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14-15 March 2022, Music City Center, Nashville


Designed by insurance carriers, for insurance carriers, Insurance Innovators USA helps you drive business growth.

Come to Nashville this March to meet fellow senior insurance leaders to share the latest innovation thinking. Hear expert opinions, spot important trends and uncover your best opportunities for innovation in your insurance organization.

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Insurance Innovators USA Networking

Plenty of networking opportunities

Extensive matchmaking program, networking breaks, and rooftop parties to soak up the Nashville experience

Insurance Innovators USA Senior Leaders

Shaped by senior industry leaders

Conference program created with our high-calibre advisory board of insurance leaders

Insurance Innovators USA Fireside Chats

Impactful, interactive format

Keynotes, interviews, panel discussions, case studies and fireside chats

Insurance Innovators USA Speaker Lineup

Inspirational speaker line-up

Learn from the industry’s most senior innovators from the likes of USAA, Farmers, The Hartford and Zurich


Rick Kahlbaugh

Chief Executive Officer, Fortegra

Debbie Brackee, CSAA Insurance Group

Debbie Brackeen

EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, CSAA

Robert Pick

EVP & Chief Information Officer, Tokio Marine Insurance

John Spottiswood

Chief Operating Officer, Jerry

Amir Farid, Westfield

Amir Farid

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business Transformation Officer – Small Business, Westfield Insurance

Shilpa Strong

Chief Innovation Officer, Tokio Marine Insurance

Tom Lyons, Plymouth Rock

Tom Lyons

Chief Operating Officer, Direct Response Channel, Plymouth Rock Assurance

Matt Kirk

Matt Kirk

Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, The Hartford

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Soak up the Nashville Experience

Continue the conversation at Luke’s

We’ll be hosting our After Party at Luke’s 32 Bridge in the heart of Broadway Street in Nashville. Join us for drinks and live music at the end of Day One for an authentic Nashville experience.

301 Broadway Nashville, TN 37201


We’ve also hand-picked some of the best restaurants and bars in Nashville for you to explore during your stay. Take a look at what the city has to offer.

“There is nothing more fruitful for innovation than confronting ideas. This is the one event where this truly happens.”


Group Chief Data Scientist, AXA


We’re bringing together insurance leaders from across the USA and beyond in an impactful and interactive conference format.
Join us for two days of inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, case studies and fireside chats.

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Day 1
Monday, 14 March 2022 14 Mar

Day 2
Tuesday, 15 March 2022 15 Mar

Session 1

Session One: Uncovering the role of insurers in a new age

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Opening remarks

The chair will open the morning session, moderate the discussions and debrief in the studio with our industry pundits.

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Keynote address

‘Our Shared Purpose’: reimagining insurance to go above and beyond

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Fireside chat

Discussing sustainability, climate resilience and the green economy

  • How can insurers play a leading role in shaping the response and transition to a green economy?
  • Moving to prevention and mitigation: what does a proactive approach to climate change look like?
  • Working with clients: increasing resilience of infrastructure, facilities and supply chains
  • Private-public partnership: moving towards sustainability with municipalities and regulators
  • Engaging stakeholders in conversations around ESG: what’s next?

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Leaders’ forum

Purpose-led, digital, connected: insurers in a rapidly changing world
  • Taking stock: what are the key lessons to learn from 2021?
  • Consolidating digital gains whilst continuing to innovate: what’s the best strategy?
  • From customer behaviors to insurtech advances: what are the key factors driving innovation?
  • Ecosystems, platforms, D2C and embedded insurance: what’s next for distribution?
  • Moving towards the ‘predict and prevent’ model: how is the role of the insurer set to change?
  • Assessing the social factor: will ESG considerations become a vital commercial differentiator?
  • Trust and transparency: how can insurers continue to champion a purpose-led approach?
  • Insurance in 2025: in what ways will this be a radically different proposition?

Debbie Brackee, CSAA Insurance Group
Debbie Brackeen

EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Sudheendra Galgali, American Modern
Sudheendra Galgali

VP, Head of Innovation & Digital
American Modern

Telisa Yancy, American Family Insurance
Telisa Yancy

Chief Marketing Officer
American Family

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Session Two

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Coral Stage : Distribution: exploring new frontiers 1
Jade Stage: Digital acceleration: keeping pace with change 2

Coral Stage : Distribution: exploring new frontiers


Keynote address

Aggregators: will the UK model ever come to the USA?

In the UK, the aggregator model has gripped the market. Will aggregators ever make it across the Atlantic? And if so, how can the US prepare for this seismic shift?

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Fireside chat

Growth of D2C: where next?
  • Assessing customer uptake so far: are there any notable trends?
  • To what extent are insurtechs shaping the D2C agenda?
  • Investing in new workflows and data management: what is critical to delivering D2C successfully?
  • Changing landscape: how will the role of agents and brokers evolve in light of D2C?
  • To what extent is the growth of D2C distribution in the SME market likely?
  • Reaching customers directly: which techniques deliver the greatest return?

Tom Lyons, Plymouth Rock
Tom Lyons

Chief Operating Officer, Direct Response Channel
Plymouth Rock Assurance

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Fireside chat

APIs: unlocking an open world
  • Innovating with APIs and microservices: building tech architecture with ‘openness-in-mind’
  • API monetization and management: what can be learned from platform economy trailblazers?
  • Learning from open finance: what lessons can be drawn from banking?
  • Open insurance and the standardization of APIs: what progress has been made so far and what comes next?
  • Competing with new digital entrants: how can incumbents play to their strengths?
  • Looking ahead: will the API economy eventually require a complete rebuild of tech stacks?

Chris Cargill

Director, Commercial Lines Digital Distribution

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Panel discussion

A new era of distribution: preparing for rapid change
  • Market trends: what are the key forces shaping insurance distribution in 2022?
  • Is embedded insurance the biggest threat facing insurers in the coming years?
  • Forging new partnerships and distribution channels: from big brands and OEMs to Big Tech and insurtechs – what’s next?
  • Driving D2C forwards: what are the prerequisites of success?
  • Assessing underlying business architecture and new tech: what is required to thrive in an era of digital distribution?
  • How do agents, brokers and advisors need to evolve to continue to deliver value to customers?
  • Is there a future for aggregators in the US market?

Steve Robinson, Legal & General
Steve Robinson

VP, Head of US Partnerships
Legal & General

Matt Kirk
Matt Kirk

Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer
The Hartford

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Jade Stage: Digital acceleration: keeping pace with change


Keynote address

Realising a ‘digital vision’

This keynote explores how carriers can move past piecemeal technology adoption and siloed systems by embracing a long-term ‘digital vision’ – ensuring commercial success in a rapidly changing world into 2022 and beyond.

Jim Streicher
Jim Streicher

Vice President - Operations Personal Lines
Cincinnati Financial Corporation

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Fireside chat

Speed and simplicity: harnessing the power of low-code/no-code
  • Increasing agility whilst reducing complexity: what are the benefits of adding low-code/no-code to the toolkit?
  • To what extent can coding be placed in non-technical hands: just how low-code does low-code need to be?
  • How can the advantages of low-code/no-code be leveraged across different departments?
  • Empowering employees to own processes: shifting the balance of responsibility and accountability
  • Opening a world of opportunities: combining low-code/no-code with APIs and ecosystem networks

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Fireside chat

Intelligent automation: capitalising on the opportunities of RPA + ML
  • Where have we seen the most fruitful applications of RPA + ML to date?
  • What’s the key to making self-service automation a success?
  • Towards straight-through automation: what are the challenges and how can they be overcome?
  • Streamlining, simplifying, scaling: how can RPA and ML help boost productivity and reduce costs?
  • How can intelligent automation be used to bridge mini-ecosystems within insurers’ siloed systems?
  • A powerful intersection of AI: what’s the future for integrating RPA and chatbots?

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Panel discussion

Agility, resilience, innovation: creating the right digital dynamic
  • Resilience in the face of the unknown: what more should insurers do to prepare?
  • What does a truly stable and robust environment look like for insurers, and how can this be achieved?
  • What does it mean to be agile in the new insurance environment?
  • Using data-driven decisioning to drive agile thinking: where are the most fruitful applications?
  • Designing systems today to accommodate the innovation of tomorrow: what does this look like in practice?
  • Utilising microservices and containerization: bridge from legacy to digital
  • Staying up-to-date: is software-as-a-service the answer?
  • Quantum computing: is the next upheaval on the horizon?

Jeanette Ward

Chief Operating Officer
Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Robert Pick

EVP & Chief Information Officer
Tokio Marine Insurance

Dan Moore, QBE
Dan Moore

Chief Operating Officer

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Session Three

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Coral stage: Serving the digital customer: simplicity, communication, trust 1
Jade stage: Fighting fraud in a new data ecosystem 2

Coral stage: Serving the digital customer: simplicity, communication, trust


Delivering customer loyalty: strategies for success in a digital era

In an increasingly price-competitive market customer loyalty is fickle and hard to capture. So, to what extent can excellent CX help carriers stand out? This keynote will explore how carriers can break through the digital wall to build trust, deepen relationships and increase customer retention.

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Fireside chat

Grasping the opportunities of conversational AI
  • How is conversational AI set to shape customer interactions moving forwards?
  • Are chatbots the saving grace or the fall from grace for personalized experiences?
  • Does voice technology have a place in future insurance interactions?
  • The growth of messaging apps: are these set to become the predominant channel for customer interactions?
  • Conversation as well as automation: addressing the need for emotional intelligence in customer contact
  • Orchestrating a seamless transition from digital to human: making this a success

Insurance Innovators speaker
Anand Subramanian

VP, Digital Technology

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Fireside chat

Personalisation: crossing new frontiers
  • Assessing the current landscape: what are the latest developments in data-driven AI for personalisation?
  • Merging historical data with predictive analytics: towards a holistic and more accurate view of the customer
  • How can insurers best use AI and data to make informed offers at the appropriate moments?
  • Personalising propositions: what are the complexities and how can they be overcome?
  • Marrying personalisation with trust: staying within customers’ comfort zones
  • Blue sky thinking: where could AI-driven CX be in 10 years?

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Panel discussion

CX digital transformation strategies
  • Assessing and meeting customer expectations in a digitally accelerated era
  • Anywhere and anytime: making customer journeys seamless in a world of choice and convenience
  • How are advances in automation, AI and digital take-up redefining CX strategies?
  • Connecting front and back: how can you successfully integrate digital agents with back-office systems?
  • Customer portals and apps: what lessons can be learned from Europe?
  • What role will contact centres play in future communications?
  • What stands in the way of truly delivering for the customer? How can these challenges be overcome?
  • Looking ahead, what will be the customer channel of choice?

Ana Galindo

Director Customer Experience

Scott Campbell, American National | Insurance Innovators
Scott Campbell

Senior Vice President & Chief Client Officer
American National

Marissa Buckley, Security First | Insurance Innovators
Marissa Buckley

Vice President of Marketing & Brand Experience
Security First

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Jade stage: Fighting fraud in a new data ecosystem



Keeping pace: how are fraud trends evolving in the digital age?

Fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated technology to imitate genuine customer behavior and evade traditional fraud detection. This interview will dive into the key fraud trends of 2022 and discuss what might be next on the fraud horizon.

Matthew Smith - Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Matthew Smith

Executive Director

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Fireside chat

Leveraging advanced analytics in the fight against fraud
  • Insurance in a convenience-driven age: how can fraud departments use analytics and AI to verify information in real time?
  • Revealing fraudulent patterns: ensuring good data management to leverage insights on existing internal data
  • Optimising AI and ML to detect suspicious claims: lowering loss ratios and false positives
  • How can analytics best empower employees to make data-driven decisions?
  • Supervised and unsupervised AI: what are the next steps for predictive models in identifying fraud?

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Fireside chat

A data-led perspective: staying ahead of fraudsters with new data sources
  • Integrating new and existing data sets: the importance of good data management to capitalize on the data deluge
  • Unstructured data: turning a challenge into an opportunity
  • Video, voice, AI and biometrics: how is online identity verification evolving?
  • How can good data sharing between departments enable better fraud detection?
  • To what extent are data siloes still an ongoing obstacle for fraud departments?
  • Integrating new data sources: what are the privacy and data protection challenges?
  • How can the evolution of open data help in the fight against fraud and financial crime?

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Panel discussion

Balancing good CX with comprehensive fraud detection
  • Catalyst and inhibitor: how has the pandemic affected the balance of speedy CX and the fight against fraud?
  • How are technological advances enabling insurers to better navigate fraud detection and good CX?
  • Accelerating customer onboarding whilst still exercising sufficient caution
  • How can fraud and claims departments better co-operate to align their objectives?
  • Will insurers always have to strike a balance between fraud and good CX, or can both be optimized?
  • Digital and human agents: what will the future of fraud departments look like?

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Session Four: The future insurance workforce

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Opening remarks

Chair will open Day 1’s final session, moderate the discussions and debrief in the studio with our industry pundits.

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Keynote address

Diverse and digital talent: the insurance workforce of tomorrow

Championing a diversity of thought and investing in digital talent will be crucial for the success and evolution of the insurance industry in coming years. Carriers should look to create agile, multi-disciplinary teams to help foster new ways of thinking and build expertise and resilience across departments. This keynote will discuss how carriers can attract new talent whilst also investing in training to upskill existing employees in a considered and meaningful way.

Rick Kahlbaugh

Chief Executive Officer

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Fireside chat

Human + Digital: empowering employees with virtual assistants
  • Human + digital: where are hybrid workforces already operating successfully in insurance?
  • How can automation and other digital tools support employees as well as streamline processes?
  • From chatbot to virtual agent: how is AI helping human agents?
  • The human touch: where can a human agent really make a difference?
  • What are the keys to successful orchestration of a combination of human and digital processes?

Thomas Sowinski, Berkshire Hathaway
Thomas Sowinski

VP Solution Delivery
Farm Credit Services of America

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Panel discussion

From employee experience to operational strategy: exploring the future of work
  • WFH, in the office and everywhere in between: how is the employee experience changing?
  • How can productivity be encouraged and measured in a remote environment?
  • Empowering all employees: how to identify where employee support needs strengthening
  • Working from home without compromising security: what measures need to be put in place?
  • Exploring how to reskill employees for a digital-first environment
  • Repurposing branches? What are insurers doing with their physical spaces?

Justin Gress, AXA XL
Justin Gress

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Vantage Group Holdings

Amir Farid, Westfield
Amir Farid

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business Transformation Officer – Small Business
Westfield Insurance

Beth Schmidt

Director, IT Delivery and Agile Operations

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Session 2

Session Five: A world of ecosystems: thinking beyond insurance

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Opening remarks

Chair will open the morning session, moderate the discussions and debrief in the studio with our industry pundits.

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Keynote address

Jerry: the “mobile-first car ownership super app”

Jerry is looking to become a one-stop-shop for all the daily needs of car owners – from insurance to maintenance, warranties to repairs, parking and more. Already serving over 1 million customers across 50 states, Jerry is bringing convenience to its customers with “a few clicks, a text, or a swipe”. Hear Jerry discuss their journey so far and the vision for 2022 and beyond.

John Spottiswood

Chief Operating Officer

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Fireside chat

Playing in the open landscape: a roadmap for success
  • Underlying business architecture and new tech: what is required to thrive in digital ecosystems?
  • Integrating data from multiple sources: creating new insight-driven offerings for the customer
  • The increasingly open landscape: what API innovations have we seen this year and how have they been monetized?
  • Becoming API and partnership ready: what needs to change?
  • Innovating with APIs: what does a successful API-first business model look like?
  • Distribution cost-savings: what is needed to facilitate digital integration into wider ecosystems?

Rose Hall

VP, Head of Construction Innovation & Ecosystem

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Leaders’ forum

Insurance in an age of convenience: tapping into cross-sector partnerships
  • Navigating a changing world: is it feasible to design a long-term ecosystem strategy?
  • A future forged from partnerships: what ecosystem of connections will we see moving forward?
  • How is the burgeoning data ecosystem fundamentally changing insurance?
  • Value-added: what additional experiences and capabilities will customers expect from insurers?
  • Getting this transformation right: keeping customer centricity at the heart of all strategies
  • Successfully competing with BigTechs and new entrants: is the future to partner?
  • Uncovering the opportunities ahead: what lessons can insurers take from open banking?
  • Threat or opportunity: how can insurers best position themselves in the new world?

Manisha Dias

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Mitchell Kemper

State Auto Labs Director
State Auto

Sara Phillips

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Investment, Innovation Strategy

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Session 3   |  2 × Streams

Session six

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Claims in a digital-first world: re-writing the rulebook 1
New opportunities in the data-driven economy 2

Claims in a digital-first world: re-writing the rulebook

Fireside chat

Remote assessment: an exploration of new tech
  • Aerial imagery, IoT, drones: how are new data sources being leveraged in claims?
  • A connected world: the potential of IoT and telematics to automate FNOL and information gathering
  • On the scene: how is computer vision evolving and what’s next?
  • Combining remote information gathering with AI: how is the human role in assessment set to evolve?

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Fireside chat

Speed, efficiency, transparency: improving claims processes
  • To what extent does automation provide the answers for a quicker and more efficient claims process?
  • Driving operational efficiencies: optimising AI to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Responding in real time: understanding the role of NLP and other digital tools when designing an immediate claims experience
  • Using AI and NLP to action a seamless transition from digital to human agent
  • Is there a limit to automation in claims?

Benku Thomas, Chubb | Insuance Innovators
Benku Thomas

VP, Chief Architect Claims

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Panel discussion

Putting customers at the heart of claims
  • Opti-channel approaches: how can insurers ensure customers are sent to the right claims channel for their needs?
  • How can insurers build an easy and intuitive claims process across multiple channels?
  • Increasing transparency and visibility of claims status: how can insurers be more proactive with communication?
  • The value of ‘human in the loop’ design: adding empathy to elevate service and boost loyalty
  • How can virtual agents best support human agents? And how might the role of the human agent change?
  • Balancing digital with the human touch: when end-to-end digital journeys aren’t suitable
  • In what timeframe can we expect to see empathetic tech?

Insurance Innovators: Lori Pon
Lori Pon

Director, Claim Transformation and Claim Service Center
AAA – The Auto Club Group

Laurie Pierman
Laurie Pierman

Vice President of Claim Operations
Amerisure Insurance

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Industries without borders: how is the wider claims ecosystem evolving?
  • Offering an interconnected set of services in a single integrated experience: how are claims ecosystems evolving?
  • Adding value and touchpoints for the customer: finding positive solutions in times of need
  • Data ecosystems: reducing claims frequency and severity with ‘predict and prevent’ models
  • Achieving seamless CX and claims handling across multiple parties
  • Developing a long-term ecosystem strategy: what do claims departments need to consider?

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New opportunities in the data-driven economy


Are we on the brink of a data revolution?
  • How ‘open’ will data become? What new data streams might become available?
  • Data marketplaces: are these the future?
  • Two-way data trade: how can personalized and value-added services incentivize customers to share their data?
  • Ethical personalization: where do the boundaries lie?
  • Anticipating a cross-sector data sharing regulation: how can insurers prepare?
  • Ensuring data privacy: how can insurers maintain their image as trusted data custodians?

Srinivasan Sankar

Enterprise Data Leader
Hanover Insurance

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Fireside chat

The evolution of motor telematics: where next?

  • Reflecting on change: how far have telematics come in the past 5 years?
  • Beyond pay-per-mile models: how sophisticated could dynamic pricing potentially become?
  • Smarter risk profiling: augmenting and integrating telematics data with new data sources – from dash cams to GPS
  • Sharing connected car data: building relationships with automakers to benefit all parties
  • Data protection: exploring security, access and regulatory requirements
  • Smart cities and mobility ecosystems in a connected world: what’s the next phase of auto insurance?

Jenny Sankovsky, American Family Insurance | Insurance Innovators
Jenny Sankovsky

Auto Product Strategy & Innovation Director
American Family Insurance

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Fireside chat

The predict and prevent model: leveraging a wealth of IoT data
  • How can insurers capitalize on the wealth of real-time data from IoT, wearable devices and sensors?
  • Processing data in real time: how can the obstacles be overcome?
  • Honing risk analytics: where is new data lending new insights?
  • From pricing to risk prevention advice: using real-time data to create a hyper-personal relationship
  • Shifting from a reactive to proactive model: responding to risks with timely interventions, communications and advice
  • Enabling real-time decisioning and intervention: what’s required?
  • Respecting consumer privacy: ensuring data use remains within respectable boundaries

Matteo Carbone

Founder & Director
iot insurance observatory

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Panel discussion

Becoming a data-driven company: what does this look like in practice?
  • What does an effective data management strategy look like? And what are the current obstacles to achieving this?
  • Treating data as an asset: what does it mean to truly curate and commercially drive value from data?
  • From IoT to social media: how can insurers overcome the challenges of integrating new, unstructured data?
  • Implementing AI and advanced analytics on an industrial scale: how can insurers transform emerging data into predictive and actionable insights?
  • Accessing the benefits of cloud: should security still be a concern?
  • Looking ahead: what are the keys to becoming a successful data-driven firm?

David Edgerton, Erie Insurance
David Edgerton

VP of Personal Lines Technology
Erie Insurance

Shilpa Strong

Chief Innovation Officer
Tokio Marine Insurance

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Session 4   |  2 × Streams

Session Seven

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A revolution in products: delighting the customer 1
From emerging risks to the power of analytics: the future of underwriting 2

A revolution in products: delighting the customer


Value-added services: broadening customer focus beyond price

In a world where prices are increasingly the same, how do carriers differentiate and demonstrate their value to customers? This keynote will explore how value-added services are evolving and what it might mean for the core insurance offering of tomorrow.

Bastiaan de Goei, AXA
Bastiaan de Goei

Head of AXA Next US

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Panel discussion

Preparing for a new wave of product and pricing innovation
  • Developing new propositions: what must be considered in order to add real value for customers?
  • Balancing a simplification of products and a differentiation of offering: picking the best route
  • How can insurers build flexible products to reflect the changing needs of society?
  • Using advanced analytics to deliver value-added services and individualized products
  • From personalisation to instant services: how will new data sources transform product propositions?
  • To what extent are insurtechs driving product and pricing innovation?

Blake Konrardy, Kin
Blake Konrardy

VP, Product

Kevin Horwitz

Vice President, Innovation Management and Policy Development
RLI Insurance Company

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Fireside chat

Supercharging product innovation: exploring ecosystem collaboration
  • What product innovation lessons can insurers learn from super apps across the globe?
  • Identifying how to meet customer needs in new ways: what’s the best approach?
  • Data sharing in the spirit of partnership: how far should it go?
  • Collaborating with distributors: ensuring access to data that will deliver useful customer insights
  • Choosing the right partners: what should the key criteria be?
  • Working with non-financial players: how can you best align your joint vision?

Carolyn Wald, Farmers Insurance
Carolyn Wald

Head of Product Innovation Integration
Farmers Insurance

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From emerging risks to the power of analytics: the future of underwriting

Fireside chat

Cyber: the trends, the threats and the opportunities
  • A spotlight on ransomware: how have attacks evolved in the last year?
  • Why has cyber insurance been slow to gain traction to date?
  • Pricing cyber risk more accurately: how can AI lend a hand?
  • Will ‘off the shelf’ cyber products take the line mainstream? Or is parametric the solution for cyber risk?
  • What’s the potential market for a personal lines cyber product?
  • Cyber resilience in the next normal: how have strategies had to pivot?

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Fireside chat

Optimizing advanced analytics in underwriting
  • Where have advanced analytics had the most transformational impact in underwriting to date?
  • Unlocking actionable insights from new data: where do the opportunities lie?
  • Underwriting new risks without a wealth of historical data: how can AI help?
  • Data-driven underwriting: how can far the personalisation of pricing go?
  • Ensuring you don’t have unfair outcomes: keeping pricing models unbiased

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Panel discussion

New horizons in underwriting: addressing the opportunities and challenges
  • What technology changes are required for underwriters to leverage new and alternative data sources?
  • How is automation and machine learning supercharging existing human expertize?
  • From spotting new patterns to underwriting at speed: where are biggest efficiencies from automation?
  • Business interruption, cyber, closing the protection gap: where is the parametric model set to move next?
  • Quantum computing: is the next upheaval for risk modelling on the horizon?
  • Digital twins: how might simulations boost risk models?
  • The shift from risk mitigation to risk prevention: what does this mean for the role of underwriters?
  • The role of the human underwriter: how is this set to evolve?

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Session 5

Session Eight: Innovating for the future

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Case study | Cincinnati Insurance

Defining and implementing a strategic innovation discipline

In this presentation, Wendi discusses what it took to stand up an enterprise-wide innovation discipline. Borrowing from the accelerator playbook, Wendi has spearheaded Cincinnati’s innovation journey; bringing in and using a new innovation methodology and toolkit, engaging with business partners to identify core and edge opportunities, and actively participating in the interlocking innovation ecosystems of insurtech startups and academia.

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Panel discussion

Changing the game: the future of US insurtech
  • Looking into 2022: where are the opportunities to disrupt, partner and collaborate?
  • The 2021 insurtech boom: what are the big growth areas?
  • Non-price differentiation: where are insurtechs leading the charge?
  • What do successful incumbent-insurtech partnerships look like?
  • What can be done to aid collaboration between new entrants and incumbents?

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“This is the event where real, considered insight is shared, it sets the insurance innovation agenda for the year.”


 CEO, Konsileo

Advisory board

We are busy behind the scenes working on making Insurance Innovators: USA unmissable, but this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our Advisory Board. Take a look at our members who are helping drive the direction of our US content.

Justin Gress, AXA XL

Justin Gress

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Vantage Group Holdings

Telisa Yancy, American Family Insurance

Telisa Yancy

Chief Marketing Officer, American Family

Nicole Gunderson, Global Insurance Accelerator

Nicole Gunderson

Managing Director, Global Insurance Accelerator

Debbie Brackee, CSAA Insurance Group

Debbie Brackeen

EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, CSAA

Jim Streicher

Jim Streicher

Vice President - Operations Personal Lines, Cincinnati Financial Corporation

Brian Leppard

Brian Leppard

Digital Director, Farmers Insurance

Dawn LeBlanc, Hartford InsurTech Hub

Dawn LeBlanc

Managing Director, Hartford Insurtech Hub @ Startupbootcamp

Christopher Lowell, The Hartford

Christopher Lowell

Vice President and Head of Innovation, The Hartford

More Advisory Board Members

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“This is an unmissable event if you want to get inspired and hear new ideas from widest spectrum of speakers and participants.”


Managing Director, Ping An Global Voyager Fund

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