The CX revolution: are insurers ready for the AI era?

17 June 2021 | 3PM BST | Hosted in our online boardrooms

The supercharged move to digital has made it clear that building a coherent AI strategy is critical for insurers to deliver next-level CX excellence and drive competitive advantage in a populated marketplace. From developing self-service options to orchestrating a seamless omnichannel experience, insurers must embrace the AI era or risk falling behind in the CX revolution.

This roundtable, held in association with Sabio and Genesys, will bring together senior experts working across digital, customer and contact centres, as well as IT, information and transformation, to discuss how insurers can optimise AI in their operations and transform the future of CX.

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The discussion

How to optimise the role of AI across the CX journey in sales, service, renewals and claims

Assessing ROI: building the business case for AI in CX-Using AI to drive efficiency savings by automating manual, repetitive tasks in the contact centre

The evolving landscape of CX trends and digitalisation


17 June at 3PM BST
90 minutes
  • Introduction to the roundtable


  • Optimising AI to elevate CX in insurance


  • Roundtable discussion
  • Assessing current levels of AI adoption in insurance CX: what are the main drivers and obstacles?
  • AI in the context of an holistic CX strategy: understanding where it adds the greatest value – what outcomes are insurers looking to achieve and why?
  • Automation with empathy: how can we use AI to complement the human touch?
  • From conversation to implementation: how can we use AI to deliver a seamless customer experience in insurance?
  • Hyper-personalised, real-time and fulfilling: how can we use AI to renew more customers and improve your employee performance?
  • Making the business case: how can AI deliver revenue growth and cost savings simultaneously?
  • Staying relevant and resilient: what CX trends should be considered for future AI initiatives?


  • Closing remarks

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This roundtable is designed for senior experts working across digital, customer and contact centres, as well as IT, information and transformation within the insurance industry.

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