
  • What new technologies can be adopted to help better understand and prevent risk?
  • What does the future hold for insurance in this space?

Jim Streicher
Jim Streicher

Vice President for Operations , Cincinnati Financial Corporation

Session 4

Distribution, platforms and ecosystems – a vision of the future | 16.25 - 17.40

Fireside chat + digital Q&A

Growth of D2C: what now and where next?

  • Assessing customer uptake so far: are there any notable trends?
  • What is critical to delivering D2C successfully?
  • From digital deficits to the quality of business: what are the challenges of a D2C model and how can they be overcome?
  • Combining the power of digital channels and new digital marketing tools: how will these investments help insurers to build and sustain customer relationships?
  • How will the role of agents evolve?
  • Delivering more for the customer: what does value-added distribution look like?
  • To what extent is the growth of D2C distribution in the SME market likely?
  • Will an increase in D2C distribution lead to the rise of aggregators in the US market?

Tom Lyons, Plymouth Rock
Tom Lyons

Chief Operating Officer, Direct Response Channel , Plymouth Rock Assurance

Speaker placeholder
Jim Albert

Chairman and Founder , Neptune Flood Insurance

Panel discussion

Exploring future ecosystems and the platform economy

  • From ‘open insurance’ to platforms: exploring the opportunities available to insurers
  • What does an era of ‘open insurance’ look like?
  • Data portability: is the insurance industry prepared for this?
  • What’s the business the case for integrating on to another platform?
  • ‘Insurance as a platform’: is this beyond the realms of possibility?
  • How will platforms affect the customer relationship?
  • How must insurers prepare for the platform economy?
  • Beyond the platform model: are ecosystems the future?

Steve Robinson, Legal & General
Steve Robinson

VP, Head of US Partnerships , Legal & General

Ryan Mathisen, Glovebox
Ryan Mathisen

Co-founder , GloveBox


Christopher Frankland, Insurtech360
Christopher Frankland

Founder , Insurtech360

End of Day 1 and Drinks Reception followed by After Party

Chair's opening remarks | 09.30

Session 5

Insurtech – the boom and beyond | 09.35 - 10.55

Keynote address

Insurtech 3.0: assessing the current state of play

Dawn LeBlanc, Hartford InsurTech Hub
Dawn LeBlanc

Managing Director , Hartford Insurtech Hub @ Startupbootcamp

Leaders’ forum

Creating a collaborative insurance environment

  • How important are partnerships and collaboration to the future success of the insurance industry?
  • Insurtech as a benefit to traditional carriers: where are the opportunities?
  • Helping the insurtech ecosystem to thrive: what role do carriers play?
  • What can be learnt from the increasing success and popularity of accelerators and incubators?
  • Where are there examples of successful collaboration within the industry so far?
  • Carrier-carrier partnerships: will this become more common?
  • What is the scope for collaboration beyond the realms of insurance?

Scott Walchek, Trōv
Scott Walchek

Chief Executive Officer , Trov

Dave Brune, Munich Re Digital Partner
Dave Brune

North American CEO , Munich Re Digital Partners

Peggy Klingel, Allstate
Peggy Klingel

Director, Start-up Engagement Strategy , Allstate


Christopher Frankland, Insurtech360
Christopher Frankland

Founder , Insurtech360

Session 6

Case study central: claims in focus | A truly customer-centric insurer | Pitches | 11.25 - 12.45

Case study central: claims in focus
A truly customer-centric insurer
Case study | Farmers and Honk

Improving the claims experience through partnerships

As the largest trackable, traceable roadside assistance company in the US, Honk has roughly 55,000 trucks at its disposal. Honk has now partnered with Farmers to offer their capabilities as part of the claims process, all of which is set to improve the overall experience for the customer. Delve into the intricacies of this partnership, from POC to wider roll out, and the positive impact it has had on both Farmers as a business and the customer.

Michaela Rush, Farmer
Michaela Rush

Head of Roadside and Towing , Farmers Insurance

Corey Brundage, HONK
Corey Brundage

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Honk Technologies

Case study | Allstate

A move towards virtual claims handling

John Kelsh, Allstate
John Kelsh

Director of Claims , Allstate

Innovating the last mile: creating a superior claims experience

When consumers interact with product and service providers, they remember two things – first and last impressions. A lot of work has been done in the industry to innovate around the claims experience, but all too often the ‘last impression’ has been forgotten. Innovating the last mile is a crucial component to delivering the consumer with a positive overall claims experience. In this session, hear how VPay is driving innovation in this space and explore use cases of success.

Jeffrey Brown, VPay
Jeffrey Brown

President , VPay

Case study | A blockchain use case in claims

Is blockchain going to transform the insurance industry? Or is it a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist? In this case study, explore a blockchain solution that will automate the time-consuming and paper-heavy subrogation process. Delegates will have the chance to hear how blockchain can be practically applied in insurance, how it is enhancing the subrogation process and what’s next for this technology.

Chaired by Bob Frady, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hazard Hub

Case study | Travelers

Engaging the customer on a new level

In this case study, hear from Travelers’ VP of Customer and Digital Strategy on what it takes to truly deliver for today’s customer. Learn how to balance the right resources and technology solutions to meet the ever-changing expectations of today’s consumer, whilst also reducing costs associated with customer communication and demonstrating positive bottom line results.

Rick Heffernan, Travelers
Rick Heffernan

Vice President of Customer and Digital Strategy, Personal Lines , Travelers

Lena Daley, Travelers
Lena Daley

Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Personal Insurance , Travelers

Case study | John Hancock

Lessons in loyalty

In this case study, delegates will have the chance to explore John Hancock’s partnership with Vitality to connect with the customer in a new way, and ultimately build loyalty.

Matt Gibson, John Hancock
Matt Gibson

Head of Strategic Distribution Initiatives , John Hancock

Conversational AI for a digital-first world

  • The pressure is on: assessing the need to keep up with digital players
  • The promise of omnichannel: to what extent is this the next big thing?
  • How can carriers make the transition to a digital-first organization and deliver a seamless experience for customers?
  • Delving into conversational AI: learn from case studies of CX transformations?

Noah Sniderman
Noah Sniderman

Director of Insurance & Strategy , Interactions

Panel discussion

Chatbots, voice, omnichannel, personalization: what’s next for customer experience?

  • How can carriers harness technology to improve customer retention and loyalty?
  • Which new technologies have the greatest potential to significantly improve the customer experience?
  • How can digital developments help insurers to reach new customer segments?
  • Next-gen contact: how can chatbots bring more value to customers?
  • Serving customers across multiple channels: strategies for success
  • Where can real gains in the customer journey be made?
  • Killing the collective: how can personalization be embedded at every level?
  • What stands in the way of truly delivering for the customer?
  • How can these challenges be overcome?

Raution Jaiswal, InsuredMine
Raution Jaiswal

Co-founder , InsuredMine

Brad McCreedy, Hanover
Brad McCreedy

VP, Personal Lines Strategic Initiatives , Hanover Insurance

Daniel Perry, Liberty Mutual
Daniel Perry

Senior Product Owner, Emerging Technology , Liberty Mutual

Lena Daley, Travelers
Lena Daley

Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Personal Insurance , Travelers

Noah Sniderman
Noah Sniderman

Director of Insurance & Strategy , Interactions

Trusting your phone again

Speaker placeholder
Craig Dunn

Chief Revenue Officer , First Orion

Chaired by Christopher Frankland, Founder, Insurtech360

Pitch | Kin Insurance

Kin is a start-up and licensed insurance carrier that is fixing home insurance through intuitive tech, affordable pricing, and world-class customer service. Launched by seasoned financial tech entrepreneurs Sean Harper and Lucas Ward in 2016, Kin is committed to serving catastrophe-prone regions and coastal homeowners most impacted by climate change.

Blake Konrardy, Kin
Blake Konrardy

VP, Product , Kin

Pitch | Everyday Life

Everyday Life is a new online insurance concierge service for working families. Combining the unbiased expert advice of a great financial planner with the convenient services of a licensed online insurance agent, Everyday Life uses patent-pending technology to make sophisticated financial planning strategies accessible and affordable for all. The organisation also donates a portion of every commission to organizations whose priorities align with its mission, demonstrating the commitment to improving the financial security of working families.

Jake Tamarkin, Everyday Life
Jake Tamarkin

Co-founder and CEO , Everyday Life

Pitch | Avinew

Avinew is an insurtech company using driving data to reinvent auto insurance for autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles. The California-based, venturebacked company is committed to embracing the future of mobility to help enable the safety, savings, and freedom that comes with autonomous driving.

Dan Peate, Avinew
Dan Peate

Founder , Avinew

Pitch | Just Auto Insurance

SF-based insurtech is changing the world of auto insurance. In the old world, getting auto insurance was a tortuous process, where customers needed the help of an agent, and payment was a function of their zip code, age and marital status. In the new one, getting insurance can take less than a minute, and what customers pay for is a function of how they drive. It’s fairer. It’s cheaper. And it’ll make the roads safer.

Speaker placeholder
Murray Macdonald

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operations Officer , Just Auto Insurance

Pitch | GloveBox

GloveBox is the first of its kind centralized mobile and web application allowing insurance policy holders to access their policy documents, pay a bill, initiate a claim and so much more regardless of which carrier their policies are written with. The goal of GloveBox is to enhance the customer experience for the insurance client while reducing service costs and increasing overhead for both agencies and carriers.

Ryan Mathisen, Glovebox
Ryan Mathisen

Co-founder , GloveBox

Pitch | InsuranceMenu

InsuranceMenu works with carriers to streamline distribution. It offers a dynamic, data-driven platform geared toward local insurance agents, creating process efficiencies while bringing insurers closer to the customer. Through this InsuranceMenu empowers agents to service clients with a diversified portfolio of products that truly covers their needs.

Nabil Aiboud
Nabil Aiboud

Chief Executive Officer , InsuranceMenu

Pitch | Buddy

Buddy is episodic insurance agency for those who love outdoor and adventure sports. From cycling to mountaineering, and from paddle boarding to adventure racing, we believe that outdoor pursuits are what make life rich and keep us human. Buddy protects people from the financial risks of their outdoor adventures and alleviates the pain of buying insurance.

Speaker placeholder
Charles Merritt

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Buddy

Pitch | Digisure

Digisure offers on-demand insurance for the always-on mobility economy. The start-up harnesses the power of digitized data to offer insurance that reduces risk and slashes costs. Its insurance-as-a-service model is changing the industry, making it easier and cheaper for people to get where they want to go, whether it’s across town or across the country.

Speaker placeholder
Paul Smith

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder , Digisure

Pitch  | Relay Platform

Relay is designed to dramatically improve the level of data integration and digitization in the reinsurance space. Data digitization and consolidation are required to unlock necessary innovations in reinsurance. Relay provides a best-in-class platform and user experience that enables superior collaboration on reinsurance placements in P&C, reduces errors, back-and-forth emails and re-keying, and equips management with visibility into ceded and assumed risk across data sources.

Pitch | Comparity

Comparity specializes in helping home-buyers purchase home-owners insurance and provides mortgage lenders with technology that streamlines their loan closings. Through industry first integration, Comparity enables consumers to request insurance quotes using their mortgage loan application. The organization delivers instant quotes in a side-by-side comparison that makes comparing options truly easy.

Session 7

Case study central: tech in focus | Revolutionizing insurance products | Pitches | 14.30 - 16.00

Case study central: tech in focus
Revolutionizing insurance products
Case study | Just Auto Insurance

Going deeper with data: the future of auto insurance

In this case study, delegates will have the chance to hear from Co-founder, CTO and COO of Just Auto Insurance on why carries are currently not even scratching the surface when it comes to telematics-based auto insurance. Murray will explain how the auto insurance policy of the future is to be priced – using real time weather, reverse geocoding, cameras and microphones in the smartphones and more! He’ll then go on to show how this data can be used as a preventative measure to improve driver behavior and reduce the incidence of accidents in the future.

Robert Smithson Just Auto Insure
Robert Smithson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Just Auto Insurance

Case study | Cover Genius

Harnessing the power of data to enhance innovation

Cover Genius, one of the fastest-growing global insurtechs, will demonstrate how the organization is harnessing the power of large datasets for the benefit of its partners. Through its application of technology, Cover Genius is able to monitor large amounts of data from its network of global partners, gathering insights on what’s driving yield, how sensitive certain regions are to price changes, what products work best in specific areas, and more! Delegates will have the chance to hear insights from specific examples, including how Cover Genius has helped front-end optimization and lowered the levels of claims loss for a travel brand.

Darcy Shapiro
Darcy Shapiro

Head of Insurance , Cover Genius

Case study | Ethos Life

Creating a slick and modern life insurance process through tech adoption

Ethos blends industry expertise and technology to provide accessible and affordable life insurance coverage. Through quantifying the user’s healthy risk and using predictive models, Ethos has transformed a 15-week process of paper applications and medical exams, into just the click of a button.

Chaired by Bob Frady, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hazard Hub

Growth in usage-based insurance

  • Simplicity is key: making usage-based insurance a success
  • Overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on opportunities: adopting the right approach to usage-based insurance
  • Where does the value of usage-based insurance lie for both the carrier and customer?
  • How will usage-based insurance evolve over the next 5 years?

Jeff Briglia, Metromile
Jeff Briglia

Chief Operating Officer , Metromile

Beyond product innovation: the rise of value-added services

  • How must the role of the insurance carrier change in light of better risk understanding and prevention methods?
  • Offering the customer additional services: where is there opportunity for carriers to innovate around the core insurance product?
  • How can value-added services be turned into new revenue streams?

Jason Gross, EMC
Jason Gross

Vice President, Innovation , EMC Insurance Group

Panel discussion

Product and service innovation: a recipe for success

  • What does the customer really want from their insurance products?
  • Simplification of products as an imperative: what steps can carriers take to achieve this?
  • Testing out new products and getting to market fast: how can this be done successfully?
  • The next big thing: what products and services are likely to take off in the next 5 years?
  • Real-time risk profiling: how will this change products and services on offer?
  • Will on-demand insurance become the norm?
  • What role do regulators play in encouraging and enabling product and service innovation?
  • From risk transfer to risk prevention: to what extent will this be a cause of a major industry shift?
  • What role will new technologies play in enabling carriers to create new revenue streams?
  • Will the future of insurance hinge on the ability to deliver meaningful and personalized value-added services?

Bastiaan de Goei, AXA
Bastiaan de Goei

Head of AXA Next US , AXA

Blake Konrardy, Kin
Blake Konrardy

VP, Product , Kin

Paul Vacquier
Paul Vacquier

VP of Corporate Operations and Corporate Counsel , Flo by Moen

Speaker placeholder
Anand Dhillon

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer , Cover

Pitch | InsuredMine

InsuredMine offers a set of tools for insurance agency efficiency and better customer experience. The platform features UX focused Mobile App for the insured, an AI-driven chatbot to handle customer service, and an analytics-powered agency portal for email automation and prospect management.

Raution Jaiswal, InsuredMine
Raution Jaiswal

Co-founder , InsuredMine

Pitch | Alloy Claims

Alloy Claims is a TPA for the 2020s. Its mission is simple: to provide superior claims service at a lower expense than both internal claims departments and outsource providers. Specializing in claims involving consumers, fleets, and small businesses, Alloy Claims achieves a superior service through using a state-of-the-art claims system, automated process, combined with years of hands-on experience. It also provides best-in-class data and analytics to support pricing and risk selection decisions.

Dylan Whitehead, Alloy claims
Dylan Whitehead

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Alloy Claims

Pitch | Insurmi

Insurmi provides an intuitive SaaS platform which uses a conversational interface to engage users online and generate quality leads for insurance companies. The Insurmi platform is designed to effectively guide consumers through the entire insurance customer journey, from calculating coverage needs to applying for a policy.

Sonny Patel
Sonny Patel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Insurmi

Pitch | Claimbot

Claimbot is a customer experience technology company helping users get the real-time knowledge they need to solve problems on their own. Its technology is transforming the way insurance and automotive companies communicate with their customers by offering an AI-enabled virtual chat engine that provides more effective and efficient interactions when filing claims, requesting roadside assistance, purchasing coverage, and more.

Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez

Co-founder , Claimbot

Pitch | Sortspoke

SortSpoke is a cloud-based data extraction tool that uses AI/ML to help turn documents into data. SortSpoke reduces the labour cost of extracting data from documents by 80-90%. It works especially well on unstructured documents without any templates or programming, and with lower error rates than humans. Anywhere staff read a document to find specific data, SortSpoke can do it more efficiently.

Speaker placeholder
Craig Mauchan

Vice President Sales and Marketing , SortSpoke

Pitch | Stable Insurance

Stable is a distribution and analytics platform for mobility, shared/on-demand economy and commercial auto insurance. For launch, Stable is focused on the rideshare segment of the commercial auto space. Stable provides more than just easy and fast distribution, the start-up help drivers, fleets and mobility companies better understand their risk, match that risk to premiums and work to lower risks taken.

Pitch | handdii

handdii is passionate about revolutionising the claims experience for insurance customers and building respectful and trusting relationships between the contractor, the customer and the insurer. handdii is a platform where great contractors can easily connect, engage and promote their businesses, insurers can experience reduced cost and bother and customers can get their property insurance repairs done easier and cheaper with a ratings system and other checks driving transparency in the repairs process.

Christie Downs
Christie Downs

CEO & CO-Founder , handdii


Session 8

The technology revolution – where will insurance end up? | 16.30 - 17.40

Leaders’ forum

Blue-sky thinking: a brave new world of insurance

  • What is set to cause the biggest disruption in the industry?
  • Predicting the future customer relationship: to what extent is a transformational change likely?
  • Beyond AI: what’s next in the technology revolution?
  • From insurtech to GAFA: which new players are likely to have the biggest impact?
  • How will insurance fit within a wider ecosystem?
  • Insurance 2030: what will be different from today’s industry?

Matt Edmonds, Tesla
Matt Edmonds

Head of Insurance Products , Tesla

Mike Boyle
Michael Boyle

Managing Partner , Ecliptic Capital

End of Day Two and conference

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